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Ha-ha-ha-ha! Made in China crap vaccine doesn’t work

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Well, well, who would have thunk it? It seems that the crap Made in China vaccine doesn’t work.

Chile has probably the leading level of vaccination of any South American country and is close to the levels of Israel and the UK and above the US level:

(to see the charts more clearly, left-click on them once, then left-click again and larger, more readable versions will appear)

Chile’s rapid vaccination campaign has been attributed to early negotiations that saw the country secure tens of millions of doses of various coronavirus vaccines. The resulting jabs rollout has been “faster than any other country in the Americas”, triggering hopes of Chile becoming “among the first in the world to reach herd immunity”, reports The New York Times

But while Chile is leading South America and even most of the rest of the world in terms of per cent of the population vaccinated, the number of new cases of Xi Pingpong’s WuFlu infections in Chile is shooting up to a new record high for the country:

And, of course, what passes for Chile’s health service is collapsing under the tsunami of new serious Chinese WuFlu cases leading to lots more dead people.

How can this be?

China’s useful idiots in the World Health Organisation and in the western mainstream media – the West-hating ‘progressives’ who won’t let us refer to Covid-19 as “the Chinese flu” even though they’re happy to talk about “the Kent variant” and “the Brazilian variant” and “the South African variant” – are claiming that this is because Chile opened up too early.

But there could be another reason for Chile’s problems. Chile has mainly used the Chinese-made CoronaVac vaccine which even the lying, corrupt, disease-spreading Chinese admit is only 50% effective. From what little I understand, a vaccine has to be 50% or more effective to be approved by regulatory authorities. Happily (for the lying, corrupt, disease-spreading Chinese) the two Chinese vaccines, CoronaVac and Sinovac, just manage (say the lying, corrupt, disease-spreading Chinese) to pass this 50% hurdle. However, Chile’s experience seems to indicate that it would not be a great idea to believe anything claimed by the lying, corrupt, disease-spreading Chinese.

There’s a book titled Badly Made in China written by an American who spent over 20 years working in China as a go-between between US companies and Chinese manufacturers. In it he explains how the Chinese will always try to cheat US companies. Typical methods include substituting cheaper raw materials than those agreed, lowering quality standards below those agreed and often just replacing vital ingredients or parts with total crap in order to boost the Chinese manufacturers’ profits.

Looking at what is happening in Chile, I suspect that neither Chinese vaccine gives anywhere near the claimed 50% protection. Moreover it’s possible, or even likely, that the Chinese are sending over some crap that hardly contains any of the real active vaccine at all.

Who knows? But other countries should look carefully at what’s happening in Chile before buying millions of doses of supposed vaccine from the lying, corrupt, disease-spreading Chinese.

And here, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, is a Youtube video about Xi Pingpong’s WuFlu plague that I made over a year ago:

4 comments to Ha-ha-ha-ha! Made in China crap vaccine doesn’t work

  • A Thorpe

    It is the lies we are being fed that bothers me more, but it is difficult to determine the truth because we are not being allowed to see details of research, apparently because it is not in our interest.

    The Oxford vaccine was developed quickly and they have been boasting about this. They received the genome from China and developed the vaccine quickly because it is a new type. So effectively we trusted the Chinese. I have not seen anything to show that the West has isolated the virus and checked the genome. The company is about to be floated on the stock market making them multi-millionaires. Money is the driver of the vaccine programme, not our health.

    The Chinese quote a 50% efficacy, compared to the lying West where efficacy of around 95% is being claimed. I have only seen figures for the AZ and Pfizer vaccines and only the AZ was from a published report. The key issue is that both calculated what is known as a relative efficacy which ignores the total number of people on the trial. When the absolute efficacy is calculated, which is how it benefits us individually, it is around 1%, so almost pointless.

    That is not the only problem with our vaccines. The objective of the trials was never stated which is essential. We know that Covid affects people in different ways and there is nothing to tell us about the condition of the people on the trial. Apparently none, even in the placebo group, were so bad that they needed treatment and nobody died. If people are expecting the vaccines to prevent hospitalisation or death they will be disappointed. The medical profession has become one of the most corrupt of all and is now making used car salesmen look trustworthy.

  • twi5ted

    Cases are just PCR positives & means little without knowing if these are single tests or at great amplification. It could be the Chinese vaccine is being detected by PCR tests. Also how many people are they testing? If they have massive ramp up of testing healthy people then the false positive rate will be higher. How many are dying and how many excess deaths are there – that is the only metric that matters. Also what and where are those excess deaths happening – lockdowns kill whereas covid seems to be mostly hospitals and care homes for those with pre-existing conditions.

  • I have no idea about what is going on in Chile. Do the Chileans? – But, apparently, the UK is at the top of the table of Coronavirus deaths, not so?

    As a result, I am making it a mission of mine to visit the cemeteries of the towns and villages I pass through. The aim being to see if there are any more new graves in the Coronavirus year compared to previous years. No need for social distancing because the cemeteries are almost always deserted apart from rabbits. I have not even come across any grave-digging going on.

    Result: In most cases there are not increases in the number of new graves, but there are quite a few cemeteries with observably less graves in the Coronavirus year compared to previous years, including at my village’s CoE church. 2008 was a very bad year for new graves in that churchyard.

    I have yet to see a gravestone indicating that the deceased died of Coronavirus. Who knows? maybe I am just not visiting cemeteries that have plenty of Coronavirus deaths.

  • Hardcastle

    Like Eric I have been using a simple local measure of the so called pandemic.When you get to my age the first thing you turn to in the local paper is “deaths”,to see who had died of your acquaintance.If there is a serious pandemic one would have expected a significant increase in death notices or perhaps pages of them.Since the beginning of this charade there has been no significant increase in death notices and the average age of death is mostly in the 80 to 90 cohort,fairly normal then.The one thing they cannot take or manipulate is the death rate,even if you count all deaths as covid related, which of course they have done.

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