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Wishing you a great Christmas (and here’s the truth about the Omicron variant)

Last blog before Christmas

Best wishes from Santa, Emperor Xi and me

First I’d like to wish all readers a great Christmas from myself, Santa and Lord Xi Pingpong, Emperor of China, Barbados and soon all the rest of the British Commonwealth once the Chinese Communist Party has paid off those countries’ corrupt political leaders just as it did when buying Barbados and replacing the Queen as head of state with Emperor Xi:

The truth about the Omicron variant?

We keep getting told that the Omicron variant might be ‘milder’ than previous variants of the Chinese Wuhan lab-leaked plague. But it is the word ‘milder’ that is more than slightly misleading. The word our rulers should be using is ‘different’. I attach a link below to a recent YouTube video by Dr John Campbell. He has been making videos about Covid-19 almost daily since the pandemic started.

In this video he explains why the Omicron variant is quite different from previous variants. The original variants seem to have attacked mainly the lungs causing them to fill up with fluid so sufferers slowly drowned to death or else were killed by the cytokine storm as the body over-reacted to the virus.

As Dr Campbell explains, the Omicron variant affects mainly the bronchial tract leading to the lungs and much less the lungs themselves. While Omicron is more infectious than previous variants, it is giving mainly a form of bronchitis rather than destroying sufferers’ lungs. Hence the level of hospitalisations and deaths is much lower. Moreover we have several therapeutic drugs which are effective against bronchitis, whereas we didn’t have drugs effective against the lung-destroying previous variants nor against the cytokine storm.

If Dr Campbell is correct, this poses two rather serious questions:

Question 1: Why haven’t we been told this?

If Dr Campbell knows this, then those great scientists Whitty and Valance must know this too. So must all of Bunter Johnson’s government. Yet, despite our rulers claiming they are ‘following the science’, as far as I know none of them has mentioned the science explaining the important difference between Omicron and previous variants.

A cynic might be tempted to believe that our rulers are deliberately keeping us in a state of ignorant terror so they can impose whatever restrictions they can dream up rather than sharing the good news that this is probably the last stage of Covid-19 in its original form. This mutation will probably take us from a pandemic to an endemic. Its effect on humans is the virus attempting to survive and it is actually much weaker in the Omicron mutation and it is affecting humans as a common cold would. There is no need for any fear any longer because this is the beginning of the end of Covid as we know it.

Question 2: Doesn’t the change in the virus require a change in strategy?

If the virus has mutated from being a lung-destroying killer to a (sometimes severe) form of bronchitis, then doesn’t this suggest that our rulers should be changing their strategy for dealing with it? Instead of endless vaccinations, health- and economy-destroying lockdowns and enforced isolation, shouldn’t we instead be allowing the virus to let rip in order to build up natural immunity? Shouldn’t herd natural immunity be the new strategy?

If the facts change, why is our government sticking to a Big-Brother-state coercive approach which might have been relevant to the previous lung-destroying variants of Covid-19 (though the Swedish experience suggests even that is not true) but is probably not relevant to the much weaker bronchitis-causing Omicron variant?

Anyway, what does an ignorant fool like me know when we have such geniuses like Whitty and Valance now running and ruining our country?

Have a great Christmas.

Here’s Dr John Campbell (the key part is from 4 minutes to 16 minutes into the video):


17 comments to Wishing you a great Christmas (and here’s the truth about the Omicron variant)

  • Bad Brian

    I am sure that all your readers would join me in wishing you David, a Very Happy Christmas and thank you for all your interesting, funny and informative articles that you have worked hard to produce this year.

    Many of the comments have been equally as interesting and also deserve much praise..

    We look forward reading many more to come,,,,,

  • Stillreading

    Indeed yes Brian. Keep ’em coming David. Unfailingly interesting and stimulating even if I don’t invariably agree. That goes for the comments too. Have a happy Christmas. (It seems our Great Leader has actually let us off the leash for the day!)

  • Ed P

    The speed at which these variants are identified is astonishing (incredible, in its original sense), considering the PCR and LFT kits can’t discriminate between them. How do they know?
    But as this whole theatre of the absurd staggers onwards, I wonder when the next variant will be released from our lab friends?

  • Loppoman

    Best wishes David and to all who have contributed throughout 2021. Looking forward to more of the same and a ‘new variant’ in 2022.

  • A Thorpe

    John Campbell does not convince me because he apparently has a nursing background and not virology or epidemiology. He might be correct, but I have no way of knowing. But the issue is surely that if what he is telling us is true, it should have been discovered during the usual long term safety trials that are normally carried out for all treatments, but which have not been done for the covid treatment. The world population is being used as guinea pigs.

    Robert Malone claims to have created the mRNA technology and he is now advising parents not to vaccinate children because the vaccine is not safe. He has discussed the problems with the vaccines in relation to all age groups in some videos, but he says he has been vaccinated. How does any of this make sense? It is another example of an expert discussing that covid vaccines have not been thoroughly tested for long term safety.

    I also cannot make sense of all the concerns related to variants. My understanding is that variants do not evade the vaccines. When they do, they are called a strain and a new vaccine is required, which is why the flu vaccine is a mix for different strains. None of the covid vaccines have been called a strain, so why is there more panic being generated with every variant if the vaccines work?

    The politicians are certainly not running the country and they are not concerned about our safety. Not surprising when most of the population seem to have delegated their safety to the politicians and have willingly given up their freedoms. A friend told me this morning that she will take anything she is offered. Fear turns people into idiots.

  • Brenda Blessed

    In my opinion, you have to see the totalitarian power grab that is taking place across the world as a whole beast that started on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

    The first virus was those pesky planes that crashed into the Twin Towers. Apparently the plane that crashed into the Pentagon was obliterated into tiny pieces and the third building came down into its footprint without being hit by anything. The BBC reported its demise half and hour before it happened. A man in the UK won his court case against the BBC for not having a TV licence because he was refusing to support an organisation that was involved in acts of terrorism.

    The next virus was the sub-prime mortgages that the AAA-rated US Federal Mortgage Corporations issued like confetti – bad debts that apparently brought the banking system down across the west in 2008. Everything was going just great economically across the west until that happened.

    Then, just as we were getting back to normal, along came Covid-19. We all know the story of that maybe minus the telling give-away details.

    There were no tests for it. There still aren’t any. But why use such a small detail to spoil a pandemic? So the PTB in the USA decided to use PCR test that was also being used to diagnose HIV AIDS.

    Never mind that the creator of the test, Dr Kary Mullis, who received the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for it, said before he died in August 2019, just before Covid hit the scene, that his test could not be used as a test for a viral infection. That the techniques that it uses could find almost anything in anything if its amplification was set high enough. Moreover, the lateral flow test is notoriously unreliable. To the point that the US CDC advised that it should be binned.

    So, it appears to me that the PTB are using Omicron to ease Covid out of the picture because it has had its day. Apparently the official estimated figure of the unvaccinated in the UK of 5 million is really more like 23 million. Clearly, we Britons are not as thick as the PTB assume that we are.

    Maybe that is why AstraZenica’s Sarah Gilbert has already warned us about the next pandemic.

    The mainstream media is busy plugging the vaccinations as if its life depends on doing so. Israel has already announced a 4th jab.

    Best wishes to all of you and yours for what is left this year and next of The Great Pandemic Robbery.

  • Ed P

    It’s becoming very difficult for countries/regions with very high vaxxed populations to explain their increasing covid infections. Even the very stupid and sheep-like amongst us are realizing something is illogical: ‘more jabs = more infections’ is not the message they wish to hear (or try to explain).

    Israel, Iceland & Gibraltar are all highly jabbed and all have rising hospitalizations – oh dear.

  • Hardcastle

    Thank you David for all your efforts over the year and to all the regular contributors.There are some very able people who produce some superbly researched comments,they put our politicians and so called journalists to shame.I look forward to 2022 and continued resistance to the totalitarian.Hold the line,do not comply.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    David, I wish you a wonderful Christmas. many thanks for all your efforts to promote common sense and logical thinking over the last twelve months of madness – it’s good to know that there are still some islands of sanity in our increasingly dysfunctional Western society.

    As a final 2021 personal thought the subject of C-19, the thing that has always puzzled me has been the overwhelming emphasis on finding a vaccine, despite the well-known difficulty of finding vaccines that work against any coronavirus.

    There seems to have been hardly any focus at all, in the political and pharmaceutical worlds, on finding cures for the disease, or diseases, caused by the virus, or on effectively treating or mitigating the symptoms thereof.
    I find this very curious. I’m surprised that so few people appear to have remarked on this fact.

    A Happy New Year to you, David, and all those who help to keep this page going and provide such fascinating input.

  • Stillreading

    I can’t quite agree with you Jeffrey concerning the emphasis on covid-19 vaccination as opposed to treatment. Research has been ongoing for both but the need for some sort of vaccine to hopefully prevent the disease, or at least to mitigate its life-threatening effects was, one assumes – and quite rightly in my view and that of most vaccine recipients – seen as a priority. Prevention is, after all, preferable to cure! However only today it’s been announced that an effective treatment might have been engineered. We must wait and see how it performs in clinical trials. That all takes time if done properly, with random, double-blind trials and statistical rigour and that will require a significant number of decidedly ill people. Which, hopefully, the vaccination programme is preventing. However, given that an effective, even if perhaps relatively temporary, vaccine is now available, it does seem that a kind of collective insanity has gripped the entire Western world, presumably because other than nuclear war, the actuality of which is too appalling even to be considered as a realistic probability, the arrival of covid constitutes the first time our Great Leaders (and yes, I am being sarcastic) have faced a very real imminent threat to life on a grand scale. The adult WW2 generation and those of us who are old enough, although children at the time, to be able to recall the national mood then pertaining, are made I like to think of sterner stuff! If a “cure” for a corona-type virus could be easily designed,manufactured,discovered – I leave the terminology to readers – we’d have had a cure decades ago for that annoying annual affliction, the Common Cold. With luck, covid is behaving in the way an evolving virus tends to behave – with time it becomes more infectious, but less virulent, since its aim is to proliferate and by killing off its host it kills itself. The real reason for the ongoing Government panic is, surely, that successive governments have pared the NHS down to such an extent that there is no slack in the system at all for any sort of emergency. In normal, pre-covid, conditions a major accident regularly ratcheted a receiving hospital up to panic levels. The aim of many, if not most, NHS trusts for many years has been to demonstrate their “efficiency” and gain Government approval by achieving 100% bed occupancy 24/7, thus reducing costs. Even the most mathematically challenged can work out that such paring down (reducing beds and thus staff) leaves absolutely NO margin for any sort of medical or surgicval emergency. The Government is continuing to control our every action not out of concern for our individual welfare as such, but because Boris et al are terrified of people not
    only queuing in stationary ambulances, awaiting admission, but literally dying in the Streets.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    When I read, as I often do, that the NHS is overwhelmed by the task of caring for just 1% of the UK’s population during the pandemic, despite being the recipient of 20% of national expenditure, it’s hardly reassuring to work out from this that even if the NHS received 100% of national expenditure it would be overwhelmed by having to care for just 5% of the UK’s population.

    I think the fact that no other major nation has chosen to emulate the UK’s NHS model over the last seventy years says all that needs to be said about the effectiveness of this vast, unwieldy bureaucratic institution which claims to be the ‘Envy Of The World’.

    As for those of ‘our’ generation being made of sterner stuff, in my personal experience some of the most eager participants in ‘Project Fear’ have been people of my own age. Supposedly mature and life-experienced adults who, despite growing up in bomb-ravaged towns and living through the Cuban missile crisis, have somehow managed to reduce themselves to a state of panic and voluntarily confined themselves to barracks over a virus that has actually bumped off just 0.1% of the UK population. I have met much younger people who are far more sceptical of what is currently going on.

  • Eric Legge

    Excellent comments.

    I agree with Brenda that the starting gun for this whole nihilistic thing was 9/11, but it looks to me as if HIV AIDS in the 1980s was the rehearsal for the “pandemic”.

    There has never been a vaccine created for HIV AIDS. Kary Mullis, the creator of the PCR test, who died in August 2019, said that none of his many medical and scientific friends could point him in the direction of any scientific papers on how AIDS was connected to the HIV virus as its cause.

    He was never able to find any such information himself. He said that his test could not be used to determine if anyone has a viral infection. He objected to its use to diagnose and pass a death sentence on people if they did not use Big Pharma’s antiviral chemotherapies.

    But that hasn’t prevented the PTB from using it to provide the “cases” of Covid-19 infections. No full analysis of the outcomes of these so-called cases from asymptomatic to hospitalisation and death ever comes to light.

    Apparently, with 90% of the population vaccinated or having the antibodies, the highest number of cases ever in this pandemic are being recorded for this Omicron variant.

    What does that tell anyone who is sane?

  • Marc Ager

    “30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet You asked for it, so we made it. A collection of all the arguments you’ll ever need.”

    The information presented here is excellent.

    Here is an example. The PCR test has been used to provide most of the cases data. That data is never shown broken down by the mainstream media into the full range of results from asymptomatic to deaths. Obviously because when that is done it would help destroy the
    fear factor that this thing depends on.

    Part III: PCR Tests

    11. PCR tests were not designed to diagnose illness.

    The Reverse-Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)test is described in the media as the “gold standard” for Covid diagnosis. But the Nobel Prize-winning inventor [Dr Kary Mullis] of the process never intended it to be used as a diagnostic tool, and said so publicly:

    “PCR is just a process that allows you to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.”

  • Phil Crowdy

    I did some rough calculations based a credible vaccine-production timeline.

    2 doses of vaccine plus 1 booster = 3 doses.

    If there are 8 billion people on the planet then that = 24 billion doses – that is 24,000,000,000 doses of Covid vaccines that have to be administered as quickly as possible in order to keep up with the variants and booster shots. There are time gaps between the first and second shot and the first booster. You have to take them in that order. You can’t just jump in at a booster shot.

    If 1 vaccine is made each second of the day it would take 24 billion/60 seconds/60 minutes/24 hours/ 365 days to equal years = 761 years to produce the vaccines they say they have if it was up to 1 manufacturer.

    Apparently, there are 10 primary developers/manufacturers.

    That means it would take 761 years / 10 manufacturers = 76 years to produce all the stated number of vaccines working 24 hours a day, producing 1 vaccine every second.

    So, where do all the vaccines come from in only 1.5 years (two years less the 6 months vaccine-development time), bearing in mind there are no more than 5 approved vaccines for Covid-19?

    This whole thing makes no sense at all unless it is just a money-making impoverishing exercise that is firing mostly blanks at the moment and is designed to destroy the world’s economy and depopulate it slowly but surely so that it can be brought under globalist control.

  • William Boreham

    Interesting communication between a professor and the Provost at McGill University:

    The Face and the Mask

    “Vaccination—or, more accurately, an experimental injection with lipid nanoparticles of uncertain and possibly toxic effect on bodily tissues, used as a delivery system for genetic instructions designed to reprogram certain cells so as to cause them to produce an unknown quantity of a spike-protein pathogen with equally uncertain, but certainly dangerous, effects on the immune system and on other crucial systems, circulatory, nervous, reproductive, etc.—has, mirabile dictu, become le geste civique.”

  • A Thorpe

    This link might interest people
    It includes a video interview with Denis Rancourt, a bit long at 74 min. There is also a link to a paper from Rancourt’s website which might be more informative.

    I am becoming convinced that there has not been a pandemic. Our ONS data for 2020 shows that, I have a paper I haven’t yet read saying the same about the USA, and Rancourt is Canadian and says that about Canada. The waves of infection claimed by our government are nothing but invented waves resulting from increased testing. Convert the cases to cases per 10,000 tests and there are no peaks of infection to justify lockdowns and control of our activities.

    Some interesting reading above. I’m pleased that I came back to add another comment.

  • Eric Legge

    Thorpe, thanks for that link to the video of Denis Rancourt speaking about his research into how the spread of Civid-19 and the deaths compare to previous viral epidemics.

    His conclusions are mind-blowing even though most of us realised from way back that the pandemic is a massive state, medical and media sponsored fraud.

    He says that he doesn’t need to know anything about the nature of Covid in order to discover what is going on. He just needed the data from previous viral epidemics, pre-Covid deaths and the data of the deaths attributed to Civid-19.

    The data for Covid-19 is completely incongruent with the data from other viral epidemics. They don’t have the same seasonal peeks and troughs and the Covid deaths seem to increase very markedly in many disconnected places all at once.

    His conclusion is that the Covid deaths are caused by bacterial pneumonia all over the USA due to treatment by antibacterial drugs being denied to patients, who were old, obese, poor and subjected to killer levels of psychological stress when the weather was hot. He says that viral infections peek in the northern and souther hemispheres in winter, but that the Covid deaths in the USA peeked in summer, which is completely unheard of for a viral epidemic.

    he also suggests why using Ivermectin to treat the sick is so effective. – because it is an antibiotic that kills off the pneumonia.

    In short, his research says that the excess deaths in the USA were all brought about by the Covid restrictions and medical practices, not by a pandemic. That the killer was bacterial pneumonia, not Covid.

    He also said at the end of the video about climate change that he did mathematical calculations from first principles to find out if increased levels of CO2 could cause climate change. His calculations told him that even if the levels of CO2 were doubled that it would not only not affect the climate but be good for it because CO2 is plant food that makes them thrive.

    Here is Denis Rancourt’s website –

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