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How many Brits will die because Boris grovelled to corrupt India?

(Friday/weekend blog)

I wanted to write about supposed Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming today as yesterday (or maybe it’s today) was “Save the Earth Day” or some monumental crap like that. But then I caught sight of a small news item that probably wasn’t reported widely in the UK mainstream media as to mention it would surely be ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ and ‘Hinduphobic’ and ‘Izlumophobic’ and ‘white supremacist’ and ‘colonialist’ and etc etc etc.

As you’ll probably know, India was put on the UK Government’s “Red List” on Monday this week. Being on the “Red List” meant that new arrivals would have to quarantine in hotels for 14 days costing over £1,000 per person. But this didn’t come into effect till 04.00 am on Friday 23 April. That gave lots of time for people to travel from India before the Friday 04.00 am deadline. There were at least 16 direct flights from India between the announcement and the start of the quarantine requirement. If we assume say 250 passengers per flight, that’s 4,000 people. Then there will be just as many travelling via places like Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Moscow etc etc. So that’s another at least 4,000 to 6,000. In fact there was so much passenger demand from travellers trying to avoid paying for quarantine that some airlines asked Heathrow airport to allow extra flights.

Let’s assume that about 10,000 people from India have arrived in the UK between the “Red List” announcement and the start of the quarantine requirement.

The Delhi to Hong Kong flight

That brings us to an India Airways flight which went from Delhi to Hong Kong on 4 April. The plane’s capacity was around 188 passengers. On arriving in Hong Kong, the passengers had to go into either 2 or 3 weeks quarantine (I’m not sure which). Although all the passengers turned up with negative Chinese Plague PCR test results when they boarded the flight, no fewer than 53 were found to have the Xi Pingpong plague while in quarantine.

How could this be?

Is corrupt India corrupt?

An organisation called Transparency International publishes a ‘Corruption Index’ each year rating about 180 countries on how corrupt they are. India comes in at number 80 out of 180. This means India is more corrupt than corrupt sh*t-holes like multi-millionaire Jacob Zuma’s collapsing failed state South Africa and mafia-run Bulgaria and equally as corrupt as utterly corrupt China.

In India, whatever you want – pass your driving test, have electricity installed in a house, get a first-class degree in medicine or engineering – the more you pay in bribes, the more likely you are to get what you want. Though I believe that in top Indian universities, if you’re an attractive female student, having sex with your professor – vaginal if you’re not a virgin or anal if you want to preserve your virginity for your marriage – is almost as good as handing over large bundles of cash.

I suspect (though can’t be sure) that most of the passengers on the 4 April Delhi to Hong Kong flight had fake WuFlu test results that they’d paid a bribe to get as that would have been cheaper than doing a £100+ test. And, of course, with the Chinese Plague so widespread in India, there was always the risk that your PCR test would give a positive result which would prevent you travelling which would be inconvenient.

So we shouldn’t be surprised if about a third of passengers turned out to actually have the Chinese plague. I guess that some of those who actually had real genuine test results caught the Chinese plague in the 72 hours between the test and their flight and others caught the plague on the flight from those passengers who had just got the plague or those who already had the plague but had bought fake PCR test results.

Boris grovels to corrupt India?

So, given that the Chinese Plague is devastating India and given that many Indians are (according to Transparency International) corrupt, why did the useless British Government not ban all flights from India immediately on Monday? Why were around 10,000 passengers allowed to arrive in the UK without quarantine? And does this mean that up to 3,000 people from India (about a third of these arrivals) may have brought the wonderful new and much more infectious Indian variant with them?

I guess the answer is that Boris is desperately trying to sign a new trade agreement with rather corrupt (according to Transparency International) India and didn’t want to do anything to upset the rather corrupt Indians. So, Boris felt that a gradual introduction of the ‘Red List’ quarantine requirements would be more acceptable to the rather corrupt Indians than an immediate flight ban. I suppose Boris felt it was worth allowing the Indian variant to flood into the UK for a few more days as, with over 130,000 UK dead already, who would notice just a few thousand more dead from the spicy new Indian variant?

If you die from Boris allowing the Indian variant into the country, maybe you’ll get a medal or something? After all, you’ll have sacrificed your life to save Boris’s trade deal.

6 comments to How many Brits will die because Boris grovelled to corrupt India?

  • Stillreading

    Excellent blog. True in every word. I had a friend some years ago whose sons had an Indian father and one of them, an expert in financial services who had been born, was educated and had lived and worked in the UK until early middle age, was asked by his Company to go and work in India for a year. When, with great relief, he returned to the UK his comment was that “India is hopeless. It’s run entirely on corruption and backhanders. You can’t get anything done or approved unless you bribe some official.” I remembered those words when Boris announced that passengers from India would before boarding require negative covid tests, naturally purchasable on demand, and that flights would not be halted until Friday, a full week at least since it became evident that new, more infectious plague variants were rampant there. As a direct consequence of Boris’ delaying tactics and his refusal to acknowledge India’s corrupt practices, I can already see yet another “lockdown” looming, despite our excellent vaccine programme – the only thing, incidentally, which Boris & Co have managed to get right. As for the plethora of burgeoning surveillance of UK citizens, the requirement to provide name, number, date of birth, address etc.etc. just to get a pint in a pub, well if this is the way ahead for the UK’s hospitality industry, I want nothing to do with it. The same goes, I know, for all my elderly acquaintances who either have no smart phone at all, have an ageing smart phone which can’t take the track & trace app or, like me, could install it but object violently on principal to our every movement being monitored.

  • twi5ted

    Given the tories are funded by Rishi’s father in law seems little we can do but bend over and look the other way.

    But slightly ironic that on the one hand here we are saying the chinese created covid in a lab. But apparently we trust them completely when a plane load of indians roll up with photocopied test results. Not saying it may be right but china and india not exactly friends with border squabbles and competition for manufacturing the wests goods.

    Sure China would be delighted to shift the blame to India. I also would question why suddenly India has suddenly found the money to test millions. Wonder who paid for that.

    Would not be surprised if we are paying Indians to be tested. Even rewarding them for testing positive. Reminds me of the story when the British raj had a cobra problem so started paying a reward to the locals for each one they killed. The indians started breeding the cobras to collect the prize money so the british scrapped the scheme. Hence the indians released all the cobras and as a result of government intervention and idiocy they had even more cobras to deal with.

  • A Thorpe

    India might be corrupt but Boris and his gang are incompetent so the end result is just the same. There is evidence to show that masks, social distancing and lockdowns do not work and this example shows why. They might seem sensible actions but there are no statistically significant benefits demonstrated in any analysis. I recently found NHS reports from 2011 about dealing with influenza and one was that wearing masks was not effective. The government and the NHS cannot even be consistent.

    Perhaps you can return to Earth Day. I keep my Sky Box set to Sky Arts so that I don’t end up watching news propaganda when recordings end. However, last night failed when I found myself watching the English National Opera’s “Song for Nature”. It was such nonsense I had to find a complete download, which I still have to watch. I believe in knowing what the enemy is up to, even though it is painful. The human race is truly insane. Witchcraft had nothing on today. I suspect that we have never had any contact from aliens because that they know there is no intelligent life here and they are doing all they can to avoid detection by us.

  • Bad brian

    Nothing new here. When the ping pong plague first appeared the Chinese flocked here in their thousands every day in an attempt to avoid it.

    I remember reading an article that celebrated that all these extra Chinese tourists were an unexpected bonus to London’s hotel trade.

    Is it still illegal to shoot the people in charge in this country ?

  • Brenda Blessed

    Dave, you are assuming that the Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests provide reliable results.

    Not according to its creator, Kary Mullis,who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the test and died in 2019, just before Covid-19 broke out.

    “Anyone can test positive for practically anything with a PCR test, if you run it long enough… with PCR if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody… it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick.” – Dr. Kary Mullis.

    In short, the higher the amplification rate of the PCR and lateral flow tests, the more positive test results are achieved and vice versa. The lower the amplification rate the lower the number of positive test results. In other words, if the desired result is increased positives, just increase the amplification rate and decrease the amplification rate to lower the number of positive results.

    It is a bogus test for virus infections and therefore all of the data, such as the R rate, are bogus.

    There are videos on YouTube in which he says what is
    quoted above.

  • Good one, Brenda!

    You know that Peter Hitchens has put up a column that is not approved of from On High, which is telly On Low. Yes, On High is now really On Low.

    This was his column that you could access from the Mail Online yesterday (Sunday):

    PETER HITCHENS: The day even fellow Marxists searched super-rich Sage Professor Susan Michie’s baby’s pram for propaganda –

    And here is the column that appears under the Columnists heading today (Monday).

    PETER HITCHENS: Boris’s green revolution will turn Britain into a Third World country –

    By the way super-rich behavioural psychologist and communist SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) Professor, Susan Michie, got super-rich when her family sold a Picasso painting called L’Enfant Au Pigeon – to Qatari royals for 50 million pounds in 2013, not from any kind of admirable endeavours.

    Needless to say, none of that information appears on her Wikipedia page.

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