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You can call me “Captain Foresight”

Monday – Thursday blog

Boris has been having great fun lambasting Keir ‘Mr Bland’ Starmer for being “Captain Hindsight”. So, I’d like to lay claim to the title “Captain Foresight” for two reasons:

1. The India variant disaster

In my blog on 23 April, I warned that giving British Indians a week to get back to the UK without hotel quarantine would be a disaster. I cited a flight from Delhi to Singapore on which all the passengers turned up with wonderful shiny new copies of negative Wuhan plague results. But when in quarantine in Singapore, about a third of them were found to be infected. And I humbly suggested that, as everything in India runs on corruption and bribes, most of the passengers would have bought their fake test certificates for a fiver or whatever from corrupt Indian doctors rather than paying up to £100 for a real test done in a real testing lab. Plus, of course, how many of those supposedly quarantining at home in the UK are actually doing that? None? Or even fewer?

But, predictably, nobody would dare point out the danger to the UK from corrupt Indians and corrupt Indian doctors as that would be racist and white supremacist and colonialist and xenophobic and etc etc etc. So, now the Indian version of the Wuhan plague is sweeping through Britain. Just another benefit of multi-culturalism, I guess.

I also suggested that if our useless government claimed ‘only’ about 3,000 to 4,000 Indians would be arriving, then the real figure would be at least 10,000. I was wrong. We now find that about 20,000 British/Indians (most of them with probably fake Covid-19 test results) flooded into the UK either on direct flights from India or passing through all kinds of wonderful countries like Turkey.

What a disaster! What a totally predictable and avoidable disaster!

2. The Wuhan lab leak disaster

A few weeks ago, I suggested that the Wuhan plague didn’t actually leak from the filthy, unhygienic, incompetently-run, slum-lab Wuhan Institute of Virology. Having read a book called BADLY MADE IN CHINA a couple of years ago, which explains the Chinese mentality and Chinese attitude to quality control, I reckoned that working under biosafety level 4 conditions would be too much of an inconvenience for the lazy, slovenly, corrupt Chinese virologists. Instead, I suspected that the lazy, slovenly, unhygienic,  lying, disease-spreading Chinese virologists were keeping many of their 2,000+ bat viruses and doing experiments on them at the biosafety level 2 Wuhan Centre for Disease Control CDC). Biosafety level 2 is a bit like you’d find at your local vet or dentist.

A science writer, called Nicholas Wade, with over 20 years experience has just written a long article about the source of  Xi PingPong’s plague (link below). I saw an interview with Nicholas Wade done by a website called Unherd. In it he confirms that he has read the scientific articles written by Wuhan virologists about their work and found that many of the experiments had, as I predicted, been done at the Wuhan CDC.

Yup. The dirty, lazy, lying, disease-spreading Chinese virologists had been working on creating deadly viruses in a series of labs which, being run by Chinese, had about the same level of hygiene as a public toilet in the UK.

How totally unpredictable! Who could possibly have foreseen that?

I’ll tell you who – Captain Foresight, that’s who!

For anyone with a lot of time on their hands, here’s the full article written by Nicholas Wade on the origins of Xi PongPong’s Chinese plague.

Finally, here’s a Republican senator Jim Jordan expressing his frustration that the Democrats on the committee (particularly the African-American chairman) supposedly investigating where the Chinese plague came from are trying to block any efforts to find out where the plague actually came from. I guess the Democrats are circling the wagons to try to defend the Chinese/American world-famous virologist Fuk Yu Fauci

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