July 2024

Rejoice! ‘Chucky’ Doomberg is back!

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Covid come back – all is forgiven

Not everything about Dr Frankenstein Fauci’s Wuhan lab-leaked plague was bad. After all, Fauci’s Chinese lab c**k-up kept the crazed climate catastrophist Greta ‘Chucky’ Doomberg locked up in her native Sweden for over a year. But as Fauci’s Chinese plague declines, the Swedes have unfortunately released Greta ‘Chucky’ Doomberg on the world again.

Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Child’s Play slasher film franchise. Chucky is portrayed as a vicious serial killer:

Here is Chucky with his lookalike – grim-reaper Greta:

I think Chucky is the one on your left? Or perhaps it’s the one on your right? Or maybe it’s difficult to tell as they could be identical twins.

Greta’s Italian job

Chucky, sorry I meant Greta, has been warming up for her cameo role at our Boris’s big international climate catastrophist gabfest – the November Cop26 jamboree in Glasgow – by giving a big speech to her adoring disciples at a youth climate, narcissistic, hot air bletherathon in Milan:

Chucky singled out the UK and US for a supposed lack of action on the supposed ‘climate crisis’.

The United States was responsible for 11 per cent of global C2O2 emissions and the UK accounts for around 1.1 per cent. The world’s largest polluter, Communist China, was strangely absent from Chucky Doomberg’s remarks. The authoritarian regime emitted more than the entire developed world combined in 2019, according to a study from the Rhodium Group, which found that China accounted for 27 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gasses:

(left-click on image and then left-click again to see more clearly)

And, of course, Chucky (like all the other West-hating, diversity-adoring eco-fascists) never mentions that CO2 emissions in the West are decreasing as populations decline due to birth rates falling below replacement levels while the populations of the world’s worst cess-pit countries are doubling every 20 or so years massively increasing the demand for fossil fuels.

But, in spite of Chucky’s mad and erroneous ranting, you can be sure that our  media will fawn over her hailing her as the new Messiah and that our rulers will grovel and genuflect to appease her and compete with each other to see who can destroy their economies and our lives fastest in the developed world’s crazed and unnecessary lemming-like stampede to the apparent Nirvana of net zero CO2 emissions.

Intelligent life spotted in Australia?

In the UK, most of our mainstream media now continuously pump out climate catastrophist propaganda. Of course, the lying scum at the BBC and C4 News have always been avid promoters of the crazed climate-crisis doomsday cult. But now even the once respected Times has been recruited to Chucky’s great cause. .

Moreover, judging by their comments, most Times readers also seem to be spit-flecked, zealously-believing converts who furiously shout down anyone daring to question whether an increase in a trace gas from 3 parts per 10,000 of our atmosphere to 4 parts per 10,000 over 150 years really is going to wreck the Earth’s climate and wipe out the human race.

And most recently, since the death of the excellent climate realist Christopher Booker, even the Daily Telegraph has converted to the world’s second most stupid religion (much to the fury of most Telegraph readers).

So, once again, we have to turn to Sky News Australia to find any signs of intelligent life on our planet:

9 comments to Rejoice! ‘Chucky’ Doomberg is back!

  • David Brown

    Boris wife Carrie is into all this green stuff . So BJ gets a BJ and our economy gets screwed.
    We are considering having China build some nuclear power plants. In the meantime demolishing our coal powered stations.
    China has more than a thousand coal powered plants. In 2020 it built three times more new coal capacity than built by all the other countries in the world combined.
    As for our current gas energy the Government could allow more to be taken from the North Sea and Shetland gas fields but the wicker man pagan greens object.

  • Bad Brian

    This is really wierd.

    I was thinking just the other day that Greta and Chucky would make a great match and here we are with the above article illustrating their similarities. This is really odd that another great mind would have the same simultaneous thought.

    Between the two of them, if you were stuck on a deset island with one , I would choose Chucky as he is the more reasonable of the two, and one could therefore have an adult conversation from time to time.

    geta would spend the time stamping out signal fires to keep emissions low rather thn be rescued.

  • Ed P

    Indoctrinating a minor is a form of child-abuse. When will Greta’s parents be prosecuted?

  • A Thorpe

    Greta has been mocking world leaders from the start. She did this at the WEF and they applauded. She is exactly what the elites want because they are making money from alarmism of all kinds. There is also an interview I saw on the Sky News website of her talking about the UK, saying we are the biggest villain because we started the climate crisis with the industrial revolution and going on to say we are building coal fired power stations, and nobody corrects her ignorance.

    The Australian senator is right when he compared this to communist planning, but it is better viewed as collectivist or centrist policies which are based on state dependency and control. It isn’t a left issue, the right are just as likely to adopt these policies. This was partly why the Roman Empire collapsed, it was why the first British settlers in America ended up starving and how Stalin’s policies resulted in the starvation of millions. It happens through the use of force, or as now, through propaganda, fear and greed. The leaders are as deluded as the masses. The leaders believe they are our saviours and the masses accept it without question because of their ignorance and faith in democracy and the state.

    I cannot see an end to this because there is no debate between those with different views. GB News often has discussions with people of differing views but they just disagree, nothing is resolved, and it will be the same at CP26, if there is opposition. The reason is ignorance by all parties. They never produce any evidence to support their views. Put them in a locked room and make them read David’s book and they still would not be able to have a rational debate and reach a common view.

    In the distant past the powerful established the unchallengeable orthodox views, resulting in heresy and burning of heretics. The masses were not allowed to read the bible, even if they could. Ideas still come from the elites but it is social media that establishes what the orthodox view should be. It is a multiple-headed beast that cannot be challenged. Provided the powerful are making money nothing will change because all they care about is money.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Never mind. Sub-Saharan Africa will save the world. Our adverts and TV programmes, with staggering foresight, are preparing us for the arrival of our saviours from countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan and Ethiopia.

    The current Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy from Ghana, the Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, is leading the way as he keeps the seat warm for a female replacement that will probably be supplied by the Labour Party in the near future. By the way, the last time I flew over Ghana in the middle of the night, the lights must have been turned off as part of a climate-change initiative.

    After watching this year’s Labour conference could anyone possibly doubt that Sir Keir Starmer and his babes, obviously modelled on the BBC, are leading the way towards the brightest of possible futures based on George Orwell’s novel, 1984?

    Apparently, according to the charity adverts, all of the girls in Sub-Saharan Africa want to become doctors, scientists, engineers and mathematicians. And there will be twice as many of them to draw from by 2050 into the bargain. But only if you sign up to give just £3 a month. The boys, it seems, just want to remain the bums who have abused and repressed them since the dawn of time and maybe even before that.

    Indeed, the ambition of these females is astonishingly amazing given that the males just sit around scratching their arses and dishing out domestic abuse while the women and girls toil in the fields and walk for many hours a day to fetch water.

  • Stillreading

    Dr. David Starkey, the Historian (now outrageously “cancelled” by the BBC, his alma mater Cambridge, and his publisher following his unfortunate choice of words when daring last year to contradict the more outrageous pronouncements of the BLM lot) well and truly put the physically and psychologically retarded Thumberg girl back in her box when interviewed by Brazier on GBNews yesterday evening. He made a few succinct comments about David Attenborough as well. The interview is still available on YouTube for those who haven’t yet seen it. Well worth watching. To witness World leaders worshipping at the feet of this ill-tempered, ignorant creature, about whom the kindest thing which can be said is that she is the victim of parental indoctrination, is utterly sickening.

  • GB News – ‘Modernity was invented in Britain’ – David Starkey hits back at Greta Thunberg –

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Even if one swallows the nonsense written for the demented Doom Goblin by her parents and handlers about a trace gas killing us all off in eight years’ time, the Guardian’s article of 18th March 2019 reveals the true agenda behind all this – ‘Ending climate change requires the end of capitalism.’

    Remind me again which country under which economic system pumps out almost twice the amount of Co2 that the USA does?

  • Marc Ager

    It is the sheer level of lying and deception that is taking place since 9/11 that tells me that without doubt there is intention behind it that must be extremely evil.

    What this planet is only in desperate need of is population control because it is only human overpopulation that is destroying the planet’s biodiversity.

    But all we get is the need to have open borders, racial diversity created by migration, feminisation to drive weakening female empowerment, carbon-dioxide-based climate change and the need to tackle a coronavirus that affects mostly very few unhealthy or old and unhealthy people. Tackling it by bankrupting economies and constantly vaccinating the entire population of the planet.

    It is the West that is driving the whole catastrophic evil lying thing while the East, including the Russian Federation, just pays lip-service to it. Probably because, India excepted, they know a totalitarian drive when they see one.

    A drive that looks as if it started with the test run of a killer virus – HIV – followed by 9/11 that launched the unnecessary wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya that drove migration into the West, followed by an economy killer – the banking crisis caused by the the US Federal Mortgage Corporations issuing sub-prime mortgages like confetti, followed by Covid-19.

    HIV is the virus that no vaccine has been developed for over 40 years. A virus that Big Pharma told us possesses the fatal ability to have worked out how the human immune system works in order to be able to bypass it and render those it infects helpless against a whole host of other killer diseases.

    Dr Kary Mullis, who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the PCR test used to diagnose cases of Covid-19, stated that it could not be used to test for viral infections or even to diagnose if anyone has any kind of illness. He said that a virus is not even a living thing and possesses no intelligence, just the ability to replicate in cells.

    Kary objected to Big Pharma using his test to test for HIV, saying that it had created a phony killer virus that required very expensive drug treatment in order to prevent a whole host of other deadly diseases – hepatitis, cancers, pneumonia, etc., from bypassing the disabled immune system.

    Once anyone was tested positive for HIV, it was a death sentence unless the very expensive drug treatment was administered. And the reason for viruses like deadly Ebola having a vaccine developed quickly but not HIV was because it is the other diseases that were really doing the killing all along and so creating a vaccine for them was not possible. Even if one were put forward, it would not generate much income.

    As with Covid-19, most of those who test positive for HIV are probably asymptomatic and have nothing wrong with them. But with HIV a positive test has been made out to be fatal unless the victims undergo the very expensive drug treatment. That was why Mullis objected to the use of his test as a test for HIV. He himself, a very heathy man aged 74, died from pneumonia in August 2019, a few months before Covid hit the scene.

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