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Is “Education” the latest one-word oxymoron? And time to jail Fauci?

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Is “Education” the latest one-word oxymoron?

In my last blog I suggested that “scientist” had become a one-word oxymoron as most supposed ‘scientists’ nowadays don’t actually do science. Instead many have become ‘hacks for hire’ willing to support whatever lies providing this gets them grants and media exposure. Hence we had ‘scientists’ queuing up to vilify anyone daring to suggest that Xi Pingpong’s Chinese Wuhan plague might have leaked from a Chinese laboratory. And, of course, there are thousands of ‘scientists’, who are making prostitutes look respectable in comparison to ‘scientists’, as they enthusiastically sell themselves for grants to ‘prove’ that humans were somehow changing the Earth’s climate. At least prostitutes are honest about their work.

As the woke cult sweeps through the West, maybe the word “education” has, like the word “scientist”, also become a one-word oxymoron?

Here are the ten easiest A Level subjects with their pass rates

  1. A-level Film Studies – 99%+
  2. A-level Sociology – 98%
  3. A-level Food Studies – 98.5%
  4. A-level Archaeology – 98%
  5. A-level Drama – 99%+
  6. A-level Psychology – over 98%
  7. A-level Geography – 98%+
  8. A-level Media Studies – 99%+
  9. A-level Law – 96%+
  10. A-level Art – over 98%

Recommendations for schoolchildren

Here are recommendations from a website for schoolchildren on why schoolchildren should choose some of the above subjects:

1. Film Studies – A-level film studies is a really enjoyable and effortless subject. Most exams boards give you a list of films to watch and fully understand. Then the exams ask you to analyse films and present your viewpoint about the films. Since it is an essay based subject there is no right or wrong answer

2. Sociology – The exams are quite straightforward and simple; most students refer to sociology as an “easy A subject”. If you are looking to make your A-level experience painless and uncomplicated then Sociology is the subject you should go with

3. Food studies – With an extremely high pass rate of 98.5% most students breeze through A-level Food Studies.

4. Archaeology – A-level archaeology is not a well-liked subject due to its monotonous nature, however, it is a piece of cake. The pass rate for A-level Archaeology is nearly 98%; many students claim to do very well without any serious effort.

5. Drama – A pass rate of over 99% speaks for itself. This subject is literally as easy as winking and you should have a whale of a time studying it.

6. Psychology – A level Psychology is considered one of the less challenging and complicated A level subjects. A-level psychology has very little mathematical or traditional science content.

7. Geography – A-level Geography is very multifaceted and explores a wide range of topics. However, the content is pretty basic and self-evident and the past rate of over 98% proves practically anybody can do well in this subject.

8. Media Studies – It has a pass rate of over 99% and most students should be able to ace this exam with flying colours with just a bit of revision and practice.

9. Law – A pass rate of a little over 96% shows pretty much anybody can do well in A-level Law if they put in the effort. Most students claim the subject content is pretty straightforward and it requires minimal independent study.

10. Art – Although A-level Art is probably the most difficult in this list, overall it is still a pretty straightforward subject. A-level Art is a highly practical subject that focusses strongly on developing diverse skills that will enable you to become more artistically adept and aware

This isn’t the education system I went through!

Fauci caught red-handed?

On a completely different subject, here’s an article from the Zerohedge website suggesting that emails from Fauci show he had been desperate to suppress the Wuhan lab leak story right from the start of  the Chinese plague. Looks like it’s time to jail Fauci:

And here’s Tucker Carlson on the latest Fauci emails:

4 comments to Is “Education” the latest one-word oxymoron? And time to jail Fauci?

  • A Thorpe

    I’m starting to like the idea of one word oxymorons. Education is a good one. I would add democracy and intelligentsia. Blair liked Education so much he repeated it three times. Starmer also likes it as we found out from his interview with Piers Morgan, although he seems to have forgotten that we were told that it was his grammar school education that started him down the road to fame. Piers should have reminded him that Shirley Williams did her best to close them all down.

    What is shocking about the list is that it doesn’t have a science subject. In an age where science and technology impacts on every aspect of our lives it seems that most pupils don’t want to study science. Education should also be about teaching pupils how to think. State education has never been good at that. Now it doesn’t really matter because the number of likes on social media determine what is true.

    More than ever we must ask for the evidence to support claims being made. We should not accept answers that we do not understand when it is something being imposed on us. One of the most important is the fraudulent human caused climate change which now seems to have such a grip that it is impossible to make people of all ages see the truth and the science needed is very basic.

    I watched a Channel 4 programme a few days ago about the “Anti-Vaxers”. All it did was polarise views into for and against with the assumption that all vaccines were good. It did not mention that no drugs are 100% safe, that they all have side effects and it is therefore important to conduct randomised control trials to determine both the risks and the benefits. It repeatedly used Andrew Wakefield and the MMR-Autism scandal. I accept that his work was not valid and the sample size was too small anyway. However, the fact that he did not prove a link does not prove that there isn’t one, and my understanding is that no other research has been done. But why give three vaccines together anyway without proof it is safe? Much was made of the fact he was paid to do the research, ignoring the fact that all research is paid for by somebody and usually by the drug manufacturers, so no bias there. This is exactly what has happened with the Covid vaccines. The trials have not followed the strict standards needed to establish safety and not one stated a clear objective, which is essential. The covid vaccine trials are just as fraudulent as the Wakefield trials. The programme did not even mention drug trials let alone attempt to explain how they should be conducted. It is not just education in schools and universities that matter it is the education were are getting from the media we should also be concerned about.

    Fauci, is being asked for explanations about his activities. It is clear that Obama stopped the gain of function research because he was concerned about a dangerous laboratory created virus being released, so obviously one existed in the USA. Nobody has asked what happened to it. Was it sent to Wuhan or did both countries have it?

  • Bliar knew full well that lack of education is the road to a cultural-Marxist future. That was why he spent his time as PM dumbing the education system down with grade inflation and ever-easier exams that hardly anyone could fail.

    In my opinion, the intention was to be able scour the world for immigrants, as Peter Mandelson put it, in order to be able to make up for what our own people were being rendered less and less able to do for themselves. Killing two birds with one stone by helping to dilute the national identity of the English and get more Labour voters.

    And it may even have been to provide stepping stones to enable this great Covid confidence trick.

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