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Wildfires? Or wild lies?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Proof that Australians are smarter than Brits?

Yesterday evening I watched probably the worst crap I have ever seen on a TV. It was the Sky News Climate Show – about 15 minutes of utter and total garbage about how we are all about to die from supposed catastrophic global warming.

It’s odd that Sky News Australia has a regular feature called Outsiders Weather and Ice Age Watch. You can find this on Youtube. I highly recommend it. In it, Sky News Australia ridicules all the greeny global warming nonsense. On the other hand, Sky News UK regularly grovels to the climate catastrophists’ overblown propaganda and lies.

I imagine that Sky News Australia and Sky News UK both do market research to understand their audiences’ Overton Window. The Overton Window is the range of issues their audiences would find acceptable to be reported on. Clearly the research has found that the audience for Sky News Australia are sufficiently intelligent to understand criticism of the climate change nonsense, while the audience for Sky News UK actually believe the climate alarmism rubbish.

Wildfires or wild lies?

One of the items on the Sky News UK Climate Show yesterday evening was a piece about the current forest wildfires in Colorado. Climate alarmist media love wildfires as they present dramatic images of a world supposedly burning up because of greedy, environment-destroying mankind’s use of CO2-belching fossil fuels. So, let me use wildfires as an example to show how the media uses wildfires to spread wild lies.

Record levels of wildfires?

Here’s an article from the New York Times from April 2016:

It informs us that: “The 10.1 million acres that burned in the United States last year were the most on record”. Frightened of global warming burning up our planet?

Well, here’s another article from the very same newspaper – the New York Times – from 1938:

In the 1938 New York Times article we learn that in 1937, forest fires : “burned 21,980,500 acres”. That’s more than double the supposed “record” level of 10.1 million acres reported by the New York Times in 2016. So, the 2016 New York Times article was just a pack of lies. It was just climate change propaganda. Newspapers used to have people to check articles for factual, accuracy. That’s no longer the case as newspapers, and most media, are only interested in spewing out political propaganda.

Just to further prove my point, here’s a chart from the United States Department of Agriculture:

It shows that in the blistering hot 1920s and 1930s, around 50 million acres of forest burned each year. So, the claim in the 2016 New York Times article: “The 10.1 million acres that burned in the United States last year were the most on record” is utter and total garbage – lies and lies and lies. Yet we are fed these climate catastrophist lies day after day and now most people seem to believe them.

‘Lying’ (IMHO) Fauci gets skewered?

And on the subject of wild lies, here’s a brief video of the (IMHO) mass-murderer, lying fraud Fauci getting skewered by US senator Rand Paul who is a qualified doctor and worked in medicine before going into politics:


6 comments to Wildfires? Or wild lies?

  • A Thorpe

    I’m at the stage where I cannot watch any of it because it is obvious that if people have a view they will not be influenced by alternative views, and if they don’t have a view they will remain ignorant. Australians are not any smarter because of a news channel. They are closing coal fired power stations when they have cheap coal and some areas have suffered blackouts when there is no wind. They are indoctrinating school children with climate nonsense, just as we are. The problem is that nobody is listening to anybody else, especially the politicians who always seem to be on the wrong side of science. This is a problem that George Washington identified. He objected to political parties because they created differences and arguments and solved nothing. We need to get rid of political parties and political promises and leave politicians to work together to identify and deal with problems as a unified body. That means small governments and personal responsibility for us. It will never happen and so we will continue into the abyss until we can go no further.

    The Australians who knew how to manage bushfires were the Aborigines. Australians cannot even manage their own small patches of land by cutting back trees and bush near their homes and some have lost their homes to fires because they were unable by law to act sensibly. It is the governments that have become stupid and we are powerless against them unless we pay fines or perhaps face jail for being smarter than they are.

    The evidence on fires is there to see. I also read that all the USA fires are on public land. Privately owned forests are managed for the wood and they don’t allow their assets to be destroyed.

    The video of Sen Paul and Fauci reveals the problem of people not communicating. Paul would not let Fauci answer, so nobody learned anything. Interesting that Fauci told Paul that he didn’t know what he was talking about. I saw a video of Kary Mullis (creator of PCR) saying exactly the same about Fauci.

    I don’t know who to believe. Mullis died before the pandemic and I believe words are being put into his mouth that he has never said about PCR. There are others criticising him because he did not accept that HIV caused AIDS. I mentioned the work on patent applications done by David Martin which appears to show the virus was created in the USA, but then I discovered a video of him claiming that DNA does not exist. The Fauci video claims that the gain of function work was stopped, but all I have found is that Obama stopped the federal funding. It does not mean that the work was stopped. Obama was concerned about a dangerous virus being released, but does that mean one had been created? Obama returned the funding shortly before he left office. It should not be difficult for journalists to establish the truth.

  • Loppoman

    I’m reading your book for the second time, it’s amazing what I have missed.
    You cover the fires quite comprehensively with newspaper clippings and other evidence.
    Fauci – like Thorpe, I don’t know. Will we ever find out?

  • Brenda Blessed

    You can watch recordings of Daily Climate Show on YouTube. Just use Sky News Daily Climate Show as the search query.

    For obvious reasons, not one of the recorded shows mentions the extreme cold weather worldwide that the Sky News Australia weather show covered.

    It is also apparent to me why the mainstream media has become so deliberately feminised. The female delivers and receives propaganda far better than is the case with the male, in my opinion.

  • Bad Brian

    The senator appeared to have done his homework and Fauci once again slithered about and took umbrage without answering anything.

    The gain of function defenition was very clear and Fauci might object to it being aired but he could not get away with bluffing that eggs ain’t eggs today.

    The very idea that the USA was funding this Whuhan Lab is preposterous and as it was revealed and denied for such a long time that the only logical conclusion one can make is that powerful forces have tried to cover this up.

    Fuchi got away with it because he did not agree with Trump.
    The media policy was that if he disagreed with Trump then he must be a wonderful guy.

    As for these forrest fires, that chart says it all and this information is not impossible to get your hands on. Why can’t the media do the same job as David ?

    These fires in California and Australia were caused by idiotic laws forbidding clearing debris from the forrest floor. Pretty smart huh !!

    Another interesting and amazing thing is that some of the seeds from the trees require to be burned in an actual fire before they can germinate. The ash from the debris acts as a fertilizer to help get them started.

    The srvival strategies that nature has devised over billions of years is truly astonishing and all we get is a sleaze ball like Fuchi ! Not fair !

  • Brenda Blessed

    Thorpe: “I don’t know who to believe. Mullis died before the pandemic and I believe words are being put into his mouth that he has never said about PCR. There are others criticising him because he did not accept that HIV caused AIDS.”

    Below is a link to a video in which Dr Kary Mullis, God rest his soul, the creator of the PCR test for which he received the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, explains in detail why he could not find any evidence that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS.

    It looks to me as if HIV was a test run for Covid-19.

    Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR, talks about the HIV-AIDS connection –

  • In that video, Dr Kary Mullis was clearly saying that his PCR test was unjustifiably being used to unify people dying of all sorts of things around the HIV virus. Just as Covid is being attributed for the deaths of people dying of all sorts of other things called comorbidities. His test is being used to provide the diagnoses and the data. Anyone dying of a condition – comorbidity – 28 days after having a PCR test is claimed as being a victim of Covid-19.

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