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Why won’t any journalists question the climate catastrophists’ nonsense?

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Are there any real journalists out there?

It seems that all our mainstream media has now swallowed the climate catastrophist nonsense hook, line and sinker. The formerly serious Times and Sunday Times churn out article after article about the need to supposedly ‘fight’ supposed ‘climate change’. And now even the once sensibly conservative Daily Telegraph has succumbed to the climate change doomsday cult.

I have tried, in my own pathetically-limited way, to push back against this crazed modern-day mass delusion by writing my recent book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS. And I sent copies of my book to quite a few journalists who (I thought) would have the intelligence and courage to confront the climate catastrophe madness. Here is a list of those journalists:

Nigel Farage – GB News

Dan Wootton – GB News and Daily Mail

Richard Littlejohn – Daily Mail

Ross Clark – Daily Telegraph

Allister Heath – Daily Telegraph

Charles Moore – Daily Telegraph

Daniel Hannan – Daily Telegraph

Julia Hartley-Brewer – Talk Radio

Mike Graham – Talk Radio

Peter Hitchens – Daily Mail

Amanda Platell – Daily Mail

Rod Liddle – Spectator and Sunday Times

Dominic Lawson – Sunday Times

Fraser Nelson – Spectator

Iain Dale – LBC Radio

Melanie Phillips – The Times

Trevor Kavanagh – The Sun

Leo McKinstry – Daily Express

Commendably, Ross Clark has dared write an excellent climate change satire – THE DENIAL. But I haven’t seen any articles from him actually questioning the whole climate catastrophist mantra. As for the rest of these supposed ‘journalists’ – not a peep against the climate cultists.

I suppose there are four possible explanations why not a single one of these ‘journalists’, apart from Ross Clark’s book, has spoken out clearly against the climate catastrophist doomsday cult in spite of receiving a copy of THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS:

  1. My book is absolute garbage and has deservedly been chucked in these journalists’ bins
  2. The publications they work for have all decided that their editorial position is that man-made climate change is a real disaster threatening to exterminate mankind because the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen from three molecules in 10,000 to a ‘massive’ four molecules in 10,000 in 150 years
  3. None of the journalists have the courage to stand up to the climate cultist Twitter lynch mobs
  4. The editors know that the climate catastrophist nonsense is nonsense. But they have agreed with Downing Street to avoid the subject in order to big up Boris’s role in making Britain a supposed ‘leader in fighting climate change’ ahead of the November Glasgow Cop26 big climate conference. After that, the editors will probably all get gongs or knighthoods or seats in the Lords as a reward for their grovelling support of Boris’s (and Carrie’s?) climate grandstanding

I was particularly disappointed that neither the supposedly ‘anti-woke’ GB News nor the usually anti-woke Talk Radio picked up on the story.

I’ll leave it to readers to speculate on the reason why none of the 18 journalists, who received a copy of THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, have put their heads above the parapet and questioned the climate catastrophist rubbish being churned out day after day by all the mainstream media including the media which pay these journalists’ probably generous salaries.

Meanwhile in Australia

On a completely different subject, here’s a short video from Australia.

In my previous blog, I featured a video from the Merseyside Police which looked like a parody, but sadly wasn’t. In contrast, this Australian video looks like an official announcement, but is a real parody.



4 comments to Why won’t any journalists question the climate catastrophists’ nonsense?

  • Loppoman

    I suspect they’ve told to “shut it”. It’s a taboo subject for their editors ahead of the COP26.
    This morning, JHB was talking to some Labour MP on the subject but I missed most of the interview.
    Just keep at it David. Maybe after COP26 (which will of course achieve absolutely nothing except add more carbon) the subject will come up front for discussion.

  • A Thorpe

    More importantly, why are scientists lying about it, and why is incorrect science being taught in schools and universities? Why is the concept accepted so readily? The Royal Society 2020 Christmas Lecture showed yet another tube and candle outside the tube experiment and it claimed the temperature of the candle flame changed with different gases in the tube. Usually, it is about the gas trapping heat, but this time they said the temperature of the candle flame changed and they get away with it.

    Why do people think heat can somehow be trapped high in the atmosphere and at the same time cause heating of the surface? If heat can be trapped, all we have to do is bring a room to a desired temperature and turn off the boiler. There is no common sense to these arguments, and they are not supported by the laws of thermodynamics. It is equivalent to thinking that the car engine can be turned off at 30mph and it will just keep at that speed.

    Humanity has a major failing in my view, and it is apparent throughout history. There are a number of brilliant minds and the rest of us have some skills in learning from them. But there is an overriding issue of not being able to face reality and expecting to be able to control everything to eliminate uncertainty. We created the idea of a God who could control everything so that we could blame him/her/them for problems when we sinned. Now we think we are gods and have the power to change the climate, ignoring scientific knowledge. This makes today the worst period in human history since in the past we did not have all the knowledge we have today. The worst of it is that the knowledge we need is not that difficult to apply. Belief in nonsense when we think we need saving from ourselves is a more powerful than reality.

    I go back to Einstein who said three forces control us – stupidity, fear, and greed. I don’t know the context or whether he included himself, but not one of the forces is a positive and when all apply as they do in the case of climate change and the pandemic, no good can come from it. Einstein also said two things are infinite – human stupidity and the universe but he wasn’t sure about the latter.

    There is nothing to be done. Like all other crazy periods of history, it will have to work its way out of us when the reality hits us hard.

  • In my opinion, the powers that be, whose operatives came into power through the door labelled Equality in the West, are pysiologically-exhausted, nihilistic, narcissistic, liberal decadents whose unconscious aim is to get rid of themselves and take the rest of us with them.

    They are much like a pilot suffering from clinical depression, who crashes the fully-loaded passenger aircraft that he is flying into a mountain in order to commit suicide.

    These narcissistic people find collective ways of projecting their own deeply sick mental state of mind on to everything except themselves, resulting in nothing but the values that pass FALSE judgement on everything.

    That is the only real world-threatening disease. Everything is to blame for their sick self-destructive state of mind except them.

    According to Nietzsche, this is fate in action and will produce a tragic period that he called the Great Noontide in human affairs that will bring about the necessary revaluation of all values.

  • Ross Clark


    you’ve included me on a list of people whom you say you sent your book, but I have never received a copy

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