April 2024

A big big week for the climate catastrophists

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Prepare for the climate Armageddon propaganda blitzkrieg

This week is going to be a big big week for the crazed climate catastrophists and their doomsday cult. Today, the climate catastrophist IPCC (Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change) will issue its latest death and disaster report. The IPCC will, as usual, predict more floods, more wildfires, more deadly storms, more record hot spells, more melting polar ice caps, more ………… And on our TVs we’ll see seemingly endless streams of supposed ‘experts’ ranting that the “evidence of climate change is all around us” and “this is our last chance to save the planet” and “we have to act now”. 

Basically, just more hyperbolic versions of the same garbage we’ve been force fed for the last 30 to 40 years.

The UK-hating, freedom-loathing, pleb-despising BBC and C4 News have already moved their cameras from Britain’s hospital ICU wards to the forests of Greece and Turkey for their next round of hysterical ‘we’re all going to die because of global warming’ reporting. And we’ll be harangued that we plebs must travel less, eat less meat, take fewer holidays, drive fewer miles, own fewer cars, stop heating our homes and so on and so forth in order to stop the total destruction of the Earth. Meanwhile, our rulers swan around the world in their private jets occasionally stopping off to lecture us about the need for us to limit our lifestyles.

The news the BBC and C4 News won’t be reporting

So, here are a few bits of news the BBC and C4 News and Sky News (UK) and the Times and the Telegraph and the Guardian and the rest of the mainstream media won’t be reporting.

1. Austria has just had its first snowfall of the winter – in the middle of summer – in at least 21 ski resorts

2. Brazil has experienced rare heavy snowfall since Thursday, threatening crops and bewildering locals who don’t usually see snow. More than 40 cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul had icy conditions and at least 33 municipalities had snow, reported the meteorology company Somar Meteorologia.

3. Brazil – coffee prices will probably rise around the world as much of Brazil’s coffee crop has been damaged by the cold in the worst winter Brazil has experienced since the late 1950s

4. France – the French wine harvest will be at least 30% below average this year due to the record cold and wet weather:

5. USA – We have heard a lot about the record high temperatures and wildfires in the western part of the USA due to the ‘heat dome’. But I don’t remember the BBC and C4 News ever mentioning that on the East Coast of the USA, April and May were the coldest for over 100 years.

6. USA – Readers will know that former president and climate-change-bedwetter Barack Obama is currently holding a huge, face-mask-free birthday party reportedly for hundreds of his celeb friends at his luxury $11m+ beachfront estate on the wealthy Martha’s Vineyard. Let’s hope melting ice caps and sea-level rise don’t spoil his party.

7. Africa – record cold weather in Sub-Saharan Africa has damaged many crops and impoverished many farmers

8. Greenland – The amount of ice on Greenland (the blue line on the chart below) is well above average:

Not much global warming in any of the above examples.

Heads we win, tails you lose

In Britain we saw the climate catastrophists playing their usual game of ‘heads we win, tails you lose’. When we had a few hot days a couple of weeks ago, the climate catastrophists were all bleating and moaning that this was definite proof of man-made climate change and that we’d definitely have ever more scorching summers in the future. And we were assured that having a staycation on Britain’s sun-kissed beaches would be just as wonderful as going to Spain or Portugal or anywhere else on the Med. Since those few warm days, we’ve had nothing but miserable wind and rain. But, of course, that’s just weather, not climate.

According to the climate catastrophists ‘heads we win, tails you lose’ game, when it’s hot or there are floods, that’s climate change. When it’s damp, cold and miserable, that’s just weather which has nothing to do with climate.

Sky News Australia – save us from this madness

And here’s Sky News Australia daring to question the hyperventilating garbage being spewed out by the West-hating, lying climate catastrophists at the BBC and C4 News and Sky News (UK):

9 comments to A big big week for the climate catastrophists

  • twi5ted

    Yes its bollocks of course but like covid as long as you control the narrative it does not matter. Just ride it and the vast majority will believe it.

    This only changes when it impacts on real life. With climate bollocks the boiler changes and noddy cars suddenly the risks are too close and being challenged. The GWPF won their case to force government to publish their cost analysis last week.

    Covid is going to fall on freedom to travel. The vast majority of brits got the vaccination to go on holiday and now the ever moving goal posts have been noticed.

    The experts are now forever unreliable. Its enough to cast doubt on any expert opinion or forecasts. We don’t need to challenge them or argue just point to the failure with covid. Global warming BS hides similar levels of corruption and incompetence I am sure.

  • Loppoman

    The same s**t all over the tv and radio.
    All these media outlets can no longer tell the truth or engage in non-biased discussion.
    We have to wait for the sheep to finally realize that they’re being conned.

  • A Thorpe

    I have not paid much attention to the IPCC for a long time, mainly because there is too much information. However, from comments made by others I have the impression that the IPCC is not given to the wild predictions we have elsewhere.

    The NASA GISS, NAOA and many academics are the guilty parties in my view, plus of course the media that promotes their nonsense. However, what would any of them achieve if the governments did not accept it and act on it, with the co-operation of big business which is making billions from it all.

    Not reporting events is just as effective as exaggerating events and unlike twi5ted I think it is important to continually challenge the experts, but the problem is getting the media to change, and importantly what is taught in schools. It might be that the price increases mentioned here will be the biggest driver of change.

    Montecito is about 180 feet above sea level, so Al Gore is safe from flooding there. However, will there be any wildfires in Montecito? I doubt it, they will have arranged established management measures to ensure that they are protected. However, it is astonishing that people believe higher temperatures can start fires. Fires can only start by lightning strikes or by our actions either deliberate or accidental. Paper only ignites at Fahrenheit 451. The higher temperatures dry out dead growth, so it contributes in that way when there is poor fire protection management, but it does not start fires.

    I read that Sky News Australia had been banned by YouTube for a week for some unacceptable view.

  • Stillreading

    Two statements by R4 reporters, one just a few moments ago!
    First, at the weekend, re. the Greek fires, “these are the worst fire for more than 30 years”. Implication, there’s nothing new in these fires, they occur from time to time.
    Second, a few moments ago, it’s many years since Greece had fires this bad”, or words to this effect. Can’t they see the irony of their comments, and how as soon as the open their mouths they deny the reality of “anthropogenic climate change”? On a tour more than 20 years ago down the Great Ocean Road in Australia I learned how bush fires occur at intervals of round about 11 years, of such severity that when they roll down a hill to a beach, sand is transformed to glass. It’s nature! It happens! It’s how growth clears debris and regenerates. The R4 reporter, evidently totally unaware of the fact that she demolished her argument as soon as she spoke, said that in Greece (Evia) the reason the fires this time had been so extensive, was that “the Government had been slow to respond with fire-fighting equipment”.

  • Loppoman

    Just watched Portillo doing his Australian railway journeys. At one point he’s quoting from Bradshaw’s guide that “the heat was intensive”. Now, when was that? About 1900.

  • Hardcastle

    I flew into Melbourne at the height of the fires in 2008.The “environmentalists were blaming it on global warming back then.Old hands and the aborigines,who know a thing or two about the Australian environment,were blaming the” academic” environmentalists for not clearing debris from the forest floor or allowing fire breaks to be constructed.I visited the Melbourne Art Gallery to escape the 40 degree heat.One of the most famous paintings is a view down a river valley.The information states that this was painted by Sir Arthur Streeton in 18?? In temperatures of 42 degrees plus! Did we laugh! Too many urban incomers from Europe,clueless about the realities of the Australian climate/environment.They have watched neighbours,so that is all you need to know.

  • Brenda Blessed

    There was a large protest outside the BBC’s old HQ in London yesterday about the vaccination of children. The BBC did not report it. I channel-hopped but could only see a report about it on RT this morning.

    There is climate change – worldwide political climate change – that has been brewing ominously since the Second World War.

    Egalitarian cultural Marxists are now set up to choreograph the nihilistic mess we are witnessing taking place across the globe. Nothing about it gives off even a whiff of truth, yet on it goes.

    Only the psychopaths involved could pass a lie-detector test. Lie detectors work because we are hard-wired to tell the truth. We all lie when it suits us, but it is in our blood to be truthful. In short, our whole world in now possessed by falsifying nihilistic demons, just as Russia, China, Germany and Japan were.

    It was all over within a single human lifespan last time. The question now is: how long will the evil possession last this time?

  • The idea is to make everything as confusing and illogical as possible so that you lose your bearings with regard to truth and reality.

    Such as the Education Secretary announcing that students deserve their A and A* grades at A Level, which nearly half of them have been given for the first time in history, because of what they have suffered over the last A Level period. To me that sounds completely nuts, but clearly not to the halfwits depicted jumping up and down with joy in the mainstream media.

    SAGE is full of behavioural psychologists for an essential reason – to develop that highly vulnerable state of mind in the population

    As George Orwell so skilfully expressed, once you can persuade people, through fear, to believe things that are patently not true, you have won.

    As Winston says in Nineteen Eighty-Four: “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it.”

    How an Entire Population Falls into Mass Psychosis – 3min Vid –

    There is a longer version of that video linked to on that page.

  • Hardcastle

    The behavioural scientists who have so successfully terrified large numbers of our population deserve to experience a little fear themselves one feels.Sauce for the goose.

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