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The NHS’s “worst winter ever” extortion scam?

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2021 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

As summer – yes the the few hot days we had before the cold and rain started yet again, that was our supposedly ‘catastrophic global warming’ summer – becomes a distant memory, we’re being warned that our beloved, envy-of-the-world NHS is facing its “worst winter ever”:

Fourth Covid wave and up to 60,000 flu deaths could leave NHS facing ‘worst winter EVER’, experts warn

2013/14 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

Luckily for NHS bosses, most of us have very short memories. So we don’t remember the warnings from 2013 – long before Fauci and the Chinese had even created their Xi Pingpong Wuhan plague – Top doctors warn of ‘worst winter’ in hospitals as A&E crisis grows

2014/15 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

Nor will most of us remember the warnings from 2014/15 – The worst winter the NHS has ever seen

2015/16 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

Then there was the warning in 2015 – A&E faces worst winter ever, top doctor warns

2016/17 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

And the warning in 2016 – NHS hospitals facing toughest winter yet, say health experts

2017/18 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

And we shouldn’t forget the warning from 2017/18 – Winter 2017/18: the worst ever for the NHS?

2019/20 – Worst winter ever for NHS?

Plus, in 2019, just before the Wuhan plague accidentally leaked from a filthy, unhygienic Chinese lab due to the slovenly hygiene standards of the lazy, corrupt Chinese we were once again warned about the coming winter – NHS is facing one its “bleakest” winters

A genuine concern or an extortion racket?

Am I the only person beginning to see the emergence of a pattern here? Am I the only person who has noticed that, as soon as our pathetic excuse for a summer is over, NHS bosses (usually ably assisted by the Guardian) start leaking scare stories about the coming winter being “the worst winter ever”?

Looking at how frequently NHS bosses predict “the worst winter ever”, a cynic might start to wonder whether the “worst winter ever” story is just part of an extortion racket designed to terrify us and thus to put pressure on the Government to pour ever more tens of billions of our money into the voracious jaws of our wasteful, self-serving, over-bureaucratic, horrifically mismanaged National Health Service.

Hooray! It’s World Afro Day

You might not have been aware of this, but today – 15 September – is World Afro Day.

“World Afro Day is a global day of change, education and celebration of Afro hair; endorsed by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human rights. We work with families, schools and authorities to tackle discrimination against Afro hair. We carry out research, create events and produce resources to empower people with Afro hair and raise awareness in wider society.” Michelle De Leon, Founder of World Afro Day.

I won’t dare to suggest how we might celebrate this important day as my comments might border on being more than slightly politically-incorrect.

6 comments to The NHS’s “worst winter ever” extortion scam?

  • Bad Brian

    There must be some element of truth in these
    “Worst Winter Ever” warnings from the NHS or else they would not tell us this every year.It is also a good way to groom the public to mentally prepare us for their failure.

    For me it is very scary and I have fallen out with friends and associates when they have been complaining about the inadequacies of the NHS by screaming at them ” Don’t you know the NHS faces the worst winter ever you idiot!”

    It’s enough to make your hair stand on end !

  • A Thorpe

    Why only focus on the winter? The NHS is utterly useless at all times and we have absolutely no idea what it is really costing us. Would we be prepared to pay the HNS directly if we knew the true cost of our own treatment? Why does anybody think it is reasonable to be treated on a ward with no privacy whatsoever?

    When are we going to wake up to the failure of socialist systems? Stalin and other dictators use force to impose socialism, but here the socialists are more subtle and their mind control methods work to make the majority believe that giving up just a little bit of money through taxes results in the state providing better and cheaper services than private care. The pandemic has shown how the socialist state has used the NHS and health ”experts” to make us give up our freedoms, denying us the right to see family members, and imposing an experimental treatment on us. The majority now believe in obedience to the state in all matters to protect others and even the planet.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The NHS, I note, is so short of cash that my partner now receives no fewer than four identical snailmail letters for each and every NHS ‘Hospital’ (in reality, telephone) appointment that she’s reluctantly been allowed, along with at least two reminders on her NHS app.

    Yet visiting a GP is now totally forbidden (never mind those terrible old days when they actually condescended to come and visit you) and is set to remain so. My partner’s GP refuses to even acknowledge receipt of any emails or letters, let alone reply, and it’s a three-week wait to even attempt to book a telephone appointment.

    It may not be the ‘Worst Winter Ever’ for NHS apparatchiks, for whose exclusive benefit the NHS is now run. But it certainly will be for those irritating plebs who are inconsiderate enough to suffer from any disease or infirmity other than WuFlu. And who ought to immediately cough up even more squillions to keep NHS staff in the manner to which they have become accustomed, before dying quietly at home.

  • Wonky Moral Compass

    It’s a pity that our sorry bunch of politicians and civil servants either lack the nouse to notice this or are too frit to mention it.

  • Brenda Blessed

    “We carry out research, create events and produce resources to empower people with Afro hair and raise awareness in wider society.” – Michelle De Leon, Founder of World Afro Day.

    Apparently people with Afro hair are discriminated against outside Africa and other black-dominated countries.

    That goes some of the way into explaining why our TV and web commercials are raising the awareness of Afro hair constantly by using mostly women who have Afro hair in them.

    Her Highness Megan Markle used to have Afro hair herself until she got it straightened. So will a new phobia called Afrophobia begin to be established that will be convincing enough to make her try to get her natural Afro hair back?

  • Stillreading

    A close young family member started work as an F1 (the very lowest level) NHS doctor about 8 weeks ago and I am told that were an inordinate amount of time not wasted in taking the same details from a patient (name, address, date of birth, why are you here etc.etc.) time and again, front-line medical staff could get through a lot more work in any given time span. I can attest to this, having been an emergency admission with a life-threatening condition a few years ago. I managed on admission (by ambulance) to stutter out the requisite personal details, plus symptoms, and assumed that was sufficient, but no! I was required to repeat it all three times more, each time to yet another doctor who was writing it all down, each one kind, considerate, caring, but seeming to know absolutely nothing about why I was lying in the bed beside which they were sitting. Whether it’s still handwritten or done now electronically I’ve no idea, but the squandering of clinical time remains the same. There seems to be an almost toal absence of communication. And to learn a few days ago that 47 more top Admin posts, at upwards of £240K per annum each, are to be created, plus, as this blog has pointed out, a plethora of supporting secretaries, PAs etc. to serve these NHS elite, is deplorable. Clinical staff, meaning the vast majority of people we, the patients, see when we are in hospital, the doctors, the nurses, the physios and occupational and speech therepists, the ancillary workers – in other words the Indians – work extremely hard and have their patients’ welfare as their primary concern. They are not the people costing the NHS billions. It’s the self-important Chiefs, many of whom wouldn’t know one end of a patient from the other, who are sucking up and squandering all the money as they buikld their empires. The situation will only get worse until some politician with real influence lops off all the redundant verbiage and gets to the root of the NHS purpose, which was treatment of ill patients, not self agrandisement.

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