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West goes woke/broke – China’s masterstroke?

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Britain goes woke and broke?

As the UK rushes headlong towards the ‘renewable energy’ Nirvana which obsesses our scientifically-challenged, Greta-worshipping rulers, our climate catastrophist media seem somewhat reluctant to mention the practical economically-disastrous consequences.

Firstly, there seems to be little understanding that our energy prices are already over three times those in China and India precisely because we use lots of expensive and unreliable supposedly ‘green’ supposedly ‘renewable’ energy:

(household energy prices $/kw/h)

Moreover, calling wind power ‘renewable’ is farcical given that an average bird-massacring wind turbine reportedly needs at least 500 tonnes of steel, 2,000 tonnes of concrete, 30 tonnes of fibreglass, 15 tonnes of copper and 20 tonnes of cast iron. That’s an awful lot of stuff to be manufactured and transported at massive cost to electricity users and the environment.

We can see the economic cost of supposedly ‘free’ supposedly ‘renewable’ energy on British businesses:

(left click on charts and then left click again to see more clearly)

I realise that our politicians are incapable of understanding Economics 101. But if UK energy costs rise, UK business become less competitive, companies close down and jobs are exported to countries with lower energy prices. Just this week, two British fertilizer companies shut down as it was uneconomical to produce fertilizer given high UK gas prices.

So British jobs have been lost and next year we’ll probably have to import fertilizer from abroad. I wonder if the Greenies and our political leaders have thought about the economic and environmental effects of that?

Also, at least one UK steel mill has been cutting production – again due to high UK energy prices. And I believe our aluminium industry closed down a few years ago.

Moreover, due to a fire at one of the sub-stations importing French power, this winter we might well see power cuts in the UK for the first time since the 1984 miners’ strike.

China’s masterstroke?

Connected to the UK’s and the West’s self-inflicted climate catastrophist economic suicide, we have the rise and rise and rise of an increasingly aggressive communist China.

Here’s a nice picture showing the USA’s vs China’s share of world trade between 2000 and 2020:


Looks like our ultra-woke, selfie-obsessed, climatically-challenged, politically-correct, gender-fluid, snowflake teenagers had better start learning how to grovel in Chinese.

5 comments to West goes woke/broke – China’s masterstroke?

  • A Thorpe

    It is difficult to make sense of this. People might not follow the details of many industries but you would think they would notice increasing prices. It might be that we use more gas than electricity and gas prices don’t seem to have increased so much. Wait until the power cuts start. They will wake up then. Recently we had three days with no wind and now we have a fault on the cables to France and so we cannot rely on that at times of peak demand.

    In relation to your book and the land area required for renewables. I saw a comment recently that claimed solar poser to supply a family of three would require land the size of a football pitch. There wasn’t a calculation to support it. But they didn’t allow for the batteries needed to store electricity when the sun wasn’t shining, and they didn’t mention the recycling issues.

    I don’t understand why people cannot see the problems building up for us and worship a girl and an old fart who know nothing.

    Fertiliser is the least of our worries. It is the reliance on imported food that concerns me. Farming is hard work and people don’t want it. There was concern earlier in the year about not having the labour to harvest fruit. Hardly surprising when working from home seems to be the favoured option for many, created by the idiots in Downing Street.

    How did China and Asia get to dominate trade? Because we wanted cheap goods and did not want hard work. We exported jobs and pollution and imported decline. Now the west is starting another cold war with the AUKUS agreement.

  • William Boreham

    Chinese official defends coal use, says it is still needed to guarantee jobs and energy security

    The Great Climate Health Scare:



  • david brown

    people who read this should post links where possible on news paper websites and other media outlets.
    The green illusion is being pushed by members of the Royal Family , The BBC and people eg Boris and his dodgy mates in case his case as a nice little earner.

  • Stillreading

    Many thanks for your link William Boreham. That video graphically says everything I’d been trying to condense into a written response. How CAN people who are supposed to be scientists, presumably fully cognisant of the basic law of physics which states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed, and that at every transformation energy is irretrievably lost, possibly advocate all these “green” energy devices, the manufacture of every one of which requires for either its constituent parts or it’s manufacture, plundering the earth’s irreplaceable resources? An aerial photo was doing the rounds a few months ago showing worn out blades from wind-generating mills being buried in a desert region in the States. These blades are apparently manufactured from too many different substances to be recyclable. Never mind – as long as those two pillars of supreme wisdom to whom Thorpe refers are content, then surely so must we all be!

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