May 2024

What have the Afghans ever done for us?

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Does the news come from another planet?

I guess it’s something that comes with age – that one increasingly feels that what is reported in the supposed ‘news’ seems to come from another planet. Just a few examples:

Giving priority to Afghan animals?

Many media outlets have praised the supposed ‘hero’ who shipped out about 200 Afghan cats and dogs from Afghanistan to the UK. And Twitter and other such social sewers have been full of vicious attacks on anyone who dares suggest that the ‘hero’ was just a self-serving, attention-whore. What nobody has mentioned is that (I believe) over 20,000 cats and dogs are killed in the UK each year (I haven’t been able to find the exact figure) because nobody wants them. Even the well-known, well-funded Battersea Dogs Home slaughters around a quarter of the animals it receives.

So, what was the point of bringing another 200 strays by plane to the UK? Every one of those strays that is given a home in the UK means yet another UK stray which will be destroyed. Hasn’t this occurred to anyone?

Arming our enemies?

And here, in case you haven’t seen it, is the list of some of the $85bn of advanced US military equipment Uncle Joe Biden has handed over to the bearded crazies from the Taliban making the Taliban one of the most heavily armed militaries in the world:

This list is not complete as it doesn’t include all the helicopters and planes:

Thanks Joe. That will really make the West a safer place.

Our rulers tell us that we didn’t waste 20 years, 450+ lives and thousands of maimed in Afghanistan. Perhaps our enemies – the Taliban –  parading around in captured Western uniforms with the latest Western military equipment would agree?

Do we really owe anything to the Afghans?

Over the last few weeks we have been bombarded by the media and our worthless politicians with the message that we are somehow indebted to tens of thousands of Afghans. So we are shipping as many as we can from Stone Age Afghanistan to the UK. And, because many have large families, our taxes will be used to buy up or build thousands of large houses to home all these people.

Western governments have spent the last 20 years and over $1 trillion trying to turn Afghanistan into a modern country. We have built schools, hospitals, dams, power plants, roads and much much more. We’ve even tried to teach Afghans about diversity, gender fluidity, the importance of using the correct pronouns and catastrophic man-made climate change.

But instead of taking the chance of progress, the utterly corrupt Afghans just milked us stupid Westerners for all the money they could steal from us and, after thousands of Western lives have been lost and all this money has been spent, the Afghans were more than happy to throw all the progress made away and hand over their country to a bunch of medieval savages.

Yes, some Afghans did work for the Western military, NGOs and charities. But that was a straightforward business arrangement whereby they got well-paid jobs that weren’t otherwise available. But quite why that should give them the ‘right’ to come to the West with their huge families is not obvious.

If anybody owes anything to anyone, surely it is the Afghans who owe us for the sacrifices we have made trying to take them from the Stone Age to being a modern democratic, educated state? Our media and politicians tell us we have ‘betrayed the Afghans’. As far as I can see, the Afghans have betrayed us.

Moreover (see article/video below) our PM will “move heaven and earth” to find even more Afghans from Afghanistan and from refugee camps outside Afghanistan in order to bring them to Britain.

These tens of thousands of Afghans are in addition to the thousands of illegal immigrants Priti Useless Patel’s Border Farce ferry service will pick up from French beaches to bring to Britain.

And not only must we now take tens of thousands of these Afghans into the UK and provide a free ferry service for illegals to come from France to Britain, but our rulers now tell us we must hand over billions in foreign aid to Afghanistan’s new rulers – our enemies the Taliban – so that we pay to feed, house and clothe Afghans while the exulting Chinese strip Afghanistan of its vast mineral resources.

Have we gone mad?


5 comments to What have the Afghans ever done for us?

  • William Boreham

    A lot of these translators and collaborators with the US and UK armed forces in Afghanistan must be the absolute dregs of their society. Every section and squad that did searches in villages for contraband or for wanted men must have had a couple of Afghans tagging along who were translating what the sergeant or LT was saying to the terrified villagers as they smashed up their furniture and tore up their possessions. Think for a moment about what sort of man in an English village would have accompanied Nazi troops in an occupation of the UK like that? Imagine the reactions of the locals to these ‘traitors’ when the war was over? The US/UK is discussing bringing back literal traitors, even if they may ‘act’ sincerely pro American or British or what have you, they will have fully searched through neighbours houses looking for evidence, looking for weapons among people who’d have seen themselves as patriots, not the creatures helping the foreign invaders. What are we bringing back here? What really went on in these missions? What did these translators really do? Wouldn’t they repeat such self serving beggarthyneigbour stuff in the west and of course, it will mean thousands more joining the Islamic fifth column in this country.

    Meanwhile, where are this lot gong to end up? – thought the borders were closed:

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Historically, when societies collapse, they tend to do so for similar reasons. The population become soft, and distracted by ‘Bread and Circuses’; the leaders feckless, corrupt and degenerate, fiddling (often with each other) while Rome burns.

    The Afghan situation and the ensuing migration catastrophe merely reflects this historical truth. A stronger, more determined, braver, more ruthless, more masculine ideology and mind-set triumphs over sophisticated but now fundamentally weak opponents who believe in nothing except the vague mantra of ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’ – the exact opposite of what the (literally) barbaric Taliban passionately believe in.

    Nobody ever decided to fight to the death for ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’; no dying soldier ever wrapped a rainbow flag around his waist to prevent it falling into the hands of the enemy.

    Western governments now believe that ‘Over-The-Horizon’ drone technology will keep them secure. As if having operatives sitting in perfect safety in an office remotely killing individuals thousands of miles away is the way to achieve respect from your enemies. Instead of contempt for your utter cowardice.

  • A Thorpe

    Definitely the news seems to be from another planet but from a lunatic asylum on another planet. Boris seemed to be holding back a smile in the video, knowing that he was shafting us again. What does Boris think the Taliban will do if they cooperate to get the IMF money? They will never change. Boris speaks in riddles – what does moving heaven and earth mean – only one thing which is they have no plan. Where is all the money and the homes going to come from to provide the immigrants with the same standard of living we enjoy? Our standards will fall to theirs as the money runs out and the debt burden has to be paid, or inflation allowed to let rip. A friend of mine recently fell down the stairs and broke some bones. They could not get paramedics or an ambulance and had to drive him 21 miles to the nearest hospital. Welcome to third world health services.

    William is right. Some have chosen to help the west only because they thought they would be on the winning side and when it all goes wrong they want to leave their own country.

    Jeffrey refers to the collapse of societies. I recently encountered the expression Extractive intuitions and policies. They are essentially societies that encourage state dependency, as the Romans did even in the Republic and especially in the Empire. In my view, socialism is the word to describe it and Blair was a master at increasing state dependency of British citizens and bringing in immigrants. Blair’s policies continued under the utter useless Conservatives. Immigrants add to the number state dependents and vast amounts of money must be extracted from us to support them. The main factor with extractive economies is that eventually nobody bothers to make any effort because it is not worth the bother, this is how the decline starts. It is why the Pilgrim Fathers failed initially, why Stalin’s policies starved many people to death, and it will be why the influence of the west will fall. Obama was another Blair and he started the decline in the USA and of course this is what the EU has been doing from its foundation as the European Coal and Steel Community.

  • Stillreading

    Jeffrey Palmer is correct. Thorpe has said much the same in past responses as, indeed, have I. Western development has now reached a stage where intellectual and physical rigour is subsumed by mental and physical self-indulgence and feebleness, with consequent abnegation of pride in worthwhile personal or collective achievement, most such being now tending to be viewed as “selfish”, “arrogant” or “bigoted”. My children, all now in their early to mid-50s, share this view, whereas my grandchildren evidently do not. Much as they love their parents and grandparents, they regard us as being as narrow-minded, intolerant and unenlightened because we do not subscribe to the “woke” view. Well, sad as it is, if they attain their Biblical three score years and ten, they will inevitably come to look back on the first 20 or so years of their lives, in a war-free, democratically-governed nation, where the fundamental rights to freedom of speech, action and religious practice were taken for granted, as a vanished golden age which they failed to value or defend against imminent threat. You don’t know what you’ve lost ’til it’s gone” as the song says.

  • Below is a link to a video by Max Igan from Australia. He is an excellent source of information about what is going on in Australia.

    His podcasts are on TheCrowhouse on BitChute.

    The video starts with an ex-world martial arts champion from Romania and then Max Igan begins his talk.

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