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Why are we committing economic suicide?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Today on the news, we learnt that year on year economic growth in China had reached an incredible 14+% as China benefitted from the Chinese-plague economic devastation it had unleashed from a Wuhan lab on the rest of the world. After all, China has been the main supplier of things like PPE, hospital equipment and all sorts of the stuff the West has needed to cope with the Chinese plague.

Regular readers will know I’m busy writing a new book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS. Though I doubt any publisher will take it as they’ll be afraid of being attacked by the pig-ignorant, woke, climate-change cultists and extinctionists. But no problem, I’ll just pay to publish it myself.

The Economist magazine recently triumphantly proclaimed that the West was “Making Coal History”

But in the same year the Global Energy Monitor announced “A New Coal Boom in China”

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how energy prices in Europe were about 5 times those in China and India and US prices were about 4 times those in China and India. The reason for this huge difference – the West’s obsession with moving to costly and unreliable supposed ‘renewables’ in order to supposedly ‘save the planet’.

As our great leaders shut down ever more cheap, reliable coal- and gas-fired power stations and replace them with ludicrously-expensive bird- and bat-chomping windmills which only provide electricity about 15% to 20% of the time (and therefore require back-up gas-fired power stations for when the wind is too weak or too strong) our energy prices will soon be 10 times those in China and India.

Our rulers claim that they’re successfully cutting our CO2 emissions. But all they’re doing is forcing energy-intensive industries in the West to move to China, India and other countries which have lower energy costs.

We can see this by looking at the CO2 emissions by main region:

(to see the chart more clearly, left-click on it once then left-click again)

CO2 emissions are shooting up in China, India and Asia as they make the stuff we used to make. And CO2 emissions are falling in Europe and the US as we no longer make the stuff we used to make.

What we are doing is total madness! What we are doing is committing economic suicide!

8 comments to Why are we committing economic suicide?

  • twi5ted

    Pure Marxism which requires collapse and rebuild. Very sad times. Hopefully these dark evil forces will be defeated.

  • William Boreham

    The general public have yet to become aware of the ruinous energy polices that gullible clown, Johnson, is about to inflict on our industries and on we poor consumers. Especially when he gets together with that equally credulous Biden appointee, John Kerry, at the UN Climate Change conference, unfortunately to be held in Glasgow where Johnson will preen on centre stage, cutting our one percent of the world’s CO2 emissions to zero (like Zimbabwe), thus saving the world from disaster.
    Talking of the West committing suicide:

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t know whether to accept that the virus was released from a lab, but if it was, I’m also inclined to believe that it originated in the USA from their work on vaccine development which was cancelled and allegedly transferred to Wuhan by Fauci. The key issue is that China was able to respond to the crisis but the West failed.

    Although the Chinese GDP and growth is high, the population is still relatively poor so they need the growth. It is the same in other Asian countries and worse in Africa. The West and the UN in particular wants to reduce poverty but where is all the growth going to come from and what is the West going to do about its declining share of GDP?

    It seems that respected magazines are all going in the same direction which is to publish nonsense. The same applies to Scientific American, Nature and National Geographic, etc. And then there is the media and in particular the BBC. It is treating us to two series about climate. One told us last week that sea levels had risen by 15-27 metres in a few decades, Greta told us about oceans becoming acid, which they are not, both told us about forest fires increasing when all the record show that there was higher burn area in the early 1900’s. The fires are all on public land because of poor management. Privately owned forests do not have this problem because wood is their business and they protect it.

    The energy policies are all based on the incorrect belief that CO2 is causing climate change when known physics does not support this claim and there is no empirical evidence to support it. All the available proxy temperature and CO2 data from the past shows that there has never been a link between CO2 and temperature, as the physics also supports.

    The belief that we have to save the planet by reducing CO2 emissions to zero is nonsense but it has a grip on a huge number of people and especially the young. As Mark Twain said “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”. They will only face the reality of their errors when it is too late. Douglas Murray came up with the expression “educated imbecility”.

    It isn’t just the increasing energy prices, it is the hidden taxes, especially from the carbon trading schemes. This allows China to produce CO2 with approval of the West and the money taxpayers are providing is going into the pockets of people like Al Gore who runs a trading scheme.

    It is not just the cost of renewable energy. We cannot run a grid system with renewable energy unless we have storage and that is not making much progress. We also have to provide even more electricty when we give up on fossil fuels. We will have to recable all the streets to provide the extra power demand along with cost of converting all heating and cooking to electricity. The poor in Africa will be even poorer if they have to follow this example.

    There is a further problem with recycling. Solar panels contain dangerous materials and wind turbines are a mix of carbon fibre and plastic which is difficult to recyle. Size is also an issue with recycling. Old blades are being cut up buried in deserts in the USA. There seems to be no sign of nuclear power station development taking off, which is what we really need.

    The chart of emissions is misleading because it does not allow for the population size. I believe the the USA is one of the largest emitters per person. But it does not matter because CO2 is harmless, it is not changing the climate and the increase has been a big factor in increasing crop yields.

    It is not just economics, we will be destroying our way of life and risking our survival in the West. I saw a joke recently comparing humans and animals saying “Animals would never allow the dumbest in the herd to lead them”. Plato seemed to say something similar about democracy resulting in selecting the most unsuitable person the navigate a ship and ending on the rocks. Humans have a history of stupidy and it has reached another peak. The difference is in the past we had a relatively simple life, with a lower population and we could still provide for ourselves. That is impossible if the modern global economy fails.

  • David Brown

    Spengler in the Decline of the West said that nations and civilizations have a life span. When they get old they stop thinking about the future. The whole so called green movement is a romantic fantasy about the natural world of an imaginary past.
    As for Boris he has a track record of supporting grandiose projects from the near built London Garden bridge across the Thames to a plan for a bridge linking Scotland to Ireland. His political pals have done very well out of procuring stuff related to the virus.

  • David Brown

    THE GREAT RESET- sounds like a conspiracy theory .
    However youtube has lots of well presented videos from many groups strongly suggesting its a real policy of the western Elite.
    Check out The Truth of it EP57

    China does not seem to be directly involved. As they say in the East the Smile on the face of the tiger.

  • Brian

    My worry is that when all this nonsense tips the balance it will not happen gradually which would allow people to realise the stupidity behind all this and put it in reverse.

    When the scales tip over, just like a business going bankrupt, everything looks normal on the surface and then two days later, the windows are boarded up and everyone is sent home.

    My worry is that the West will be unable to recover from this madness which will be made much worse by the population of Africa walking towards us en masse and China heaping on the agony both commercially and militarily.

  • william boreham


    In my e-mail today:

    GWPF research has shown that just six offshore windfarms are now sharing £1.6 billion pounds in subsidies between them every year. Three receive annual subsidies of over a quarter of a billion pounds each year. On a single day in April last year, Hornsea 1 received a subsidy payment of nearly £1.5 million pounds.

  • Hardcastle

    I am sad to say that war is the only thing that might save us,but only might.If we were cut off from foreign supplies of raw materials we would have to turn to those still present beneath our feet.What might be uneconomic to exploit now could become suddenly exploitable.There is plenty of coal,iron ore and other essential metals in these islands that given dire circumstances would see the objections of the woke environmentalists quickly disappear.There is nothing that a dose of reality cannot overcome.Presently ,this country and it would seem,the rest of the Western developed world seem to be in the thrall of purveyors of fiction and wishful thinking.Truth and reality always win in the end but many people suffer in the process.At 74 it remains to be seen whether I will witness this reality .

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