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Are Britain’s police still the envy of the world?

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Sorry, we’re too busy

If you tried ringing the police to report that your house was burgled or your car stolen, it’s unlikely they’ll bother to send someone round to investigate. The police will probably claim they’re far too busy investigating other crimes. So, here are three recent examples of the types of crime which apparently keep our plods so incredibly busy:

The great banana attack

Mr D’arcy-Smith previously told the BBC that the incident left him feeling “upset, shocked and scared” and reported it to the Metropolitan Police. He also added that staff at the pub did not treat the incident seriously enough.

Detective Inspector Stuart Hart, head of the Safeguarding Team, said the case “required a painstaking investigation”. He added in a statement: “Hate crimes are a priority for the Met and we take all allegations very seriously.”

Really? Did someone sending a banana to someone else in a pub really require “a painstaking investigation”?

As for supposed ‘hate crimes’ being a “priority for the Met”, perhaps the useless Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick’s coppers weren’t aware that 3,183 people (more than 25 a day!!!!) were stabbed on their patch just in the first four months of this year when many people were meant to be in lockdown?

A vast international investigation?

Police have arrested 11 people as they continue a hate crimes investigation into social media messages sent after the Euro 2020 final. The UK Football Policing Unit received 600 reports of racist comments sent to England’s black players after the defeat and judged 207 to be criminal.

Of these, 123 were posted by people overseas, while 34 came from the UK. Police said people who think they can hide behind social media accounts “need to think again”.

A wave of racist social media abuse was aimed at Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka after they missed penalties in the shoot-out at the Euro 2020 final last month. It led to condemnations by the Football Association, England manager Gareth Southgate and the prime minister.

Chief Constable Mark Roberts, National Police Chiefs’ Council Football Policing lead, said the investigation was proceeding “at pace” and said a vast amount of work” went into identifying the 11 people arrested so far.

A terrifying “hate crime”?

A transgender priest has reported an evangelical Christian to police for hate speech over comments he made in a video responding to the Church of England’s Living in Love and Faith process.

Rev Alex Clare-Young, who transitioned from female to male and is married to a woman, Jo, are ministers in the United Reformed Church.

The promo video for Living in Love and Faith (LLF) opens with Clare-Young accompanied by Jo speaking about being a transgender priest. “I do expect people to respect me but I don’t expect people to know what to do with me.  Some people might never have met a trans person before,” Clare-Young says.

Ben John of the Wilberforce Academy challenged the Church of England’s decision to open the LLF video with a trans priest, and called transgenderism a “false ideology”. “In reality if transgenderism is a false ideology, which it is, then what we’re actually seeing here is a lesbian couple,” he said. “This man isn’t really a man. She’s a woman. So whilst the Church of England might say yes we haven’t changed the doctrine of marriage, they have changed the practice. Not only that, they were both clergy. These weren’t lay people. These were leaders in the church. Should we be ordaining transgender people? Is this the message we want to be sending?

A police spokesman confirmed that the complaint is being investigated as a hate crime”.

So now you know?

So, now you know why our wonderful police are always so busy that they can’t do anything when you’re a victim of what some more old-fashioned, non-woke readers might consider to be a real crime.

6 comments to Are Britain’s police still the envy of the world?

  • twi5ted

    Scary times but police, like a lot of public sector, are demoralized by decades of blairism and no doubt happy to be safely off the streets bullying the middle classes and enjoying every moment of it.

  • A Thorpe

    Look at many of the state provided services. Health, education, teaching, and police stand out as poor standards of services, increasing costs and staff who are more dissatisfied with their jobs compared to other sectors. I saw a graph recently for the USA claiming these services have increased by as much as 200% in the last 20, health at the top of the list, obviously as a result of Obamacare. In comparison private companies have kept costs below inflation and electronic goods have fallen by up to 40%. It might not be a fair comparison because the private sector items can all benefit from automation, but state enterprises tend to depend on manpower.

    However, it is clear to me that governments are the cause of all our problems. Today it is announced that energy costs will increase by about £140 a year. This could be avoided by reducing the charges to support renewable energy and net zero policies. All complete nonsense since CO2 does not control the climate. In the energy sector we have an example of privatisation which reduced the costs. Now the government exercises more control of the energy sector than it did under nationalisation because it uses regulations to control the industry.

  • david brown

    So called renewable energy Borris and his pals are for this as its probably easier for their mates to skim off money from it then existing energy suppliers, with established costs.

  • Brenda Blessed

    For at least the last six decades, the “liberal” globalists have been doing their utmost to render all of the West’s institutions as unfit for purpose as possible via their parliaments (the Congress in the USA) which have been filled up with rubber stamps.

    Boris told us himself what one of the major strategies is. He told world leaders that he wants to build back from the “Covid crisis” in “a more gender-neutral and perhaps more feminine way,” in his opening speech at the G7 summit.

    The EU, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all working at achieving that aim – equality of outcomes, not of opportunities – with gusto, becoming increasingly unfit for purpose as they proceed.

    The family and the education system have purposefully undermined and dumbed down in order to facilitate that aim. Even the crucial STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) subjects have had to be made easier to gain qualifications in because they tend to be off-putting to certain sectors of a population due to their difficulty compared to the arts and other soft subjects.

    New names for the scientific units of measurement, named after their discoverers or significant developers, are wanted because ALL of them are named after white men. – Tesla, newton, Celsius, ohm, ampere, kelvin, etc. And mathematics itself has even been called racist just because black people do not tend to excel at it.

    Moreover, notice how the female winners of medals at the current Olympics are hailed as strong women and good role models, even when they have fallen apart mentally, while the male medal winners are not described as such, quite as if boys don’t require role models or any kind of encouragement.

    List of scientific units named after people [men]-

  • Loppoman

    I hope I never need to call on their resources. Maybe BLM are right. Disband them – they will not be missed.

  • Hardcastle

    Who creates the wealth to support the ever growing public sector? There are insufficient wealth creating activities to support a fraction of it,hence the borrowing and debt.We are effectively bankrupt and our so called elite are only too aware.That is what all this is about,covid and climate change.It is about the control which is needed for their financial reset.The very so called elite who have created this disaster,think they are the people to solve it.They are the last people we need.Talking nicely and expecting to vote them out is an illusion,only massive social disobedience and probably some violence might cut it,but the sheep seem to be blindly following.Just read a book about the rise of Hitler and Fascism,leading to war and genocide.Many parallels to what is developing hear,now!

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