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Not even a conspiracy junkie could have thought up this one

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Apologies if you have already seen this. But it’s so important, I’ll cover it anyway.

Here’s Fox News on the latest twist in the Dr ‘Faustus’ Fauci web of deceit and death. Hopefully readers know that Dr Faustus (from the play by Christopher Marlowe) sold his soul to the devil in return for knowledge, wealth and power.

Anyway, it seems that the US State Department tried to block the investigation set up by Trump and Pompeo into the source of the Wuhan Chinese plague because the State Department feared this would “open up a can of worms”. I guess that means the State Department knew that Dr Faustus Fauci, the top medic in the US government, was personally involved in funding the ‘gain of function’ research in Wuhan (to avoid Obama’s moratorium on such dangerous research in the US).

So now we can be pretty sure:

  • The French who set up the Wuhan biosecurity level-4 lab were thrown out because the Chinese military wanted to use it for biological weapons research
  • US diplomats who visited Wuhan in 2018 reported that the lab was badly run, dirty, unhygienic and a high risk for a leak of deadly pathogens
  • Faustus Fauci was funding the research of ‘gain of function’ on coronaviruses that the Chinese military were using to explore biological weapons production because Faustus Fauci wanted to get around Obama’s block on such research
  • Fauci had previously written an article in which he claimed that the benefits of such research outweighed the risks of it causing a pandemic
  • The highest levels of US government and scientists have tried to suppress any ‘lab leak’ stories and they have been helped by formerly respected publications like The Lancet and others
  • Apart from Fox News, Sky News Australia and the UK’s Daily Mail, all the mainstream media have been deliberately lying to us about the origins of the Chinese plague and have tried to discredit anyone mentioning the possibility of a lab leak
  • There are now abut 4 million dead (the real figure is probably over 10 million dead) because Faustus Fauci sold his soul to the devil and the whole scientific, government and media establishment is circling the wagons to protect Fauci and themselves from public fury over their deceit and lies.

This is beyond incredible – beyond anything even the craziest conspiracy junkie could dream up.

Here’s Tucker Carlson on the greatest conspiracy of the elites against us plebs since the invention of religion:

8 comments to Not even a conspiracy junkie could have thought up this one

  • David Brown

    Two videos on Wuhan lab and one on Taiwan which will no doubt figure in the Chinese military geo-political plan to dominate the world.

  • A Thorpe

    When have we ever been able to trust a government? Look at Blair and his claims that Saddam had chemical weapons and the rockets to deliver them. Both claims were wrong. We must cut governments down to size to stop their abuse of power. I read one view that governments should be so small that it would not matter who we voted for.

    Regarding the deaths, I saw a YouTube video – Calculating Covid Vaccine Risk – which used the USA VAERS reporting system to work out that the deaths from this vaccine were 52 times higher than the deaths from all other vaccines. The weakness is that the reported deaths have not been confirmed as due to vaccines as far as I am aware.

    The video mentions government funding of research and Eisenhower warned of this in his farewell address, which is a must read document and more relevant today than ever, and easy to find on the internet. The video also mentions emails that remind me of the Climategate emails. There is nothing new with the virus coverup that hasn’t been done before.

    The video also demonstrates how wrong journalists can be. The Three Mile Island and Chernobyl incidents and not comparable in any sense, but the media created a major scare out of a minor issue at TMI. There is also a reference to The Lancet, which published Andrew Wakefield’s MMR research, but when he was struck off they spent 6 years defending him before finally retracting his paper. A publication we cannot trust, like many once reliable scientific publications.

    It is corruption not conspiracies that is our enemy.

  • Bad Brian

    When Fauci was standing behind Trump on the stage in front of the TV cameras when Trump baffled the world banging on about injecting sunshine or bleach into our veins, even Trump supporters had to shake their heads in disbelief.

    However, Fauci was giggling uncomfortably like a naughty schoolboy caught playing with himself. There was something very odd about the way Fauci was behaving which would deserve the scrutiny of some sort of behavioural analysist qualified to comment on Fauci’s reactions to Trump’s crazy dialogue. Did anyone else notice this at the time ?

    I actually commentated out loud when I saw this that Fauci was guilty and was lying about something.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Thorpe: “I read one view that governments should be so small that it would not matter who we voted for.”

    The ancient Chinese book called the Tao Te Ching, attributed to the 6th-century-BC real sage, Lao Tzu, says that the people should not notice that they are governed if they are being governed properly.

    Anyhow, what difference does it make how Covid-19 started? It is clearly a molehill being amplified into a huge mountain by politicians and the media mostly in the West.

    Moreover, it might not even be a molehill. It may not exist at all. Why does the testing use DNA from the antibodies that the human immune system produces to defend itself from the virus, not DNA from the actual virus, if it and its mutant strains have been isolated?

    The antibodies attach themselves to the virus cells so that the white blood cells (leucocytes) can identify and get rid of them. Why amplify DNA from the messenger if DNA from the source of the disease itself is available?

    The Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) biochemical test was created by Kary Mullis, who got the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for it in 1993 and died (very conveniently) in August 2019. He is on video explaining that the test cannot be used to diagnose a virus infection. He was adamant that it should not be used to diagnose an HIV infection.

    Deaths from Covid-19 are attributed to it if the person dies – usually from very serious health issues, usually combined with old age – if the person had a positive PCR test 28 days before dying. Since the test is not valid that means the deaths cannot be attributed to the virus. Moreover, all of the infection data is (apparently) produced from the results of positive PCR tests. so that too is not valid.

    Apparently, requests for proof of the test results using the Freedom of Information Act 2000, produced no such proof when used by Leicester City Council when it was ordered to lockdown after the first lockdown due to its very high level of positive test results.


    Brenda Blessed You really should learn some basic biochemistry ! The virus is an RNA virus not a DNA virus. As such PCR does not work with RNA. You need to use translated DNA for an effective PCR test. The genome has been fully mapped and not just by the Chinese. There is certainly something strange about this viruses’ genetic makeup and that will come out eventually but please don’t add to cospiracy theories that don’t follow science.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Dennis, if the creator of the PCR test, Dr Kary Mullis, said that his test cannot be used to diagnose a viral infection or even determine if someone is ill, that is the science that I trust. Certainly not the “science” of Fauci and his gang.

    That most people who test positive are asymptomatic and don’t know that they are infected gives proof of that.

    Made of DNA or RNA genetic material, all viruses have a genome, none of which is used in the PCR test. Apparently amplified genetic material taken from the antibodies that the immune system produces to defend itself against Covid-19 is used. Moreover, the higher the amplification in use by the test, the higher the number of positive tests and the lower the amplification the lower the number of positive results. In short, the whole thing is suspect.

    Dr Mullis must have been aware of that mechanism when he stated that the test could not be used to diagnose cases of HIV infection. He didn’t live to experience the pandemic.

    Anyhow, viral science is very far from being a settled issue.

    During the Spanish Influenza pandemic after the First World War, researchers tried to infect soldiers returning from the war with it (awaiting trials for serious crimes, who would be let off if they volunteered to undergo the tests) by all sorts of direct methods using the transfer of blood, sputum, snot, etc., from infected people to the soldiers and they failed to do so 100% of the time.

    The researchers came to the conclusion that viruses are entities that cells produce to defend themselves from being poisoned by something else, such as the electromagnetic radiation that had just infected the world in the form of radio waves.

  • Just as the tobacco industry did, Big Pharma would do its utmost to keep huge-profit vaccinations going and discredit any science that undermines their validity, such as that viruses are exuded by cells that are being poisoned by environmental factors such as things done to food, pollution and electromagnetic radiation.

    Moreover, the cost of lowering or getting rid of electromagnetic radiation would not have the backing of the sectors of the economy that produces it. Therefore, there is probably already valid alternative virus science, but it is being blocked by Big Pharma, big-tech companies plus the Covid industry.

    Apparently, Dr Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry for inventing the PCR test, examined the use of his test to diagnose cases of HIV and discredited the data.


    Brenda Blessed All I can say is then, all those people I spent 43 years with who were researching viral diseases were clearly wasting their time. Obviously, all those electron micrographs I saw being taken of virus particles were some sort of electromagnetic anomalies. All the viral DNA I watched being sequenced and recorded was the equivalent of a fictional novel. All those diseases such as smallpox, polio, Lassa, Ebola, measles were all figments of the imagination. I spent a lot of time with bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria, but clearly they didn’t exist either. Obviously those scientists 100years ago had a much better idea what really caused viral diseases than we do now. I agree with you that PCR must be used correctly and not over-amplified, I agree that Fauci must be investigated for his role in the Chinese labs but please don’t declare that the science of virology is a fallacy !!

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