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How stupid do you have to be to become an MP?

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Steve Baker MP – In my humble opinion you are an idiot!

In my completely futile attempts to warn people that the West is committing economic and societal suicide by trying to ‘save the planet’ in their ludicrous and unnecessary rush to a ‘net zero’ nirvana, I thought about sending some copies of my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS to a few MPs.

But the problem was – how to find any MPs intelligent enough to understand that, if there is no climate crisis, then there’s no no need to wreck out countries trying to reach ‘net zero’. Obviously, there was no point sending THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS to any Labour or LibDem MPs as they are all fully paid-up members of and ardent believers in the doomsday man-made global warming cult.

So, what about the Tories? Given that Boris’s latest f***buddy, Princess Nut Nut, seems to be responsible for the government’s environmental policies, I wasn’t too optimistic about them either. Nevertheless, I thought I’d try a few Tories who seemed capable of a tiny degree of independent thinking. The three I chose were John Redwood MP, Greg Clark MP and Steve Baker MP.

I’ve already heard back from Steve Baker MP. Remember, I sent him a copy of my book called THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS which proves that there is no climate crisis and therefore no need to commit net zero suicide.

So, how did Steve Baker MP respond? He wrote me a brief note saying: “I am focusing on how net zero is to be achieved and this is bearing fruit”.

What I suspect happened is that Steve Baker MP took one look at the title of my book, decided I was a crazed conspiracy theorist and chucked my book in the recycling bin.

Mark Twain once famously wrote: “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself”.

Judging from Steve Baker MP’s response to a book titled THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS which clearly proves that there is no climate crisis, Mark Twain’s aphorism would seem to apply excellently well to our UK politicians.

Australians – please save us from the this idiocy

Once again, we have to turn to the marvellous Sky News Australia to get some sanity in a world which has gone mad:


4 comments to How stupid do you have to be to become an MP?

  • A Thorpe

    Are you really surprised? I also doubt that Baker or any of his staff opened the book. What about a copy to Gavin Williamson asking him to buy a copy for every school, perhaps pointing out that Al Gore’s movie was shown in schools and the prediction he made in 2007 when he received the Nobel Prize, that the Arctic would be ice free by 2014 has not come true. It is time school children were told the truth and shown how to think for themselves. Your book would start them down this path. They don’t even need to know any physics to see the common sense in it.

    As for Australia, how much influence does Sky News have? This is what is happening in Australian schools:
    I tried to get the book but it needs a purchase.

    There are only two possible ways of saving us from this nonsense. The first it that the climate turns very cold and I don’t think that will happen quickly, and certainly not before the second option which is that energy prices rocket to unacceptable levels and the zero carbon policies are dropped. We can probably look to California and Australia to destroy their energy supplies before us. Merkel has also done a good job in Germany by closing down nuclear and making them dependent on Russian gas.

    The International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC14) is taking place in October. There are a couple of review videos on YouTube, which I haven’t watched yet. But how many politicians, academics or schools will be listening to scientists who dispute the climate crisis?

    You only have to look at the history of humanity to see that rational thinking and common sense have never featured very much. Look what happened to Galileo and how the Nazis tried to discredit Einstein. Now we have the bigger and more successful propaganda machine of modern media and the internet. Proof of Einstein’s view that three forces rule us – stupidity, fear and greed.

  • david brown

    Much of what we call the west, a few exceptions such as Australia, seems to have entered the twilight of its years. As defined by Spenglar in Decline Of The West.
    Only the west gives any credence to the grotesque and autistic Greta Thunberg and her call for a new Children’s crusade to liberate not the holyland but the west.
    China, which ignores so called climate change, opening new power plants every few weeks, must be laughing at us.

  • Loppoman

    David, you need to get an interview on the BBC promoting your book. Many people would then be aware that there is another view about the climate. I know, chances of this happening are remote. May be easier to get on GBNews, have a word with Andrew. The uneducated need to be educated, somehow.

  • Bad Brian

    For all you MP’s out there, there is a new book out called “There is no such thing as climate change” which those MP’s who wish to learn more, would be well advised to read.

    May I suggest a suitable follow up book to accompany it might be ;

    “Why Black Lives Really Don’t Matter” with a special chapter on “Black Mystery Month” and why it’s aload of boring bollocks.

    That way David, you could fall out with the other half of the 99% of the population with brains as thick as piggy poo, and us loyal folllowers of yours will truly be able to claim to be the 1% of the human race that extra terrestials will one day abduct for breeding purposes as their planet is dying. We will each be required to impregnate 1000 alien women and I bag the one with the biggest…..

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