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Lies, lies, lies, lies and ‘Global warming’

(Monday to Thursday blog)

I’m currently doing the research for my next book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS:

I hope to finish my research by the end of April and finish the book by the end of June.

I assume no publisher will dare take my book as they’ll be terrified of the cyber-pitchfork wielding Twitter mob attacking them for publishing anything that goes against the woke narrative that global temperatures are shooting up because of CO2 emitted by human activities – mainly burning fossil fuels. So I’ll probably end up publishing my book myself.

In my research I’ve found that the best way to show that the whole idea of CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) is based on a misunderstanding of science, data manipulation, and outright lies is to compare what the CAGW alarmists claim now with newspaper articles and official reports written during the last 150 years.

For example, here’s the (in)famous Hockey Stick graph which multi-millionaire (fortune estimated at $300m) climate activist Al Gore and the alarmist mob use to justify their predictions/prophesies of the end of the human race as we all fry in a burning hell that we will have created:

The graph supposedly shows global temperature (the red line) and atmospheric CO2 levels (the blue line) for the last 1,000 years. Looking at the graph it’s supposedly clear that there is a direct relationship between temperature and Co2 levels. I won’t spend time here explaining why the graph is more than misleading as it’s based on just one type of tree rings in just one small location and is contradicted by almost every other study and by historical records.

But here is a report about global food production from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) from 1974:

In the report it says:

Most forecasts of worldwide food production have been based on the assumption that global weather will stay:

“Many climatologists have associated this drought and other recent weather anomalies with a global cooling trend and changes in atmospheric circulation which, if prolonged, pose serious threats to major food-producing regions of the world”

“In India, for example, before the global warming trend of 1890-1940. severe drought struck about once every four years. With the warming, however, and more abundant monsoon rains, drought came only once every 18 years or so, greatly increasing India’s grain production.” Annual average temperatures over the Northern Hemisphere increased rather dramatically from about 1890 through 1940, but have been falling ever since. The total change has averaged about one-half degree Centigrade”

“A study of the past reveals that the Earth’s climate is highly variable—indeed, that variability is one of its fundamental characteristics

Now let’s look at human CO2 emissions:

You’ll see that human CO2 emissions did start rising sharply around 1900, but really started hitting eye-wateringly high levels after the 1940s in the great industrialisation that followed World War 2. Yet, as the 1974 NOAA report confirmed, temperatures started falling from the 1940s till 1974 just as anthropogenic CO2 emissions were shooting up.

If man-made CO2 is really causing catastrophic global warming, then it’s odd that global temperatures can fall for around 30 years while CO2 emissions are increasing so rapidly.

I don’t have room here to debunk the whole CAGW scare. This is just a tiny foretaste of what I’ll be exposing in my next book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS

3 comments to Lies, lies, lies, lies and ‘Global warming’

  • Ian J

    I’mm looking forward to buying a copy to read. Will you be sending Boris or Greta a freebie?

  • Ed P

    Leg-iron – Underdogs bite upwards – is now a publisher and a free-thinker

  • A Thorpe

    Michael Mann, who produced the Hockey Stick graph has been in the news again recently with a paper he published with others about the Atlantic Meridional Oscillation, which they claim does not exist. The conclusion of the paper is basically that it is only greenhouse forcing and aerosols from volcanoes that control the climate, (and nothing to do with the sun at all). I haven’t taken any interest in the AMO and have not looked at the paper. This information is from an article on

    There are other graphs like yours showing the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age, rather than Mann’s tree ring temperatures. I don’t know the basis for the claimed past temperatures, but the graphs I have seen show lower temperatures than today for the warm periods. There is some new work on ice cores from Greenland and they found bedrock, not ice, when the Vikings were there, and the drilling found Viking graves with plant roots in them, showing those parts of Greenland were warmer around 1000AD than today.

    I’m very sceptical about all the claimed temperature measurements. Most are proxy measurements, and the same is true for CO2, but even after thermometers were invented measurements are mainly in north America, followed by Europe; there is very little from the rest of the world. They are a mixture of air temperatures around 1.5m above ground and sea temperatures taken from buckets of water and ship sea water intakes and sea water temperatures are known to vary depending on the measurement method. I don’t know of any air temperatures taken above the sea. Considering that the sea covers 70% of the Earth’s surface I think all past temperatures are no more than a rough guide and an average temperature has no physical meaning anyway.

    Satellite temperature measurements are said to be more accurate, but they measure the radiation from oxygen molecules which is then converted to a temperature. My understanding is that they calculate an average through part of the atmosphere, so it is an air temperature of some kind, not a surface temperature. All the data sets get combined to produce the so-called past surface average temperature record as though it is one long accurate temperature record. It is more fantasy than science.

    None of this is going to convince Greta and her followers that they are wrong. Human caused climate change has become a cult and facts will not change their belief. Unfortunately, politicians and businesses have adopted the cult and are destroying our energy supplies and economy. They will only wake up to reality when we are living in poverty or the climate changes and proves them wrong. Even then they will still believe we are to blame for the climate. Nothing has changed since Medieval times, warm or cold, when witches were burned for controlling the climate.

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