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“Plausible” and “feasible” – weasel-wording media and scientists do a reverse ferret

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The reverse ferret begins

And so it starts – probably the greatest reverse ferret by the supposed ‘scientists’ and media ever.

Having spent more than a year ridiculing as crazed conspiracy theorists and persecuting anyone who dared suggest the the Chinese Wuhan plague might have accidentally been released from a filthy, unhygienic Chinese lab, the scientists and media are now being forced to reverse ferret and admit that this is probably what actually happened.

But we won’t hear or see the word ‘probably’ yet. In fact. we may never see or hear it. For the moment, the scientific and media elites are hiding behind such weasel words as ‘plausible’ and ‘feasible’. Moreover, they’re claiming that the lab leak theory is only ‘plausible’ and ‘feasible’ because of new information. This is yet another establishment lie.

We knew right at the start of the Chinese Covid-19 plague:

  • The 50 or so French scientists who helped design and build the biosafety level-4 Wuhan Institute of Virology, and who were meant to assist with the Institute’s start-up, were prevented by the Chinese authorities from travelling to China to oversee the work there

  • U.S. diplomats who visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2018 sent urgent messages to the U.S. State Department warning about slovenly hygiene practices and the dangers of a deadly virus being released by accident

  • American virologists had taught the key scientists at Wuhan how to do ‘gain of function’ research on bat viruses

  • The Institute had collected more than 2,000 bat viruses for experimentation

  • Virologists in Wuhan were using biosafety level-2 labs, a bit like your local vet’s clinic, for research on deadly pathogens as that was easier for the dirty, slovenly, corrupt Chinese virologists than working in the biosafety level-4 labs

  • Gain of function research had been stopped in the U.S. due to the dangers of a leak, but it continued at Wuhan

In spite of all of this, when the then president, Donald Trump, and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, suggested that the Chinese Covid-19 plague might have accidentally been released from a Wuhan lab, the scientific community and the mainstream media immediately leapt into action branding anyone mentioning the lab leak theory as crazed conspiracy theorists and as science-deniers. And the higher the Covid-19 death toll rose, the more frantic were the scientists and media to discredit and silence those daring to suggest the obvious.

Could there be a more than slight similarity with the climate change catastrophists’ behaviour? As prediction after prediction of melting ice caps and soon-to-be-extinct polar bears and worldwide flooding etc etc turned out to be total garbage, they have also become more strident and hyperbolic with their claims of imminent disaster.

Now the public have started to see through the scientists’ and media’s year of lying. So the scientists and media are desperately trying to throw up a smokescreen over their previous attempts to suppress the lab leak story and are now claiming that new information makes the lab leak theory ‘plausible’ and ‘feasible‘. What is new is that it appears the filthy, corrupt, slovenly Chinese were doing research that appears to have been partially funded by the great virologist Dr Fauci using a company called the EcoHealth Alliance to channel US taxpayers’ money to the Chinese to avoid Obama’s US ban on gain of function virus research in the USA.

Yet for most ordinary people the lab leak theory is blindingly obviously what really happened and many of us suspected this right from the start.

The self-serving, politicised, truth-perverting scientists and media have been totally discredited by their year of lying dangerously about the real source of the Wuhan Chinese Covid-19 plague. Perhaps people will now start to wonder whether the scientific and media elites might also have been lying to us about supposed catastrophic anthropogenic global warming? We can but hope.

English’s first one-word oxymoron?

An oxymoron is defined as a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. For example, ‘military intelligence’ or ‘politicians’ promises’ or ‘democratic Democrat’. But now we seem to have the English language’s first one-word oxymoron – ‘scientist’. Science has become so politicised by the West-hating, progressive, intersectionally-aware, fascist, libtard elites that a scientist nowadays is the opposite of a real scientist. Today’s scientists don’t do science any more – they do politics as that’s what gets them money and media attention.

The Wuhan song

And for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, here’s a short (2 minutes) video I made in April 2020 about how Xi PingPong’s Chinese plague was released from a Wuhan lab. We all knew the truth over a year ago. But the ‘scientists’ and media have lied and lied and lied and lied.

7 comments to “Plausible” and “feasible” – weasel-wording media and scientists do a reverse ferret

  • A Thorpe

    I think the USA and China are both involved in this and Fauci has boasted about the collaboration being essential. Neither will admit to anything. We have a natural or manmade virus and we cannot turn back the clock. The real issue is the insane response of world governments which seems to be based on spreading fear and extending their control over us. There is no evidence from any studies to support mask wearing, social distancing or lockdowns. It might seem sensible but any benefits are little more than chance. Our own government had a pandemic plan which said that lockdowns would not be required and they ignored it. All that was necessary is the same as always – when we are ill, stay at home.

    I also doubt the claimed efficacy of the vaccines and the insane mass vaccination programme for a majority who will have minor symptoms. The claimed vaccine efficacy was a relative efficacy which ignored the majority who will not get it. I have seen an FDA document about the Pfizer vaccine that said that on the trials there were 3410 cases of which 1594 were in the vaccine group and 1816 were in the placebo group. It is not difficult to work out that the vaccine is not very effective. The worst of it is however than these were only suspected cases and none were confirmed. The vaccine is essentially just a money making machine for big pharma.

    This is linked to the oxymoron point. Science and technology are essential when it comes to things we make. They have to work and be reliable. It is the science that is based on predictions using mathematical models where it all goes wrong and politics enters the game. We see this in climate science and predictions of deaths due to viruses. There is no empirical evidence to prove that we are changing the climate. The death predictions have all been wildly exaggerated and yet our government still listens to the idiots involved. One part of the science does work, and that is the improvement of solar panels, for example, but it is essentially based on the false assumption that we need a zero carbon economy. I don’t understand how such insanity can take over humanity and even worse be embedded in our education system. What sort of science and mathematics is now being taught in schools and universities? The other area of science that concerns me is the charity sector. There are numerous cancer charities and all completely unaccountable for the work they claim to be doing, and with directors paid a fortune.

  • twi5ted

    So was this accident deliberate? Did any scientists or staff working in the Wuhan lab suddenly receive a large amount of bitcoin and retired never to be seen again.

    Issues with PCR / Fauci has form with them.

    It has finished trump and also swept the hong kong / Uygur issue aside. China perhaps may blame an individual (similar to the investment bank rogue traders to take fall) and apologise perhaps close down the lab. But Trump is gone and normal business resumes towards globalist one world government shaped along totalitarian ccp lines hiding behind climate change.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I would add to the list of modern oxymorons –

    Police Commissioner.
    Air Marshal.

    BoJo has already admitted that vaccines are useless, informing us recently that SAGE’s house-arrest strategy is what has actually driven the claimed infection rates down, rather than vaccines.
    Health workers have admitted to me within the last fortnight that no vaccine prevents you from being infected with WuFlu.
    But still they’re talking about further inflating Big Pharma profits with a ‘booster jab’ against the expected winter surge.
    And yet the annual UK death rate stubbornly remains the same as for many previous, non-‘Pandemic’ years.

  • A Thorpe

    Jeffrey Palmer is correct to mention death rates. We are being lied to about the statistics and part of that is the daily death count that has.never happened before. It is all part of the fear generation. The government and media get away with it because of the absolutely abysmal education system which turns out young adults who haven’t a clue about statistics.

    Even worse is that the raw death data collection is being distorted by deaths being attributed to covid without any testing being carried out. The USA is doing the same. The total deaths is the only figure we can rely on. There was a death spike, not surprisingly because the virus killed the elderly who are now being kept alive on cocktails of drugs because the NHS and government is obsessed with extending life without a care about the quality of life.

  • A Thorpe

    Here is an article about the virus being manmade. A paper is due to be published soon.

  • Brenda Blessed

    It is becoming clearer by the day to me that this whole thing is plausibly and feasibly an illusion set up like climate change to further global political and population control based on the UN Agenda 21 that is now called Agenda 30.

    I have a feeling that masses of spread-out deaths all over the world caused by the vaccinations will be blamed on another virus.

    According to the United Nations website, Agenda 21 is a “comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations system, government, and major groups, in every area in which humans have impact on the environment”.

    It is all based on lies and false science. In other words, there is no truth that can bring about a global government, so lies have to be used.

    Even the PCR test that is in use worldwide to diagnose infections and produce all of the data cannot be used to diagnose viral infections according to its inventor, Dr Kary Mullis (Born: 28 Dec 1944 · Died: 07 Aug 2019 just before Covid hit the scene), who got the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for creating the PCR test. It is a biochemical test not designed to test for viruses, especially not using amplified DNA taken from the antibodies that viruses make the immune system produce. He campaigned against the test’s use to diagnose HIV infections.

    Construct the link below to Watch the video that contains what Mullis said about his PCR test and using it to test for HIV:

    Type banned dot video (as in amazon dot com = into a web browser’s address bar and then copy and paste /watch?id=60a8280ab72e4b4268fa84ba in full to the domain name to create an unbroken link.

    As the Buddha put it 2500 years ago: “There is no evil that the liar won’t commit.”

  • Eric Legge

    Thanks for that video, Brenda. There are plenty of very interesting videos that have been banned by the mainstream media on banned dot video.

    Don’t forget to opt out of allowing NHS Digital to share your medical history with third parties by June 23 2021.

    Financial Times – England’s NHS plans to share patient records with third parties –

    Get your PDF form or phone your GP service for advice on how to opt out.

    You have to opt out by June 23 or you are in by default. The link below provides a link to the form – a PDF file
    that you can print. Read it all the way through to see what it requires. There are two tick boxes at the end. Tick the first one to opt out. You should get confirmation. I sent my form in by recorded delivery.

    The NHS Digital link is so long that I used the Tiny Url dot com service to shorten it. You enter the long url and it produces a very short one of the kind shown below.

    Opting out of NHS Digital collecting your data (Type 1 Opt-out) –

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