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A flood of lies – as usual

Friday/weekend blog

Sorry – it’s climate change yet again today

Here’s the start of an article in Thursday’s (yesterday’s) Daily Telegraph:

Gushing water turned streets into rivers in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, with levels so high that cars were floating at the same height as traffic lights. People waded through, looking for their children and belongings, with many displaced as homes were destroyed from severe flooding, caused this week by the heaviest rain “in a millennium”.

Such freak weather occurrences are increasing globally due to climate change. And the world is in store for even more intense storms in the coming years. As the atmosphere warms, it also holds more moisture – so when the clouds break, more rain gets dumped.

Phew – that really sounds pretty frightening!

And on some news channel, an excited presenter claimed that the current Chinese floods, which have killed about 58 people, are “the worst in human memory”.

But while claiming the current China rainfall and floods are the heaviest rain “in a millennium” and “the worst in human memory” the supposed ‘journalists’ seem to have forgotten about these:

  • 1887 Yellow River flood killing between 900,000 and 2,000,000
  • 1911 Yangtse River flood killing about 100,000
  • 1931 great floods in China killing between 500,000 and 4,000,000
  • 1935 Yangtse River flood killing about 145,000
  • 1938 Yellow River flood killing between 500,000 to 800,000
  • 1954 Yangtse River flood killing about 30,000

So many people have died in Yellow River floods that it’s known as China’s ‘River of Sorrow’.

Of course, it is theoretically possible that there has been more rain in the current floods, which have killed about 58 people, than in previous floods, which have killed hundreds of thousands, as buildings may be better now and flood prevention improved since earlier flood disasters.

On the other hand, during previous flood disasters, the population of China was around a few hundred million. Now it is over 1.4 billion:

So there are a lot more people living in flood-affected areas than previously. This suggests that claims that the current China rainfall and floods are the heaviest rain “in a millennium” and “the worst in human memory” are not justified by the facts and are thus deliberate lies aimed at supporting the man-made climate change propaganda.

The post-truth society

In my previous blog, I showed (hopefully conclusively) that the claims of the current US wildfires being the worst ever recorded were deliberate lies. In the last few years, about ten million acres of US forests have burned each year compared to around 20 million a year in the late 1930s and up to 50 million acres a year in the scorching 1920s and early 1930s:

Yet supposed ‘journalists’ brazenly claim that the current 10 million acres a year are new records. We expect all media to have a political bias. For example, we expect newspapers like the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail to characterise the recent protests in Cuba as brave heroes standing up to a brutal communist regime. And we expect the Guardian and the Daily Mirror will blame US sanctions, not the communist regime, for the collapse of the Cuban economy.

But what is new is that most media now will lie about the basic facts in order to push their political agenda.

Welcome to the ‘post-truth society’.

Why heat pumps are next to useless

As you’ll all know, in order to supposedly ‘save the planet’ from supposed ‘climate change’, our elites have decided to ban or at least increase taxes on almost everything that makes modern life livable.

The following will be banned:

  • petrol cars
  • diesel lorries
  • efficient, cheap gas central heating
  • gas cooking
  • lots of other things judged to be ‘harmful to the environment’

And taxes will shoot up on things like:

  • meat
  • road usage
  • flights
  • foreign holidays
  • anything else judged to be ‘harmful to the environment’

With gas central heating about to be banned, we’ll all be expected to pay anywhere between £10,000 and £50,000 per household to install heat pumps in our homes and improve insulation in order to supposedly ‘save the planet’.

So, here’s someone who knows what they’re talking about – a plumber, not a heat-pump-pushing politician or crazy climate catastrophist – explaining why heat pumps are next to useless and a coming disaster for most home-owners.

And he doesn’t even mention that the UK doesn’t come anywhere near producing sufficient electricity to power all the heat pumps we’ll be forced to use. So, as in woke California, the UK will have frequent power outages. You’d better buy some wooly underwear if you’re going to survive the planned UK’s planet-saving, warmth-free, freezing future.

Enjoy a brief glimpse of the coming heat pump disaster:

6 comments to A flood of lies – as usual

  • A Thorpe

    The only issue that you have proven conclusively here and in other articles is that facts no longer matter and that there is no limit to human stupidity. There are events in history which make us wonder what people were thinking at certain times, but none can compare to today. Our knowledge should prevent this happening. I think Douglas Murray describes the situation perfectly with “educated imbecility”.

    The Telegraph article says the flooding is due to “climate change”. It isn’t necessary to say we are causing this anymore, it has become an established fact. Basic thermodynamics are all we need to understand that we cannot possibly change the climate through CO2 as claimed. Every science teacher in schools should be pointing this out and it is not difficult to explain this to young children. But the parents and grandparents don’t understand either to educate at home.

    I haven’t paid much attention to the efficiency of heat pumps, but as I recall they were seen as an energy saving addition to our existing heating systems, although at a significant cost. Now they are being discussed as a replacement which this video explains is not possible. How can the facts explained in the video be ignored? He talked about accepting government money and them handing out free heated clothing. He didn’t say that the government would be taking the money from us in the first place.

  • Brenda Blessed

    I have a feeling that the liberal globalists expect that the populations of this and all other countries are going to be a fraction of what they are now with them in control of everything.

    There is not enough electricity generation to power everything from cars to heat pumps.

    Given what is going on with Covid and the vaccines, you don’t have to be genius to figure out how that could be achieved.

    If you are one of the survivors or expect some of your family to survive and inherit from you, investing in the funeral industry may pay off big time.

  • david brown

    Paul Craig Roberts was an interesting writer during the end of the cold war.
    Comments on his article are interesting.
    I have been skeptical of so called conspiracy theory stuff but just as lockdown stuff are supposed to end a NHS app results in a million isolating and shops running out of stock. Its almost as if there was an evil plan to wreck our economy and subject the people.

  • Bad brian

    Great article again !

    That Plumber was very good and he explained the problems of heat pumps very well.

    Because of my work when they first appeared I spent a lot of my time investigating these miracle devices and came to the conclusion that it was all bunkum and they are no good for our climate. I never considered we might not have enough power stations to run them or that gas prices could be so easily rigged as to make them ” viable”.

    The diesel / petrol car scandal is a good example of what happens when politicians that refuse to read what it says on the tin get involved.

    Like everything else, if it was a good idea, they would take off but the fact that the government has to subsidise these devices makes you smell a rat right away.

  • Thanks for that link, David Brown.

    If the liberal decadent globalists manage to create a one-world Marxist government and start reducing the population and enslaving people mentally via genetic programming delivered via the mRNA vaccinations, it will be undermined by free spirits who wage non-stop guerrilla war on it.

    The wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan have proven that numerous small groups of men only armed with small arms can defeat the most powerful armies armed with the latest weapons and other technologies.

    I reckon that the one-world government will be no more by about 2070. Maybe earlier, maybe a little later. And the kingpins, if they are still alive, will be brought to justice.

    Nature is truth and will always defeat the evil creeping subterranean People of the Lie on the make and on the take.

    Dostoyevsky’s novel – called Demons, The Possessed, The Devils – which predicted the great evil brought upon the Russian people by the Bolsheviks forty years before it happened, begins with a quote from the New Testament in which Christ banishes demons into swine that then run off and drown in a lake.

  • A. F. Fanculo

    ‘the worst in human memory’
    Face it, a lot of people have the brain and alleged memory of a goldfish. And politicians have been trying to take advantage of that for millennia.

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