March 2023
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Will French police try to find the killers or try to protect their tourist industry?

When Madeleine McCann was abducted, the normally lazy, incompetent, corrupt Portuguese police sprang quickly into action.  But not to find the missing girl. Instead their prime concern seems to have been to protect their tourist industry. So they ignored any evidence that might have helped them locate the girl and instead concentrated all their efforts on trying to pin the blame on the British parents.

So how will the French police handle the shooting of a British family near Lake Annecy? Will they try to find the real killers? Or will they try to pin the whole affair on a family member to save their tourist industry? After all, the last thing police in countries like France, Portugal and Spain want people to know is that there are gangs of heavily-armed Eastern European criminals roaming freely across their countries mainly preying on holidaymakers and expats. The large number of British expats who have been attacked in their French and Spanish homes and beaten till they handed over all their valuables will attest to that.

Talking of lazy, corrupt, incompetent Portuguese, apparently our President, Mr Barroso, has come up with a great new idea for increasing his power over us. In addition to the utterly corrupt European Parliament, Barroso is reportedly thinking of creating a new Eurozone parliament for just the 17 Eurozone countries. So, more politicians, more of our taxes being stolen and wasted, more power being taken from national parliaments and handed over to Barroso’s cronies. No doubt ‘Barroso’s whore’ (in my opinion) Nick Clegg will wholeheartedly support Barroso’s great new idea. After all, democracy is untidy as people have a habit of voting the wrong way. Much better to have a puppet parliament that will do what you want to save their own well-paid jobs and  almost unlimited expense accounts.

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