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Happy families this Christmas – for the Bidens?

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I don’t know if people still play the ‘Happy Families’ card game anymore. But one family that must be very happy (and very rich) this Christmas is the Biden family.

Biden White House warns of Chinese control of world’s cobalt

In a June 2021 report for the U.S. president, Joe Biden, the writers warned: “Our economic security—steady employment and smooth operations of critical industries—also requires secure and resilient supply chains. For more than a decade, the Department of Defense has consistently found that essential civilian industries would bear the preponderance of harm from a disruption of strategic and critical materials supply. The Department of Energy notes that, today, China refines 60 percent of the world’s lithium and 80 percent of the world’s cobalt, two core inputs to high-capacity batteries—which presents a critical vulnerability to the future of the U.S. domestic auto industry.”

Hunter Biden helps Chinese take control of the world’s cobalt

While the U.S. Department of Defense officials were fretting about increasing Chinese control of the world’s cobalt supplies, Hunter Biden appears to have been busy.

Hunter Biden’s investment firm helped broker a 2016 deal that gave a Chinese state-backed company control of a massive African mine rich in cobalt — a mineral essential for the production of electric car batteries.

The deal, first reported by the Washington Free Beacon during the 2020 presidential campaign, was spotlighted by the New York Times Saturday as Congress inches closer to approving President Biden’s $2 trillion social spending plan, which earmarks billions of dollars to promote electric vehicles.

In 2016, an investment firm founded by Hunter Biden with several Chinese partners was cut into a complex $3.8 billion transaction that transferred 80 percent of Congo’s Tenke Fungurum mine from an American company to Beijing-backed China Molybdenum.

President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s father, was the sitting vice president when the deal was struck.

The mine is one of the world’s largest sources of cobalt — and China’s control of the mineral “presents a critical vulnerability to the future of the U.S. domestic auto industry.”

Your grandchildren had better start learning Chinese

Here’s a link to an article I found quite interesting about how our ruling elites have sold out to the Chinese. After all, the population of China is larger than that of the Western world and so China is where the big money will be made in the future.[0]=18743&tl_period_type=3&mc_cid=2bd8fe249b&mc_eid=4b467ccc93

And if you live in Taiwan, you’d better start moving your money and your family abroad, because Biden will do nothing when the People’s Liberation Army ‘liberates’ you from democracy:

5 comments to Happy families this Christmas – for the Bidens?

  • Ian J

    I wish I could ‘read’ the characters on that T shirt!

  • A Thorpe

    First China controlled its population and then it started to buy resources outside China. The infantile west looked not understanding and enjoying all the cheap goods from China – pleasure and consumption funded by debt provided our needs. Now the western leaders have worked out how to control us. What comes next?

    Thomas Sowell saw the decline in the west and wrote “Dismantling America” in 2010, well before the madness reach the present peak. This YouTube video is an extract from the book:

  • Travelling Man

    The ruling elites have for decades sold us down the river this should be no big surprise.
    The reality is that the West has employment rights that the Liberal Lunatics then export allowing these workers to sue us for their government’s taking backhanders and not introducing safeguards or laws to protect workers. The Chinese have no such qualms and shrug their collective shoulders and say work or starve it’s up to you. So when Biden and his cronies see a quick dollar they revert to the American version of Judas and take the proffered silver.

    The British government started the sale of the century by effectively losing control of our utilities. Same sh1t different cecade

  • Ed P

    It has a similar message to the one in English

  • Brad Brian

    It says ” Crush the Capitalist Mantis that preys on the souls of the people”

    it’s a very catchy phrase in Mandarin which phonetically sounds like ;


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