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Sunday Times spewing out climate catastrophist nonsense

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Sincere apologies – it’s climate change yet again and again

I wanted to write about something different. But then I read the Sunday Times yesterday. It seems the formerly serious Sunday Times has swallowed the catastrophic anthropogenic climate change nonsense hook, line and sinker.

Here’s the headline of one of the Sunday Times’s main articles this Sunday:

How hot could Britain get? Prepare for temperatures of 40C

And here’s some text from the article

In a decade heatwaves will be hotter and more frequent, and scientists warn they could have devastating effects. Britain could experience its first 40C day within ten years as intense heatwaves become more frequent, scientists have warned.

If carbon emissions continue to rise and global warming is not curbed the UK will cross the 40C threshold more and more often, modelling suggests. Under the worst projections, by the end of the century this temperature would be reached every three years.

I mention the Sunday Times article as it seems remarkably similar to a U.S. newspaper from 1988 that I feature in my latest book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS:

Oh, look, the headline is almost the same. Moreover, like the Sunday Times article, the U.S. one from 1988 takes just one hot summer and uses that to ‘predict’ that future summers will be even hotter:

Last summer was a preview of the average summer 10 years from now, and the hottest summers during the ’90s will be even hotter and drier than the one we just struggled through.

Furthermore, like the Sunday Times article, the U.S. one from 33 years ago warns that we need to stop releasing so much CO2 into the atmosphere:

If we do nothing to cut down on pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, temperatures in 2050 will be 6 to 7 degrees higher than they are today.

Please also note that neither of the climate alarmist predictions made in the 1988 U.S. article – temperatures rising 6 to 7 degrees and sea levels rising 1 to 6 feet – actually happened. In fact, at most sea levels are rising by 7 cm every 100 years as one would expect in the middle of an interglacial.

Then in today’s (Monday’s) Times, the leader article was titled “The road to net zero will be rocky but worth it”.

Even more climate catastrophist rubbish from the once respected Times.

Hottest bollox

One of the ways the climate catastrophists use to terrify us into giving up our freedoms is to constantly claim that we are experiencing the ‘hottest ever’ temperatures. Here’s what the Sunday Times claims: The highest temperature seen in the UK so far was 38.7C, recorded in July 2019 in Cambridge.

But what the Sunday Times doesn’t mention is that Cambridge is one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK due to the large number of technology industries linked to the university:

The population of Cambridge has shot up from around 370,000 in 2002 to over 430,000 now. And, the larger a city or town, the greater the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect. So, it’s hardly surprising that a thermometer in a secluded garden in the centre of growing Cambridge hedged in by air-conditioned buildings spewing out heat and increasing exhaust fumes from much more traffic could reach the supposedly hottest temperature ever for the UK.

The ‘hottest ever’ temperature for Scotland was found to have been produced by an ice cream van parked in an already heat-reflecting car park next to a temperature-measuring station.

Moreover, here’s a photo of a UK (Hertfordshire) reservoir from a real heatwave – the heatwave of 1934:

That looks an awful lot hotter than the brief few days of decent weather we had last week which have got the Sunday Times journalist’s knickers in such a twist.

It’s cold down south

And finally, what none of the UK mainstream media dare mention is that the Southern Hemisphere is having one of its coldest winters for over 50 years. Temperatures in Australia have hit record lows and the Australian ski season has started early; crops in Africa and Brazil (coffee) have been ruined by the cold and the Antarctic is on course to add another 82 billion tons of ice and snow this year. In the Antarctic, the U.S. have now lost two research stations under the increasing levels of ice and snow and have recently built their latest Antarctic research station on hydraulic stilts so it can be raised every year to cope with the rising ice and snow levels.

To mention the record cold in the Southern Hemisphere and increasing ice and snow in the Antarctic would blow a massive hole in the climate ‘over-heating Earth’ catastrophist propaganda vomited out by the BBC, C4 News and now the climate catastrophist Sunday Times:

6 comments to Sunday Times spewing out climate catastrophist nonsense

  • Loppoman

    Yes, I too read that in the ST yesterday and thought the report was very alarmist and followed the accepted narrative. The ST is usually a good read but now and again they come out with this rubbish. I keep threatening to stop buying it but need to find an alternative. Aren’t they really all the same?

  • Hardcastle

    The decline of what we’re once considered to be quality newspapers in such a relatively short time is amazing and disturbing.Whatever ones politics,the Telegraph,Times,Observer and even Guardian could be relied upon to provide some serious reading,discussion,argument and analysis.I have stopped buying any of them,although I occasionally buy just for a rossword/codeword.They are just not worth the money.Full of superficial, celebrity this and luxury that,infantile level of writing.There are the exceptions of course,but insufficient to warrant the expense.Their performance with regard to covid and climate is a disgrace.Lacking in intelligent,informed debate,hysterical in presentation and clearly following a political agenda which is consistent across the developed world.They insult us with the “conspiracy theory” taunt,but to the intelligent it’s pretty obvious what is going on.They are actually telling us for God’s same.Media is a powerful tool and they are in control of most of it.Only the Internet allows contact with alternative viewpoints and they are rapidly working on that.Nice words will not fix this,only violent action will possibly halt this evil.I do not see this happening in the UK.

  • bad Brian

    But, but, but,,,,Mr Hardcastle,,,,If we take violent action and smash up the printing presses, how are we going to know what Prince Harry is up to, or if Prince Andrew feels neglected as he no longer gets invited to Pedo Island, and how the Queen is able to prepare a banquet for over sixty people only using stale bread and a bag of Tesco’s own brand oven chips ?

  • A Thorpe

    This is nothing new for The Times. I gave up reading it years ago because of insulting comments from one particular reader when I made comments about climate articles. I complained to the paper about this person not complying with the terms and they did nothing, so I stopped my subscription.

    There is nothing in the extracts to say why they have come to this conclusion, but it does seem to be a trend with newspapers.

    I watched two videos this weekend. One from 2015, a lecture by Patrick Moore (ex Greenpeace) at the GWPF emphasising that CO2 had never controlled the climate in the past. The second was a recent presentation by Roy Spencer for the Friends of Science Society. He has worked on the climate for 30 years and says he thinks CO2 has some influence but doesn’t know how much, making him worse than useless in my view, but he is opposed to the alarmist policies, so he is not all bad. He claimed that all the climate models are based on there being no natural climate variability. They assume that our CO2 release changes temperatures and that is what they prove. I’ve also seen modellers deny this, so who do we believe?

    I think climate alarmism has turned into a cult and there is no possibility of influencing its followers. It started in the environmental movements, spread into universities and schools and has been adopted by many governments. Only climate change to a long cold spell will end this nonsense and nobody knows when that will happen.

  • Ian J

    More support for normality – this article from zerohedge:

    I wonder how the climate alarmists will try to hide or spin this!

  • A Thorpe

    If anybody is interested Willie Soon and others published a paper in March about the solar activity. There is a link to it at However, is contains some advanced maths.

    Better still look at this website:
    It contains an interview with Willie Soon and he makes the same point I make, which every engineer knows. In order to change the temperature of any system the thermal energy into or out of the system must change. Willie only mentions the energy in, which is from the sun and the negligible amount from the earth’s internal energy. The climate alarmists claim that the energy from the sun and the energy leaving the earth are the same and do not change. This is the only way they can create the fake greenhouse effect. Willie does not mention gravity which causes a higher surface temperature due to compression of the atmosphere, but it needs the heat from the sun.

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