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Are you ready for the coming ‘save the planet from climate change’ lockdowns?

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Enter the ‘psychocrats’

You’ll have heard a million times that our rulers are ‘following the science’ when imposing lockdowns and business closures and face masks and social distancing and vaccines etc etc etc on us worthless, pig-ignorant plebs. And when you hear the word ‘science’ or ‘scientists‘, you probably think of virologists and epidemiologists and infectious diseases experts and possibly even statisticians like bonking Professor ‘Bonkers’ Ferguson from Imperial College.

But you might not immediately think of behavioural psychologists. Yet a herd of these behavioural psychologists have been used by the Government to plan how best to use a mixture of carrots and sticks to cow us into submission to a barrage of limitations on our freedoms. First we were ruled by bureaucrats, them technocrats and now it’s psychocrats.

The carrots have been things like exhortations to “protect the NHS” and “flatten the curve” and even “don’t kill granny“. The sticks have been laws confining us to our homes, preventing us seeing friends and family and using our increasingly useless politicised police to fine or even beat up anyone disobeying the ‘rules’ (while, of course, encouraging our worthless police to take the knee to BLM thugs, transgender perverts, Israel-hating lefties and Extinction Rebellion vandals)

Putting communist commisars in charge?

One of the key psychocrats advising our rulers on how to manipulate and control us has reportedly been a certain Susan Michie. She’s something like Professor of Health Psychology & Director of the Centre for Behavioural Change at UCL. Michie is also reportedly a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain which wants “a  revolutionary transformation of society” to end capitalism and create a socialist state of Britain. She is also, according to one of her colleagues “particularly fantastic on the messaging”. Susan Michie, sorry, I meant ‘Comrade Professor Michie’, has apparently praised China’s response to Covid-19 on Twitter: “China has a socialist, collective system …. not an individualistic, consumer-oriented, profit-driven society badly damaged by 20 years of failed neoliberal economic policies”.

The coming Save the Planet” lockdowns

It seems that in January 2021, our rulers commissioned work from market research company YouGov. From what little I know, this research consisted of focus groups being tested for their attitudes to statements like: “The short-term positive impact Coronavirus has had on wildlife and ecosystems has encouraged me to make better environmental and sustainable decisions”. The focus groups also discussed what they would do to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’.

Our “Overton Window”

The Overton window is defined as “the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time”. According to Overton, the window frames the range of policies that a politician can recommend without appearing too extreme to gain or keep public office given the climate of public opinion at that time.

What the January market research by YouGov was trying to establish was our Overton Window regarding what limitations on our freedom we would be willing to accept to supposedly ‘save the planet’ from supposed ‘catastrophic anthropogenic global warming’ (CAGW).

Prior to the accidental release of Xi Pingpong’s and Fuk Yu Fauci’s Wuhan plague, the public’s Overton Window regarding the exhortation to save the planet from CAGW was probably assumed to be quite limited. But following our rulers’ discovery of how easy it is to use psychocrats to coerce and terrify us into submission and into allowing all our basic freedoms to be taken away from us, our rulers have discovered that they have massive opportunities to control us to achieve their ludicrous and futile goal of net zero carbon emissions.

It seems like the Communist Party of Great Britain’s dream of “a  revolutionary transformation of society” to end capitalism and create a socialist state of Britain is about to be achieved by our rulers, ably assisted by UK-hating, West-loathing, freedom-despising psychocrats hiding behind the apparently laudable great cause of saving the human race from CAGW extinction.

You read it here first. Don’t be surprised when it happens

Why are all my readers so impoverished?

In my weekend blog, I implored readers to help support this blog by buying copies of my new book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS. Of the thousand or so who read the blog, only 24 bought copies. The other 976 clearly thought that coughing up just a few quid to show some appreciation for my modest efforts was simply a sacrifice too far. All I need is to sell 5 or 6 copies a day for a few weeks to get my book up in the Amazon charts so that people who don’t read my blog become aware of it and maybe buy copies.

But it seems that 97.6% of my readers are too impoverished to make the sacrifice of just £3.99 for the ebook or £7.99 for the paperback.

I guess I need to find some richer readers.

7 comments to Are you ready for the coming ‘save the planet from climate change’ lockdowns?

  • Stillreading

    Excellent blog, saying publicly what those of us who still retain the ability to think have been saying privately for some months. The horrible thing is that the mind control is working, certainly among a large proportion of the elderly who continue in my small town to walk around the streets with masks covering all but their eyes and who will step off the pavement in front of a bus rather than walk on the pavement within 6ft. of anyone else. This despite by now having been fully vaccinated. Susan Michie is a superficially plausible but in fact extremely dangerous woman. Rule by fear. The covid experiment of the past 18 months has demonstrated to this and succeeding Governments how marvellously easy it is to control a population.
    My copy of your book arrived yesterday. Although available on Kindle, in my opinion the paper copy, a proper “book”, is well worth the extra few pounds. Well produced and presented on good quality paper and with reasonable print size, the graphs, reproductions of news articles etc. just would not be the same in electronic form. Good luck with sales – it takes a bit of time for people to “get round” to doing things!

  • David Craig

    Thanks for that. I haven’t seen a copy of the book yet. I should be getting a few copies towards the end of this week.

  • twi5ted

    Recently Boris has been promoting lockdowns and underplaying vaccines. Whilst the money is flowing nobody cares and most middle aged worker bees enjoy working from home for the first time rather than suffer commutes and costs of travel.

    But the cracks are showing in the recent by-election. His watermelon policies are being questioned not least by Andrew Neil on GB News who effectively exposed Rishi Sunak last week on this and their other pie in the sky spending commitments.

    The US is reopening, flight numbers are building up and the democrats are keen to move forward in the hope they can convince everyone that is was never about getting rid of Trump. Boris is looking like one of those Japanese soldiers still fighting the war that ended years before.

    So good luck with promoting climate lockdowns without the money to bribe the electorate. The all stick approach to nudges will fail unless backed with sufficient carrots.

    Look forward to reading the book. Dont Buy This was excellent.

  • A Thorpe

    I’m increasing with Gad Saad and the conclusion in his recent book The Parasitic Mind – we are descending into an abyss of insanity, although looking at history we have been on the way for millennia, with the occasional rest stop. Einstein summed it up with “three great forces rule the world: stupidity, fear and greed”.

    Regarding the book, I’m about 70% through it and I’m very impressed. I think you have brought a freshness to the subject by avoiding all the complex science and concentrating on data and contradictory claims. You also have a clear writing style and a talent for bringing everything together in a way that even Greta Thunberg could understand. It should be in all school as the truth that Al Gore’s movie failed to present.

  • David Brown

    Watch on youtube -Tucker:Brace yourselves climate lockdowns are coming

    climate emergency will join open borders as part of the great liberal death wish on Western civilization embraced by such as the BBC.

  • Hardcastle

    Just ordered my copy.We must support all those making an effort to oppose the madness.Excellent blog as usual.

  • Ded Cat

    David, why don’t you have a PayPal
    donate button. I would happily cough up some readies.
    I’ve been reading your blog for ages and would like to payback something.

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