February 2023
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A concatenation of cock-ups will always end in conspiracy and cover-up. Jail Fauci!!!

Thursday/weekend blog (I’ll leave this up for a few days as it’s so important)

Here’s the most important video you’ll see this year. It’s Steve Hilton explaining his investigation into the source of the Chinese plague. The video is about 15 minutes long. But Steve Hilton is a smart guy – not some weird conspiracy theorist. So I tend to believe him.

What seems to have happened is a concatenation of cock-ups and now our rulers are trying desperately to cover up their role. After all, if we ever found out the truth, there would be hell to pay.

Here’s what I believe:

  1. Virologists were using new genome sequencing techniques and genetic engineering to create more infectious viruses to study them and find ways of producing new vaccines
  2. Why? Because maybe they thought they’d get a nice Nobel Prize or whatever
  3. Fauci was the main man behind this research in the USA
  4. Obama put a moratorium on this research because he was aware of the dangers of a lab leak
  5. Fauci chucked several million dollars to his ‘chum’ Peter Daszak at Ecohealth Alliance, who then passed some on to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) for them to continue the research that was banned in the US
  6. Hygiene control at the biosafety level 4 WIV was dreadful as reported back to the US State Department by US diplomats in 2018, before the plague started. Moreover, our Chinese friends were storing some of the 2,000 bat viruses they had collected at the biosafety level 2 Wuhan Centre for Disease Control (CDC)
  7. Some of the Chinese experiments with viruses were actually being carried out at the Wuhan CDC rather than the more secure WIV as there was no need for all the tedious safety protocols at the CDC
  8. The souped-up version of a coronavirus leaked either from the Wuhan CDC or the WIV because the Chinese understanding of hygiene is somewhat different than one might wish
  9. Given the joint culpability of the US and the Chinese Communist Party in this catastrophe, there’s a certain reluctance amongst the ruling elites for us ordinary plebs to find out our leaders’ responsibility in inflicting the Chinese plague on the world.

In brief, that’s my very humble opinion.

But here’s Steve Hilton. What is extraordinary is that this video was made in January 2021. Yet none of the mainstream media considered it important enough to be mentioned. (Just click on the link below)

10 comments to A concatenation of cock-ups will always end in conspiracy and cover-up. Jail Fauci!!!

  • Ian J

    Do none of these people have any ethical principles. There are so many ways they could make life better for the worlds ppopulation, yet this sort of thing ,together with endless wars, is all their evil minds can come up with. I feel sorry for young people as I don’t see what can be done to turn it all around.

    Thank you for a,, your hard work in ferreting out these details

  • twi5ted

    What’s interesting too is that the 2 countries to be hit the most at the outset were China and Iran. It’s not mentioned much now but Iran took quite a hit amongst their senior government.

    Was it made to look like trump approved it as his favourite enemies got hit but somehow this pivoted when the Dems realised the potential to disrupt the election.

    Who knows but the rabbit hole goes deep.

  • A Thorpe

    There have been discussions of how we could deal with a new killer virus for years. It surely makes sense to carry out such research. If it had stayed in the USA it might have stayed safe and Obama may have unwittingly created the problem. If the events listed are true then neither the Chinese nor the Americans can accuse the other because they will implicate themselves. What a scoop for a journalists to expose this, but where are the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein when we need them?

    I think a fact supporting this view is that when viruses move from animals to humans they always leave traces, but none have been found with this virus unlike other coronaviruses. The emergency approval of gene therapy as a “vaccine” without going through the normal approval process is of equal concern.

  • david brown
    Fauci moved his research to the Wuhan Institute where he would not be subject to US controls.
    Its clear that after the outbreak the Chinese government set out to gain advantage over the economic impact on Western economies to their advantage while covering up their own culpability.
    Former M16 head Sir Richard Dearlove told the Telegraph that the Chinese Military where interested in the research at the Wuhan lab.
    Off topic but he has also warned that open borders poise a threat to western Europe.

  • David Brown

    The Chinese Government has of course sought to gain advantage over the economic damage caused to western economies. While they where not originally responsible for what happened at the Wuhan Institute due to them at first covering up the outbreak they are going to profit from it.
    Former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove -google him- said the Chinese military where interested in developing bio-weapons.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Accidental release? – It could just as easily have been deliberate, given its timing with regard to the US election in 2020. Trump would have walked away with the election had there been no lockdowns. He lost due to the postal voting that the pandemic demanded. The Democrats took the ballots to their people, most of whom probably would not have bothered to vote, while the Republican voters mostly used the ballot boxes.

    Moreover, none of what is in the video explains why Covid-19 almost exclusively seriously infects or kills people at the end of their lives and/or those who suffer from serious or terminal health conditions. The young are seldom infected. But influenza hits all and sundry from children to the elderly. It has turned out that most of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 died from other causes.

    And it doesn’t explain why the West is not of a mind to let the pandemic die a seemingly natural death from the lockdowns and the vaccinations.

    Somehow, apparently in spite of the lockdowns and social restrictions, the mutant strains arrive by air, untested and unquarantined, just in time to keep the pandemic going in spite of the lockdown conditions.

    In my opinion, there is nothing accidental about any of that or that the vaccinations only took six months to develop.

    And let’s not forget that Kary Mullis, who died in 2019, got the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for creating the PCR test that is in use to test for the virus. He said that it should not be used as a test for viral infections because, depending on the amplification it is set to use, it could find anything.

    In my opinion, this whole thing reeks of deliberation from start to finish.

  • David Brown

    More Evidence of the lab cover up

  • Brenda Blessed

    The unbelievably BAME BBC is doing a wonderful job of plugging the apparent dangers of Covid and the vital need to be vaccinated.

    Today on the 1:00pm BBC News it was reported that specially-trained dogs can smell if someone is infected. Apparently, the virus gives off a particular scent that the dogs are able detect.

    Given that only around 0.04% develop a serious health issue or die from the virus and most of them are very old and have very problematic to extremely problematic health conditions and really die from those conditions, no doubt the dogs are smelling something else. Especially given that all the people shown being sniffed by the dogs looked to be in reasonably good health. The BBC report said that the dogs have the capability of detecting the equivalent of a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic-size swimming pool.

    Moreover, the PCR test must have been used to confirm what the dogs detected, not so? The test that its own creator, Kary Mullis, who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for creating it, said specifically before his death in 2019, that it should not be used to detect virus infections. That it cannot be used to detect if someone has an illness or not.

    If that is so, I smell yet another rat.

    The dogs were shown on the BBC News report picking out people confirmed as being infected with Covid, who looked to be in good health. Since there is no other way of confirming the results, they must have been given a PCR test that confirmed the dog’s findings.

    Unfortunately, you have to watch this kind of very low-order stuff to become aware of it.

    What’s the betting that this era is heading to be the worst in human history? – Maybe even worse than what the Bolsheviks and Nazis achieved.

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