May 2024

It’s so hot due to global warming – it’s almost as hot as it was 115 years ago

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Reporting live from Glasgow. Or is it Edinburgh?

This week it’s almost impossible to write about anything other than the meteorological-mastubatory mega-farce going on in Glasgow. Though, if you watch CNN, you’ll have been told by ace veteran CNN reporter, Wolf Blitzer, that Cop26 is taking place in Edinburgh:

But CNN aren’t exactly famed for their accuracy or honesty.

The first two days of the mega-conference were truly a battle of the hyperboles as our ‘world leaders’ all sought to outdo each other in blethering about how imminent mankind’s self-destruction was. We had:

  • code red for humanity!
  • last chance saloon!
  • mankind is digging its own grave!
  • the doomsday clock is ticking!
  • we’re one minute to midnight!
  • the earth will become a barren rock if we don’t act now!

These are just a few that I heard before I turned the TV off in disgust.

These apocalyptic exaggerations sort of remind me of what the (IMHO) most useless waste of skin in Britain, our very own beloved future king Prince Charles, said 12 years ago at some climate gabfest in May 2009: “We have very little time left – indeed less than 100 months”.

Meanwhile Ghastly Greta Doomberg and her adoring, scientifically-challenged disciples were screaming abuse outside the conference centre with such pearls of wisdom as “no more blah blah blah” and “you can shove your Cop26 up your arse!”

Do politicians and journalists know they are lying?

As we’re being bombarded with climate-catastrophist nonsense, the question I have is: do the politicians and journalists know they are lying? Or do they really believe that Greta Doomberg is the new Messiah?

Perhaps the most amusing/depressing feature of the current climate farce is the self-promoting, po-faced, hyper-dramatic seriousness with which herds of supposed ‘journalists’ are reporting the supposed global warming catastrophe. They all seem to be rushing around the world in planes and helicopters to bring us the most frightening reports from places that are supposedly already suffering from catastrophic warming.

Just to put these deadly serious reports into perspective, here’s a climate reporter from the 1970s. He’s predicting a climate catastrophe from Global Cooling and the coming of a new Ice Age using almost exactly the same self-promoting, po-faced, hyper-dramatic seriousness and same language that today’s reporters are using to terrify us about supposed Global Warming:


“The hottest day since yesterday!”

This week there are so many absurdities being vomited out by our media that there’s no space in a short blog to list them all. But one is probably worth mentioning: – the claims that (name of a place) is experiencing its hottest/wettest/stormiest/driest (delete as appropriate) weather in (invent a number) of years.

One stupid ‘journalist’ claimed some town was having its “hottest day for 7 months”. Well, that’s not surprising as the place (I can’t remember its name) was in the Southern Hemisphere and was therefore moving from winter to summer. Clearly the ‘journalist’ wasn’t aware that summers tend to be warmer than winters.

I’ve just seen a supposed ‘journalist’ excitedly announcing that some town in Australia, that nobody has ever heard of, has just had its wettest day for 4 years. No doubt this ludicrously irrelevant ‘fact’ will be trumpeted by climate catastrophists as definite proof of climate change destroying all life on earth.

Another supposed ‘journalist’ found a town somewhere that was having its hottest day for 75 years. If that’s true, then the weather must have been hotter 76 years ago when atmospheric CO2 levels were much lower than they are now. Ooops!

And then, as Tony Heller brilliantly explains, there was somewhere in India or Pakistan having its hottest weather ever. But that was a lie like all the other lies we’re being force-fed by the mainstream media as they genuflect and grovel to the jet-setting, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling elites partying at our expense amid the piles of rubbish and used drug-addicts’ needles in Glasgow (or Edinburgh if you watch Wolf Blitzer on CNN).

Perhaps amusingly this particular town had a train which used to carry an empty coffin for the use of any passengers who died of heat during the train journey to the town:


12 comments to It’s so hot due to global warming – it’s almost as hot as it was 115 years ago

  • A Thorpe

    Of course they don’t know they are lying, they are far too stupid and deluded to work that out. I watched all the Channel 4 programme, “How Green is your Government”. It was nonsense from beginning to end and there was Boris describing the atmosphere as a tea-cosy. He is telling us the CO2 in the atmosphere is causing earth’s surface to get warmer, but he fails to understand that the cosy on the teapot doesn’t make the tea hotter, just as a thermos flask does not make the contents hotter. Home insulation does not increase the temperature in a house. It isn’t necessary to know the science related to this, it can be observed.

    For politicians and the elites and the masses that support them, ideology has become more important than the truth. There’s a possibility that people like Michael Mann of Hockey stick fame and the “scientists” at NASA’s GISS and at the East Anglia CRU did start off as honest but their ideology became more important than science and rational thinking. Other universities and institutions soon got on the bandwagon because there was government money to be had and with no accountability for their work.

    In time will probably be made a crime to write or speak the above. It has happened in every other tyranny.

  • Bad Brian

    As a son of Edinburgh I was shocked to discover tht the famous castle which dominates the city is actually only a cardboard cut out and that I have spent my entire life in Glasgow by mistake.

    However, this discovery has answered a few questions that have niggled at me for years;

    Why is my dental hygiene remenisant to a visit to Fingal’s Cave ?

    Why if I wish to read a newspaper do I buy a fish supper ?.

    Why is the best selling shampoo called “Go & Wash”?

    Is it possible that Edinburgh has been submerged by the ever rising sea, due to global warming and nobody told me ?

  • Paul

    There was a spokesman on GMTV this week blaming the recent minor rail accident on extreme weather and global warming.

    Couldn’t believe i was hearing it, wasn’t even bad weather at the time.

    We clearly in the age of the cult and mass hysteria.

  • A.F.Fanculo

    I am so glad to see that the doomgoblin is now singing and admitting that her thought is now that ‘you can stick climate change up your arse’. Does this mean that she has at last come round to the more sensible view?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Having just announced the imminent End of the World, BoJo will fly back to London from Krankistan on his private jet.

    Downing Street proceeded to defend the use of the jet by claiming that it is one of the ‘’most carbon-efficient planes of its size in the world’’, and produces ‘’15% fewer emissions than the Prime Minister’s other private jet, the Yoyager’’

    ‘’Other’’ private jet? Jeez, how many jets does our priapic Bunter need? Why not a train journey? Is our beloved PM such a techno-phobe that he’s incapable of working on a laptop during a train journey? Or are computers as alien a concept to him as contraception appears to be?

    History tells us that just after WW2, in between disposing of the fate of India and creating the NHS, Labour PM Clement Attlee insisted on being driven everywhere in his own little car, a 1936-vintage Hillman, by his wife Violet, his knees wrapped in a blanket in those pre-car heater days. Much to the alarm of his staff, who weren’t entirely convinced by Mrs Attlee’s driving skills.

    Yet Bunter now has his own equivalent of ‘Air Force One’, plus a spare. I can recall that in the days before money and power corrupted him completely I used to see him in the early hours on a solitary bike ride home from the offices of the ‘Spectator’ which he then edited.

    And we have something else to look forward to – a new Royal yacht, for our future uber-woke King JugLugs, paid for of course by you and I. Can we assume that this new conveyance for the rich and famous will, like a real yacht, have environmentally-friendly sails instead of one of those nasty diesel engines? Will His Majesty’s Jolly Jack Tars be forced to climb the mainmast in a Force Seven? I think we should be told.

    And it hasn’t dawned on Gollum Thunberg that the reason she was denied access to this corporate bunfight was to avoid any embarrassing episodes with SloJo, a creature who has something of a reputation for young girl-sniffing.

    But the ‘Climate Catastrophe’ is strictly for people with lower than million-per-year incomes – the elite don’t actually believe any of this stuff themselves, and in fact hardly bother to even pretend anymore as they whizz around in their eighty-car convoys.

    And the smaller the average punter’s carbon footprint is compared to the super-rich, the more the super-rich will try to force them to reduce it so there’s more left for them.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The diabolical liberal decadents are obviously bringing the climate catastrophe forward as close to hand as possible in order to help discombobulate and gaslight populations as much as possible in order to keep them taking the vaccinations. The behavioural psychology tricks are the same for both. Above all, as little criticism of the “science” for both catastrophes as is possible is allowed to come to light in the mainstream media.

    Yet most of the public is unaware of all of this state of affairs. It is also unaware of the adverse reactions and deaths attributed to the vaccinations in reporting systems because their existence is not reported even though tens of thousands of deaths and adverse reactions have been reported to them by the public across the Anglosphere.

    The public won’t know about the recent work of the noted atmospheric scientist and renowned authority on radiation physics, Professor William Happer, emeritus professor of physics at Princeton, who has argued that the heating properties of CO2 fall as more is placed in the atmosphere.

    They won’t know about Professor Antonio Zichichi, another emeritus physics professor, who published a letter in 2019, along with 70 Italian academics, warning about signing up to policies of uncritical reductions of CO2 with “the illusory pretence of governing the climate”.

    Few know about all the many distinguished scientists who say man-made global warming theory is garbage — because no mainstream outlets will give them a platform. In 2006, the BBC decided to stop giving any air-time to climate change sceptics. The BBC is now no more than a propaganda outfit for the climate change cult.

    As should have been noticed, the so-called climate catastrophe and Covid-19 have been brought as close together as possible at COP26, obviously in order to bolster the terror factors that each of them bring to the table.

  • Marc Ager

    Good video from Sky News Australia.

    Things are so bad here now that I can’t even imagine a news programme doing one like that on the UK’s mainstream media.

    The liberal globalists have obviously had what is going on now in mind for at least half a century and have been feeding phoney dangerous beasts via the education system and media.

    Interest rates are now near zero and maybe turning negative (we pay the banks to store our money) so that big business and the banking system can print money and use it to buy up everything (including their own shares) that has had to have been abandoned or shut down due to the so-called pandemic. Big business grows ever more wealthy as its competition disappears.

    Jeff Bezos has an estimated $200 billion fortune and he has offered to donate £2 billion to help out against climate change. Two percent of his wealth. While he develops a space programme for wealthy tourists so that they can have a front seat to watch the planet boil over. Elon Musk is now the world’s richest man whose wealth comes mainly from electric cars and a space programme called SpaceX.

  • Andy Stoddart

    According to the BBC climate change denial is now hate speech!,,
    The science is settled! Notice how they deliberately blur supposed man made climate change with natural climate change which has been ongoing ever since the earth was formed.

  • Adrian

    seems according to Arizona Uni you are way off (lol) about 23,885 years off!

    Did you do the Radio because I have been looking out for it.

  • David Craig

    In reply to your comment – does anybody, apart from schoolteachers and BBC supposed ‘journalists’, actually believe anything the Independent or Guardian write about supposed ‘cataclysmic climate change’?

  • Stephen Rayner

    Arizona study!! Where on earth do they get their data. I was recently researching Anglo Saxon clothing for my children’s school day and came across a children’s website that explained why the Saxons migrated to what is now the UK. In 400ad the temperature was 1 degree hotter than it is now and you could grow grapes as far north as Newcastle. So where did all the CO2 come from in 400AD? Maybe it was all the grapes they were eating?

  • A Thorpe

    Here is an interesting video about Greenland ice core data:

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