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Are we living through the collapse of Western civilisation?

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Whatever I write about in this blog – government waste, our useless political leaders, the climate change doomsday cult nonsense, the BLM crazies, immigration, our ultra-woke ineffective police and military, Afghanistan or whatever – it’s all part of one overarching scenario. That scenario is the ongoing implosion, decline and collapse of Western civilisation and the rise of competing civilisations such as an ever more powerful totalitarian Chinese empire and violent, radical, West-hating, anti-progress Religion of Peace fanaticism.

I have copied and shortened a piece on the collapse of civilisations I found somewhere floating around the Internet as I thought it sums up what we are now experiencing:

The actual collapse of a civilisation is much like the bankruptcy of an organisation of individual. It happens very gradually over a long period of time, and then suddenly, it folds. Eminent historian and anthropologist Sir John Glubb wrote The Fall of Empires in 1976 and said this:

“The life expectation of a great nation, it appears, commences with a violent, and usually unforeseen, outburst of energy, and ends in a lowering of moral standards, cynicism, pessimism and frivolity.

Sir John Glubb lists the six ages of a civilisation’s growth and collapse as follows below. He found remarkable similarities between the 13 different empires he studied. Most have lasted 10 generations or so, around 250 years. 

1. The Age of Pioneers : In the Age of Pioneers, we encounter courageous individuals with great passion and vision who set out to conquer new territories, often taking over existing civilisations which are in decline. Their mentality is expansive, experimental; they are the prototypers of their generation. They are action-takers, have strong values, often great devotion to duty, a sense of honour, a shared purpose and a strict moral code. The decaying empire they overthrow is often wealthy but defensive and contracting in its vision, but history shows us this is not always the case.

2. The Age of Conquest : Conquerors bring with them their military might and often their own religious culture. Think of the Spanish Inquisition following the conquistadores into South America, or the Jesuit movement landing in strength and depth in Asia. They sometimes adopt the military ways of the empire they have concurred, and are always more disciplined, professional and organised in their military campaigns than the civilisation they are conquering. 

3. The Age of Commerce: The power of the military, supported by the public, guards and controls the new territory so that commerce can flourish. I know if you are a business reader, your ears will prick up here because it’s tempting to think we are in the middle of the Age of Commerce. Let’s remember that civilisations collapse over hundreds of years so the Age of Commerce for us probably began somewhere in the middle ages.

In the first stages of this Age, there is still some sense of personal honour as the new civilisation searches for new forms of wealth. But as wealth pours in — whether that is on the treasure ships of the Spanish in the middle ages, or into the bank accounts of billionaires from Silicon Valley — values such as honour, glory of country soon disappear. In this age, the wealthy business community spends some of its wealth on splendid buildings and palaces — think of the Pyramids of Egypt, the glory of Athens at its height, the Colosseum of Rome, the complexes of the Aztecs or Angkor Wat. They construct communications networks such as roads, hotels, and railways or map the high seas; think of the Burma Railway, the wagon trails across the West of America, the Silk Road from China to the Middle East.

4. The Age of Affluence According to Sir John, it is in the Age of Affluence that our virtues and morals are gradually silenced. The aspirations of generations change from honour and glory to greed, selfishness and monetary gain rather than, and often at the expense of, spiritual wealth. Education changes from learning to qualifications for high salaried jobs. At the end of the eleventh century, as Arab power was declining, the moralist Ghazali complained “Students no longer attend college to acquire learning and virtue, but to obtain those qualifications which will enable them to grow rich”. The growing wealth of the civilisation is magnetic to other cultures who attempt to copy and adopt the values they see as foundation to such wealth. 

5. The Age of Intellect In the Age of Intellect, three key trends emerge that precede the final age and in which are laid the irreversible foundations of collapse. The mighty merchant princes from the Age of Affluence endow the arts and education systems. Think Bill Gates moving from merchant prince to philanthropist with his Gates Foundation. Think Miuccia Prada’s investment in the Venice Biennale and the Prada Foundation. Many of the scientific, philosophical and literary triumphs of a civilisation appear in this period. This could easily be said to correspond to the great scientific breakthroughs prior to the Industrial Revolution or the flourishing of the Renaissance period. The natural sciences advance.

This period can also experience a proliferation of intellectual chatter which leads to endless theorising, talking and pontificating as a veritable Babel of discussion erupts. Whilst this adds positively to human learning, meanwhile the credibility of the state and its supporting systems, erodes for lack of action. Civil dissension and division increases. Political factions become more and more polarised. Factional rivalry becomes more important that saving the nation that is collapsing all around. 

At the same time, pressure is put upon the civil structures of the day as other peoples are increasingly attracted to the wealth established in the Age of Affluence. As the diversity increases in a population so the original founding values become increasingly watered down as one civilisation seeks to absorb other incomers.

6. The Age of Decadence After a long period of wealth and power, Sir John established that all empires decline in this pattern.

“Frivolity, aestheticism, hedonism, cynicism, pessimism, narcissism, consumerism, materialism, nihilism, fatalism, fanatics and other negative behaviours and attitudes suffuse the population. Politics is increasingly corrupt, life increasingly unjust. A cabal of insiders accrues wealth and power at the expense of the citizens, fostering a fatal opposition of interests between haves and have-nots. The majority lives for bread and circuses (panem et circusem); they worship celebrities instead of divinities…. throw off social and moral restraints — especially sexuality; shirk duties but insist on entitlements.”

You’d better start teaching your children and grandchildren Chinese and/or Arabic unless some new biological weapon developed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology or else civil wars between us and the invading Religion of Peace hordes wipe them out.

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  • Loppoman

    We are in the middle of the collapse, David.
    I have lived through 2 generations and have witnessed the changes you write. The second period was definitely worse than the first and getting worse by the day.
    It’s your donald duck which part of the 250 years you are born into.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    When considering the collapse of societies, it’s worthwhile to consider what happened to Russia following the defeat of its own Afghanistan adventure.

    The outcome of their Afghan war contributed hugely to the final collapse of faith, of both the public and the leadership, in the Soviet Union’s own religion/ideology. The eloquent Western stooge Gorbachev was able to dissolve the Soviet terror apparatus almost without a fight. For which he appears to have been fairly well rewarded with a place on the lucrative international after-dinner speech circuit.

    The next Western stooge, the drunken idiot Boris Yeltsin, set out with the aid of US economic graduates to successfully and comprehensively sabotage the Russian economy, starve its military of funds, and create a new class of unbelievably wealthy oligarchs able to operate with impunity outside of any national laws. Russia abruptly ceased to be a Great Power, its workers weren’t paid, and its criminals flaunted their vast wealth by buying up Western property, newspapers, and football clubs. And the public antics of its inebriated leader rendered Russia an even bigger object of derision on the international stage than Dementia Joe has made the USA.

    Then, against all precedent, a reaction set in. Vladimir Putin, of diminutive stature but strong, almost puritanical character, highly intelligent and well-versed in Russia’s turbulent history, somehow came to the fore. A realist who had to take into account the existing power of the oligarchs, he nevertheless salvaged the Russian economy, built up financial reserves against future crises, and began the process of transforming the old Soviet-model military into a smaller, modern, professional force. One which has now been proved in action by its successful defence of Russia’s Syrian allies. Normal moral standards are still generally upheld in Russian society, and the vast majority of Russians remain fiercely patriotic. Russia has an Islamist problem of its own, but crucially it has not allowed itself to be flooded with millions of hostile third-world immigrants.

    Small wonder, then, that Soros and his Globalist allies in the EU are now frantically mounting a major campaign against Putin in the forthcoming Russian elections, on top of their efforts in Hungary and Poland. But one must hope that they will not, under any circumstances, be allowed to prevail.

    It seems therefore that the total collapse of a civilized society is not necessarily inevitable. But it would probably require further analysis by much more intelligent minds than mine, and access to much more comprehensive information than I have access to, to draw specific, usable lessons from the Russian experience.

  • david brown

    Jeffry Palmer above

    article- 30 After Communism Fell, Putin offers Alternative To Globalism. Thats Why Our Ruling Class Hates Him

    In Movies and TV action series its generally the rule that only white people can do anything bad. Such as the Russian Mafia. I used to wonder why they kept on having Russian bad guys.
    Not Muslims, who are not any race specific.

  • A Thorpe

    I wonder if we should welcome the collapse, if it is happening. It is obvious from the past that no Empire lasts very long, so we should expect collapse. The Roman Empire was advanced compared to others at the time, but it was based on slavery. The Roman Empire was created through conquests but the Venetian Empire was based on trade. Both collapsed, because the state effectively nationalised everything. In Rome under the Republic there was private land ownership, but under the Empire men had to fight and the farms decayed and were eventually bought by the rich. Stalin nationalised land, and when people do not retain the benefits of their efforts they do not work as hard, hence many in Russia starved. Venice was a successful trading city until the rich got greedy and controlled the trade by only allowing their favourites to have contracts, taking a huge cut for themselves, and preventing others from participating. Venice is still there as a museum but has lost its massive income and importance. It is far better that these dictatorships collapse, and they collapsed in the end because the money ran out.

    The same thing has been happening since WWII in Europe, America in recent years, and any other so called democracies. Democracy encourages people to believe the state will support them. The politicians encourage it because all they want is power and they use democracy to buy votes. Democracy is a slow route to poverty and loss of freedom. Even worse, democratic states have allowed China to take too much control of our assets and production of our goods. We have seen how fake climate alarmism has been used to control what we can do, and now we have the greatest loss of freedom through generating fear of a not very dangerous virus. Meanwhile, the state control of our lives has generated debt that cannot be paid.

    The sooner it collapses the better, because we cannot have a controlled return to normality. The politicians and rich elite will not allow it. MacKay said we go mad in herds and only recover our sanity one by one. I suspect we will only recover out sanity when we have lost everything we have.

  • Bad brian

    A great article and great comments.

    You chaps put the MSM to shame.

  • Empires always have a ruling class. If that class is undermined and degenerates, an Empire’s will to rule is fatally weakened and then keeps on becoming weaker.

    The Roman Empire was slowly killed off first by becoming cosmopolitan, which weakened its ruling class, the patricians. And then the coup de grâce was delivered by Christianity, which created a man-God who preached that blessed are the poor and the ill-constituted and evil are the rich and powerful who can sooner be threaded through the eye of a needle than attain Eternal Life in Heaven.

    Christianity would never have come about had St Paul not evangelised it across the Empire. His conversion on the road to Damascus was really the insight that creating a plebeian religion, a slave morality in which God became a man as the Son of God could be used to undermine the ruling class of the Empire to the point where it would fall and no longer be in control of the Jews.

    Over three centuries the slave trade that the Empire was built on declined. The slaves became Roman citizens. Rome became cosmopolitan – a hotchpotch people. The final blow arrived when the Emperor Constantine made Christianity the Empire’s official religion.

    Thereafter, all the way up to the Renaissance, the order of rank revived and was maintained until the mostly bent Christian priest class decided to make sex itself a sin. Instinctively they knew that by weakening sex they would bring about more of their kind. People strongly male and female gave rise to very few of their kind.

    The weak-minded flock started to seek out undersexed partners so as not to sin by having sex for pleasure. The strong-minded only ever played lip-service to religion. But slowly a class of physiologically exhausted people came about whose decadent instinct to undermine the order of rank was to preach equality. Everyone is equal so there is no ruling class or order of rank

    This is where we are now. Everything is in a race to the bottom in order to bring about equality, so the bottom cannot be prevented from being reached. The hyper-rich, who are very far from being wise or special people, keep on getting richer, more corrupt and more convinced that the rest of us are a waste of space and need to be done away with. The age of Covid-19 has arrived.

  • William Boreham

    Viktor Orban, the one European leader that CAN see the wood in spite of the trees.
    As seen in Auckland yesterday, we in the West are importing millions of fast breeding untermenschen that will accelerate our decline.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Species and sub-species of animals only breed with their own kind for what must be very good natural reasons.

    White rhinos only breed with white rhinos, not with the more numerous black rhinos, even though the white rhinos are all but extinct. One species of bird only breeds with its own species. Of the crows, rooks with other rooks, jackdaws with jackdaws, magpies with magpies, etc. They are potentially capable of interbreeding but don’t.

    If it were advantageous to interbreed, there would only be one species of every animal. A crow would be a crow, etc.

    But we are now being assailed with adverts of mixed-race couples (mainly black man and white woman, the least optimal combination, in my opinion). I have yet to come across a corner store or business run or owned by black people. There is no shortage of Asian-run corner stores and other businesses.

    Black people, who are three times less numerous than Asians in the UK, are almost at the same level as whites in adverts. Even GB News has three black female presenters but no Asian male or female presenters.

  • david brown

    THIS RELATES TO PREVIOUS ARTICLES -such as Victory in Afghanistan for China.

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