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West to be defended by pansies, daisies and other limp-leafed flora?

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Killed by corrupt Indians?

I wanted to write about the rise and rise of Boris’s Indian variant of the Chinese Wuhan plague. I wanted to point out how the usual lefty scumbags are criticising the government for supposedly ‘introducing new lockdowns by stealth‘. But nobody in the media has dared wonder why so many Brits now have the Indian variant – or what the BBC titles “the so-called Indian variant”, because to call it “the Indian variant” would be racist.

In particular, nobody in the media has dared wonder how many of the 20,000 probably wealthy Indians who rushed back to the UK to avoid paying for hotel quarantine might have had fake WuFlu tests bought from corrupt Indian doctors. You cannot mention that as that would be racist.

Yup, there is almost nothing one can say nowadays without being branded as ‘racist’.

Protected by pansies and daisies?

But I came across a better story. Here’s the wonderful Sky News Australia comparing a Russian army recruitment ad with one from the USA.

This shortish (7 minutes) video makes it clear why our woke, libtard, progressive, intersectionally-sensitive, gender-obsessed Western civilisation is doomed, while ascendant masculine, aggressive and self-confident China and Russia replace the weak, decadent, narcissistic, social-media-addicted West as the world’s dominant powers.


5 comments to West to be defended by pansies, daisies and other limp-leafed flora?

  • Hardcastle

    God bless Sky Australia,is there still hope?

  • Hardcastle

    It’s Tommy this and Tommy that,but its…… when the guns begin to shoot..??.. Hell, we are way beyond that.

  • A Thorpe

    We are told the vaccines are effective, including for the variants. Does anybody really believe this because the flu vaccinations have to be for specific expected variants? I found an FDA document discussing the Pfizer vaccine trials and it says “ Among 3410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group” We are told that the vaccines are around 90% effective. Based on these figures Diane Abbott must have done the maths. Worst of all is that the numbers are not even confirmed cases. I doubt that the vaccines have any benefit, just like the flu.

    The enemy within was created when the Russian revolution did not spread to Europe and socialism has been spreading through our institutions ever since. Most people welcome it because it gives them access to other people’s money and they don’t see the bigger picture. Nothing will stop it and we will all end up living in poverty.

  • William Boreham

    Came across this, much in the same vein, from a ‘Guy Leven-Torres’? – Bishop?

    End of the Flatulent West

    Many of you will resent my words. The UK is over. The population is too distracted and beguiled by meaningless drivel, like the infantile, even openly penile European Song Farce on TV last night, that could hardly hide its openly queer agenda.
    If I went to war and do what is necessary, I would be in a majority of precisely One. In short my campaign has been utterly useless and a waste of time for the last twenty to thirty years and more. The deluded populace will die into the long dark night of death. Gone is the determination and fiery can-do attitude of my father’s generation. Mine and younger generations are too soft and anxious to avoid violence at all costs to stay “safe”.
    This indefensible supine attitude will not save you from the infestation and fatal contagious disease of Maoism, that has descended upon us all. Johnson and his fellow power mad control freaks, think it a big wheeze to impose a Chinese Social credit system upon all of us. This was the plan of Hancock and others. Our economy is about to collapse completely and serious inflation set in. We were bitten to death by a mere handful of overgrown cruel childish, psychopathic power mad bureaucrats and pig ignorant ninnies. A simple act or threat of real action would have sent them away, screaming in hysterical fear., as their ilk always do.
    This is the only and frankly historical way of dealing with these disgusting cowardly creatures. Instead all people seem to do is remain silent or mouth inane “scripture” and BS at me, for simply pointing out the truth.
    No previous generation has failed so spectacularly as ours. We will go down in history deservedly and thoroughly despised. I was and am prepared to physically fight our Globalist-Maoist oppressors unto death but in feely- touchy “Right on” multicultural Britain, everybody is too wrapped up in the Megan and Harry soap opera that is nothing other than another deception.
    Meanwhile our most vulnerable in the young and old from 6 weeks to 100 years are being culled by poison injection, while the scum responsible pontificate and joke about this huge mass murder, as they sit around quaffing their champagne and lattes over dinner. Dominic Cummings has threatened to reveal all in a dosser he has compiled. Hancock- a mass murderer could hardly hide his giggling fits on morning TV. Oh such a wit and wheeze eh?
    Heaven knows what the cost in life is going to be. A figure of 1,000,000 pensioners plus have died needlessly “to save the NHS” behemoth. This was a gleeful willful geriatricide by Hancock and co. I complain about my own parent’s unreasonable demands but I would never in a thousand years harm him in any way. And we are all culpable in this matter in the putting to death of a generation we owe so much too.
    Yes they are stubborn as hell but I would rather have that than the effete excuses that march down our city streets in caricatures of resistance, even wearing their army berets long past their sell by date. Frankly now, these aged and overweight clowns are embarrassment. They are full of “hardman” talk but just talk.
    Even the real threat of experimental injections being forced upon mites in moments they enter this now horrible world, has failed to stimulate any meaningful anger outrage, just like the equally horrid situation of thousands of pubescent children created by migrant religious gangs. This could have been halted in its tracks years ago by determined action.
    The c**** swilling bottom feeders are still practicing their rape and violence upon the weak and vulnerable. There is only one method to deal with all these gloating arrogant demons- to put the fear of God and instant violent retribution into them but everybody is too scared of being called “racist”.
    The death toll from the UK’s 50,000,000’s “vaxxed” by Gate’s evil poisons is inescapable. It cannot be avoided. We the sensible ones remaining will have to watch and suffer the terrible slow consequences of this most dreadful of crimes against us for years to come.
    We will be left with a largely non European replacement population, brought in and currently lodged in expensive hotels at taxpayer’s expense. The revolting Left has gained its wish, in a shocking act of war hardly seen in the most violent periods of our global history. We are at war- a real civil war for survival but nobody seem to notice, nor care.

    Bishop Guy

  • Brenda Blessed

    Good one Boreham!

    Woke US Army advert – Woman has lesbian mothers and follows her calling into the army. It’s a fictional cartoon in which the future female soldier says that she came top of her class.

    For years we were subjected to the girls-on-top exam results by the media until the curriculums were defeminised having been feminised from 1986 onward under the Thatcher government. It was also undermined by the drive to encourage more females to study the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, which only a small minority of females study. That is, until the Tory government realised that it was giving the girls-on-top agenda away as nothing but propaganda. I have not heard any more about the drive to get more female students to study the STEM subjects. Meghan Markle’s attempt was the last one a few years ago.

    I saw a documentary in 2020 on RT that dealt with females in the US military being sexually assaulted and raped left, right and centre. They were shown bitching like mad about the injustice of it all. You can probably see it on YouTube or on the RT website.

    Here is the US recruitment video that the top of the military establishment appears to have endorsed by its silence. Surely the dolts must realise that this kind of extreme decadence is a far greater danger to the country than any other threat short of nuclear war.

    Compare that BS with the Russian military advert.

    Russian Military Recruitment Video Embraces Dark Side –

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