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Will this week really be some ‘hundred millionths of a degree’ warmer than last week?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Today’s blog may seem a bit esoteric. But it does yet again and again and again confirm two quite important issues:

  1. Our media will invent whatever lies they can dream up to pretend that we’re facing a terrifying, humanity-destroying climate crisis
  2. Our media know that many people (and all young people) are so ignorant, badly-educated and even brainwashed that they will believe the media’s climate-catastrophist lies, however blatant and logically improbable those lies actually are
Lying Sky News’s daily pack of lies?

Several days a week, I force myself to watch the first few minutes of Sky News’s Daily Climate Show at 18.30 every weekday evening before I turn it off in fury at the programme’s regular vomit of climate catastrophist lies. This is, of course, Sky News (UK) which adores the ghastly Greta ‘Chucky’ Doomberg and not Sky News (Australia) which (as I have shown many times on my blog) knows that crazy Greta’s climate catastrophist banshee howling is a load of scientifically-illiterate nonsense.

Sky News (UK) is apparently very proud of its Daily Climate Show as it constantly boasts that it is “the only daily climate show on UK television” or something like that.

The ‘hundred millionths of a degree’ hogwash

In the background of the Sky News Daily Climate Show studio is a large wall display showing things like where our energy is coming from that day (renewables vs fossil fuels vs nuclear), the supposed rise in the Earth’s temperature since 1880 (pre-industrial times), the time left till the Earth’s temperature hits 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and the amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere:

I’d like you to look at the second line of information – the supposed increase in the Earth’s average temperature in the 141 years since 1880. As you’ll see, this number runs to 9 decimal places. I’m no mathematical genius, but if I’ve got my decimal places right, this means Sky News (UK) is claiming they can measure the Earth’s temperature to hundred millionths of a degree.

Quadruple bollox?

This claim by Sky News that they can measure the Earth’s temperature change since 1880 to hundred millionths of a degree is complete and utter balderdash for at least four reasons:

Reason 1 – Such measurement is impossible

As far as I know (and I may be wrong) there is no instrument yet invented by mankind that can measure temperatures to a level of hundred millionths of a degree. In fact, I believe temperatures cannot even be measured to a millionth of a degree or a hundred thousandth of a degree or even a ten thousandth of a degree. So for Sky News (UK) to display the Earth’s supposed temperature rise since 1880 to hundred millionths of a degree is deliberately-misleading, lying drivel.

Reason 2 – We’ve no idea what the Earth’s temperature was in 1880

Here’s a map of the world showing where temperatures were being measured from 1881 to 1920:

(the shaded areas show where temperatures were being measured)

As you’ll see, there was extensive measurement in the U.S., parts of Europe and in Australia. There was little to no temperature measurement in South America, Africa and much of Asia and none at the North or South Poles.

Even by 1978, just after the first temperature-measuring satellites were launched, there was still limited coverage  of temperature measurement.

So we actually have no idea what the Earth’s temperature was in 1880. All we have are computer models of what the temperature might have been based on loads of assumptions and extrapolating the data from the few places where temperatures were measured. As for the idea that we knew to the nearest hundred millionth of a degree what the 1880 pre-industrial temperature was – just complete garbage. In fact, to call this garbage would be an insult to garbage.

Reason 3 – You can’t trust the satellites

The whole issue of measuring the Earth’s temperature was supposed to be solved in the 1970s when the first of three generations of temperature-measuring satellites was launched. But there were a few problems. For example, each of the three generations of satellites gave slightly different results. Moreover, satellites were found to give less accurate measurements of temperatures than ground-based thermometers. If you’re interested you can Google the reasons why satellites are so inaccurate. These include things like orbital drag, problems with atmospheric water vapour and the fact that satellites don’t actually measure temperatures directly.

Here’s the result from one study comparing the accuracy of satellite versus ground-based temperature measurement:

As you’ll see, the level of uncertainty for satellites was about 0.035°C per decade compared to 0.007°C for ground-based thermometers. But you’ll also see that temperatures were only being measured to a hundredth of a degree with the level of uncertainty estimates to some thousandths of a degree. So we can reliably assume that Sky News pulled their 9-decimal-places figures (hundred millionths of a degree) from somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.

Moreover, if you Google the astonishingly primitive methods still used for measuring water temperatures of the two thirds of the planet’s surface covered by water, you’d struggle to believe that temperatures can even be measured to a tenth of a degree. But that’s another story for another day.

Reason 4 – Can the Earth ever have an ‘average temperature’?

Land and water temperatures constantly change every minute of every day and night during every season at every location. So at what point can the supposed climatologists claim they have an accurate measurement of the Earth’s temperature? All they have is a calculated temperature based just as much on assumptions and complex computer modelling as on actual temperatures measures. And as with all computer models – GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out).

You can fool all the snowflakes all the time

The game that Sky News is playing is to have a background display which supposedly indicates that the Earth’s temperature is relentlessly increasing at a devastating rate. Of course, the Earth’s temperature is never stable:

  • there was probably warming in the 1920s and 1930s when the ‘experts’ warned us that the glaciers and polar ice would melt and rising sea levels would submerge coastal cities:

  • then there was probably some cooling in the 1960s and 1970s when the ‘experts’ warned us that a new Ice Age was imminent:

  • then there was probably some warming in the 1980s and 1990s when the Global Warming scam really took off:

  • that was followed by ‘the pause’ between 2002 and 2014:

But since the 1990s the change in temperatures has been so negligible that Sky News have had to conjure up a totally fictitious figure of temperatures to hundred millionths of a degree (9 decimal places) to supposedly prove warming is happening.

But who cares if Sky News are (IMHO) lying and lying and lying? Sky News have (IMHO) realised that they can get away with their lies because they know they can fool all the scientifically-ignorant, social inadequates looking for a cause to make themselves feel important and morally-superior to the rest of us and, of course, all the woke, millennial snowflakes all of the time.

And now for someone who tells the truth

Here’s the advertising van I’ll have driving round Manchester for 7 hours a day on Monday and Tuesday this week during the Tory party conference:

(left-click on image, then left-click again to see more clearly)

As we are deluged by a tsunami of media and politicians’ lies about the Earth’s climate in the weeks leading up to Boris’s big Glasgow hot-air, woke, greeny climate gabfest in November, at least one person – yours truly, David Craig – will be telling the truth: THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS!!!!!!!!!

7 comments to Will this week really be some ‘hundred millionths of a degree’ warmer than last week?

  • Loppoman

    Brilliant move David with the van. Likely to encounter many aggressives who can’t bear being told the truth. Flying eggs and rocks come to mind.
    I would guess that Boris has probably read your book but the contents don’t suit the current agenda.
    If possible, do a repeat in Glasgow next month.

  • David Craig

    I will not be doing a repeat in Glasgow. Having discussed this with the advan company, we both agreed it would be too dangerous as the driver and van would probably be attacked by the woke crazies who are terrified of the truth that their climate catastrophism is just a load of nonsense.

    However, if a few readers would buy some copies of my latest book or even make a small donation via my website, that would help cover the £2,000+ the advan will cost me for 2 days in Manchester and then 2 days in London.

  • A Thorpe

    Good luck with the van. The best outcome would be interviews with TV channels.

    Excellent points about temperature measurements. The satellite measurements are not temperatures. They measure radiation and derive temperature from that, and it is an average over a depth of the atmosphere as I understand it. I’ve have not seen any explanation of how land and sea temperatures are combined. I have only seen measurements of water temperatures and nothing about the air temperatures above the oceans. Tony Heller says that many land temperatures are calculated by computers based on a few actual measurements.

    My view is that an average temperature is not a physical quantity. It suits the alarmists to talk about averages because it is perhaps the only maths that most people can understand. A total temperature cannot be calculated as with mass, length and volume, where an average has some meaning. In addition I cannot think of any calculation where an average would be used. If a complex system is simplified into cells, as with the atmosphere, the temperature is more of a representative temperature, rather than an average. The science of thermodynamics is not about averages, it is about temperature differences which are the driver of energy transfers and a complex system cannot possibly described by a single number and therefore no conclusions can be derived from it.

    We should have temperature distributions and the statistics to describe them, not an average. Darko Butina is the only person I have seen doing this and his work is easy to find.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    David, as our ludicrous prime Minister is poised to cheerfully blow £450 million of UK taxpayers’ money on his own personal addition to the over five hundred ‘Climate Change’ conferences held worldwide every year, you must realize that you’re trying to fight a huge, enormously profitable and powerful international industry.

    While the 90% reduction in air travel last year made not the slightest difference to the world’s climate, scientists dependent on the teat of government and corporate funding have no choice but to sign up to the nonsense or lose their livelihoods. Construction companies coin huge profits from local councils for huge cycle lane and anti-ICE-vehicle road projects.

    Generals, Air Marshals and Admirals owe their positions and salaries entirely to their willingness to demonstrate publicly that they’ve signed up to the whole scam. Which hardly gives me much confidence in their integrity, or even in their ability and willingness to actually defend me and mine. Supposedly grown-up alleged ‘Conservative’ government minister 52-year-old Michael Gove seeks advice from a 14-year-old Extinction Rebellion doomsday cult activist who he calls to his office to lecture him about his Doomsday theories.

    And when BloJo and Carrie Antoinette decide that even the prospective next incumbent of the throne isn’t woke enough for their purposes despite the Royal household desperately linking itself to BLM last month, and consequently imports the ‘King Over The Water’ and his actress wife as replacements, the insanity will become even more institutionalized.

    The proof that ‘Climate Change’ was merely another massive globalist corporate industry came when teenage Climate Change protesters were, to their astonishment, quickly ejected from the UN’s own Madrid Climate Change conference in December 2019 by exactly the kind of black-suited security muscle one sees talking into their sleeves at all multinational corporate events.

    And yet hilariously, Labour MP (on £80.000 a year) Claudia Webbe, currently on trial for harassment, claimed recently that ‘’To solve the climate crisis, the rich must be abolished’’. And the Guardian tells us that ‘Ending climate change requires the end of Capitalism.’ You could not, as the saying goes, make it up.

  • William Boreham

    I see this in the Washington Post – record cold obviously due to ‘global warming’ or climate change as it’s called now:

    “Amid a record hot summer in large parts of the Northern Hemisphere, beset by devastating fires, floods and hurricanes, Antarctica was mired in a deep, deep freeze. That’s typically the case during the southernmost continent’s winter months, but 2021 was different.
    The chill was exceptional, even for the coldest location on the planet.
    The average temperature at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station between April and September, a frigid minus-78 degrees (minus-61 Celsius), was the coldest on record, dating back to 1957. This was 4.5 degrees lower than the most recent 30-year average at this remote station, which is operated by United States Antarctic Program and administered by the National Science Foundation.
    While impressive and unexpected, scientists characterized this record as a mere blip and curiosity as both Antarctica and the planet continue to rapidly warm amid escalating extreme weather.
    Extreme weather tormenting the planet will worsen because of global warming, U.N. panel finds (They would, wouldn’t they?)
    We first learned of this record through a tweet from Stefano Di Battista, who has published research on Antarctic temperatures. The legitimacy of Di Battista’s information was confirmed by Richard Cullather, a research scientist at NASA’s Global Modeling and Assimilation Office, who provided the chart below.
    The Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station experienced the coldest average temperature for April to September in 2021 on record. This chart displays the average temperature since 1957 in degrees Celsius. (Richard Cullather/British Antarctic Survey)
    The extreme cold over Antarctica helped push sea ice levels surrounding the continent to their fifth-highest level on record in August, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

  • leil

    Thank you David for being one of the few to actually DO something. Great wording.

  • Joe Soap

    Relevant info about temperature proxies from Steve Mcintyre.
    A fiver coming your way as a small contribution for all your great efforts. Keep up the good work please.

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