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In Pakistan today at least 3 Christian girls aged 6-14 will be kidnapped, gang-raped and forced to convert and marry

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

First some good news

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Ten Taliban militants were killed as their vehicle ran over a mine planted by the group in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province on Monday, Kandahar police spokesman Jamal Barikzai said Tuesday.

According to the official, a group of Taliban militants planted mine on a road in Loikariz area of Shah Walikot district to target security forces convoy but the device struck a Taliban vehicle late Monday night, killing 10 insurgents on the spot.

Five more insurgents were wounded in the blast

Is kidnap and rape Pakistan’s national sport?

Now the not so good news.

Every year close to 1,000 young (aged 6 to 14) Christian girls in Pakistan are kidnapped by our friends from our favourite religion, brutally gang-raped, forcibly converted to the bestest religion and then either forcibly married to older men from that religion or killed:

Should the Christian girls’ families dare complain to the Pakistani police, they will be threatened by the police and probably attacked by mobs from the religion we all admire. The attacks will probably result in the deaths of several Christian family members and the abduction, rape, forcible conversion of any other Christian girls in that family.

You won’t see this story mentioned on the BBC or on C4 News. I doubt you’ll see Jon Snow or Kathy Newman or Krishnan Whatever ranting and mouth-frothing about these horrendous crimes:

After all, in the UK mainstream media, especially on the BBC and C4 News, it seems that CLDM (Christian Lives Don’t Matter)!!!!!

11 comments to In Pakistan today at least 3 Christian girls aged 6-14 will be kidnapped, gang-raped and forced to convert and marry

  • William Boreham

    I was recently reading about Bekhal Mahmod who had been living in police witness protection for 13 years after giving testimony against her father who ’honour killed’ her younger sister. Any so-called religion where a father can murder his own daughter without a twinge of conscience is not a religion, but a bloodthirsty cult. I was re-reading Mark Steyn’s book, Lights Out, (Free Speech and the Twilight of the West) and he points out that a white indigenous English child growing up in this country today, will during their lifetime find themselves as infidels living in a Islamic country. Pakistan today, twinned with England in the near future.

  • Stillreading

    WHY are the leaders of free, traditionally Judaeo-Christian nations, (colour is nothing to do with it – some of the most ardently practising Christians in England today are from the Afro-Caribean community), rushing with relentless determination, lemming-like, to Islamify the West? Why, why, WHY? Germany, France, the UK, the USA, all it seems just can’t wait to see their indigenous populations first diluted, then conquered and taken over by this repulsive cult. We KNOW that FGM takes place daily in the UK and very little is done to prevent this appalling butchering (often without aneasthesia) of girls’ genitalia. We KNOW that young Muslim girls, some still children, are taken out of the UK every day to be forcefully married off, mainly in Pakistan but in India too I believe. We have “honour killings” in the UK, possibly more than we know about if the ofending young women are abducted out of the UK and then killed. Yet nothing is done to halt any of it. Please, someone reading this who knows more than do I, tell me why we continue to permit this!

  • Stillreading

    How to Spread the Plague! Can’t resist posting this off-topic comment right now. Just heard on BBC news that last evening at least 25 Covid Testing Kits which had already been used were handed out to new test applicants who proceeded presumably to use them. “There was no cross contamination” said a spokesman. What? Stick a giant swab stick down the throat or up the nose of someone who is infected, bag it and seal it up as new, then stick it up or down someone else’s respitatory orifices an hour or two later? Give me patience!

  • According to Nietzsche, decadents are the ill-constituted – the opposite of creative spirits. As nihilistic depressives, they would rather will death and destruction than not will anything at all. And since they can’t create, that is what they do. They need to make people feel that they have power and that is the only way that they can make people feel their presence – by making them suffer.

    Robert Mugabe was a good example. He said that wanted to make people feel that every mouthful of food they ate was due to him. That it came in the form of aid was no concern to him.

    Nietzsche said that there have always been decadents in every society, but until this era, they were excluded from healthy society due to the powerful natural instincts of the people.

    Now they have used equality to poison and weaken all of society’s instincts and institutions from marriage and the family to the police and armed forces.

    Here is a good quote by him: “Nobody is more inferior than those who insist on being equal.”

    That is so self-evidently obvious, but I have yet to hear it used to argue against the drive for equality.

    Our two parliaments, now filled with decadents, have ratified all of that social destruction. They used to be confined to the clergy, but have now spread into politics, education and the media like a virulent disease.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Eric Legge – I truly believe it’s to do with the relentless rise of ‘Identity Politics’. Each of our institutions, originally created for the common good, has relentlessly evolved into a Special Interest group, which exists purely to promote the income and power of the leaders and the members of that group.

    Thus we are called upon to ‘defend the NHS’, when it is painfully obvious that the NHS is now totally unable to do what it was originally set up to do, ie defend us; something that now appears to be irrelevant to its employees, despite the crippling sums of money that we the people shower it and them with every day.

    Thus the Police service hastens to win political points with our emerging future masters by going down on its knees before a violent drug-crazed criminal, in preference to protecting the public from violent drug-crazed criminals, and by dressing up as perverts rather than protecting our children from gangs of third-world perverts.

    Thus the ever-expanding Civil Service/Quango institution of incompetents is collectively convinced that it is beyond all criticism or reform.

    Thus Church leaders are surprised that their congregations are so relentlessly falling, despite their increasingly Marxist political pronouncements and the belated exposure of the atrocities their leaders commit upon the children in their care – not vastly less evil in itself than what the RIP mob do to their own, because priests carried out their acts for their own gratification and pleasure rather than from a perverted sense of ‘honour’.

    And thus becoming a LibLabCon Uniparty MP is now solely about acquiring a salary, expenses, and backhanders the sum total of which most of us can only dream, rather than actually serving the public who were stupid enough to elect them.

    It’s no coincidence that so many MPs are lawyers, in a country where an adversarial legal system ensures that actual Justice is the last thing on the menu, and where the judiciary itself is now so thoroughly politicised that it regards its prime duty as being to protect criminals from the public.

    All of them Special Interest groups; all of them, as David so rightly points out in the title of this blog, with their snouts firmly in the huge trough of taxpayers’ money. And any attempt to shoo any of them away from the trough is greeted by ferocious grunts of rage – ‘Look how hard I’m working on your behalf! Look! Look! Working for a pittance! Give me more! More! I deserve it!’

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    ROP, not RIP – though it’s an institution about which I would be delighted to use the latter abbreviation….

  • Stillreading

    Yes Jeffrey, so many of the institutions on which we once depended and which we trusted no longer deserve or earn that trust. The Law is often no more than a rather bad joke, denying Legal Aid to women desperate to get away, with their children, from violent partners, whilst freely granting it to terrorists, child abductors, fraudsters and career criminals, either to defend themselves or – infinitely worse – to launch appeals against subsequent convictions. Police frequently decline to investigate flagrant criminal activity even when presented with photographic evidence, as happened repeatedly a few years back when I and my neighbours had the joyous experience of a drug dealer becoming a neighbour. As for MPs, until the last Election my Constituencey had an excellent Constituency MP who, if contacted about a local matter, never failed to reply personally and courteously and to take any necessary action, despite having a senior position in Government. Our new MP (also Tory) is a disaster, evidently having no interest in local affairs but intent solely on climbing the greasy political pole to a ministerial position as rapidly as possible. Communications from constituents on matters of local or national concern receive no more than a standard pro-forma, exculpatory, response. Regarding the NHS, it is not the “indians” who are at fault. They work extremely hard for only moderate financial reward. Too much NHS funding goes to the administrators, those thousands sitting in offices in front of keyboards and screens, who wouldn’t know the back end of a patient from the front. (It sounds from today’s news that the extent of this is now being revealed in a Kent NHS trust, where the indians were cautioned, on pain of dismissal, against ratting on the chiefs’ attitudes to inappropriate patient management.) As for the Church, not being a church-goer myself I have no immediate personal interest, but friends who have are dismayed at the lack of effective leadership and are desperately, but with increasing disillusion, hoping for a demonstration of genuine Christian principles. Well, Rome burned whilst Nero fiddled, and not much changes over time. While those in positions of power over us are fiddling around the edges, it’s possible that a slowly smouldering fire in the centre is awaiting the best time to erupt. A great many loyal, UK born citizens have had enough.

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t see the Taliban deaths as good news. The human race is a violent species which we witness at all levels. Fortunately, most of us realise that we need to follow rules that have evolved over centuries that allow us to live together in reasonable harmony.

    Our response to rape gangs here has hardly been encouraging and today I read an article about the falling number of successful rape cases in the UK and I doubt that FGM has been stopped in the UK. Yesterday Melanie Phillips published an article about human rights violations noting that Pakistan and other countries have been admitted to the UN Human Rights Council and pointing out that it makes a mockery of its remit. Once again the UN is at the centre of the failure to deal with these violations. She goes on to say that the UN does represent the world but not many of the UN member states are free democracies but the UN claims that its diversity gives it legitimacy on human rights violations.

    The institutions and organisations set up to improve the world are working against us at international and local levels. One the UK’s failures as mentioned above is the NHS. It is not protecting us anymore, it has become an utter failure, put promotes itself as our saviour in the case of Covid19. World wide universities no longer promote free speech and open debate of ideas. The UK’s biggest issue is the incompetence of our government. In the past we have had governments that have not been popular but never have we witnessed such incompetence. The UK could be on the way to joining the list of failed states.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Stillreading, I beg to differ with your opinion of NHS staff.

    Last year a long-standing musician friend of mine keeled over from a brain haemorrhage – fortunately while he was actually in a GP’s surgery, otherwise he would not be with us now.

    We went to see him in the recovery ward of a main London hospital that specialises in injuries of this kind. We were shocked by the fact that his drip bag was empty, and his urine receptacle full to overflowing. Four (all foreign) nursing assistants were sat at the back of the ward busy on their mobile phones, and displayed not the slightest interest when we attempted to draw their attention to this. Finally, after twenty minutes and in response to our repeated requests, one of the women condescended to put down her phone, ambled slowly over and merely disconnected his drip, doing nothing about the urine receptacle.

    In the bed opposite was a blind patient. A minion came in, put the patient’s lunchtime meal where the patient was unable to reach it, and left without uttering a word. My partner pushed the table the patient’s lunch was on to within his reach. Two minutes later a nursing assistant came past and absent-mindedly pushed it away out of his reach again.

    Frankly, we were appalled at all of this. And these are the people who are repeatedly claimed to be ‘Angels’, working ever so hard, and whom we are required to applaud.

    My partner has for the last five years been under the care of two London hospitals, from different ‘Trusts’. With one, the care is excellent but the admin is chaotic. With the other, the admin is always efficient but the standard of care is, shall I say, nowhere near that of the other.
    This year we have decided to go solely with the one that provides excellent care, and try to contain our continued frustration over the pathetic admin that, as an example, sends out appointment letters which arrive a week after the date of the appointment, and nowadays regularly manages to miss the very appointments the hospital itself has made for telephone ‘consultations’.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    A Thorpe – are we on our way to becoming the world’s first-ever ‘Banana Monarchy’?

  • Stillreading

    Jeffrey, you are right in fact and when I wrote earlier I was thinking solely of members of my family who are NHS indians who do their jobs with dedication, compassion and efficiency. My momentarily single-track brain managed to overlook entirely my own deplorable experience of ward care in my District General Hospital earlier this year, almost identical to what you describe. So bad was it that once safely home I made a written complaint which instigated an investigation and apology. So yes – I was on the receiving end (or rather not receiving!) the “care” of the kind you describe. Rowdy giggling nurses out of view at the nursing station, ignoring the bell I was ringing to try to get urgent attention for a confused patient in the adjoining bed who was about to come to grief. I was totally confined to bed following orthopaedic surgery (excellent incidentally) so was unable to intervene. I and another bed-bound patient could only watch impotently, praying that a nurse would appear in time to avert disaster.
    Now, a Plague related topic. In a local chemist an hour ago, a member of one of the two well-known nationwide retail chains where I’d gone to buy some toothpaste, I purchased a pack of 10 supposed plague protection masks which were displayed immediately beside the till, tempting the shopper to make an impulse purchase. They are the type we see being worn by millions every day. Staff were wearing the same masks behind their perspex screens, card payment preferred please, all the rest of it. Ten masks for a fiver so thought I might as well succumb since I’ll be needing them, the plague protection obsession being set to go on for months. Home again I opened the pack and on impulse read all the bumpf printed on the back. Know what? They are Surgical masks, BACTERIAL filtration efficiency 98%. Various other info concerning flammability, materials, use-by date etc., then very specifically “No not use the surgical mask for antimicrobial or ANTIVIRAL protection or related use. Do not use the surgical mask for INFECTION PREVENTION OR REDUCTION OR RELATED ISSUES.
    Now isn’t that useful? I thought COVID-19 was a VIRUS. I’ve spent £5 for the dubious practice, now enforceable in Law by the imposition of hefty fines and worse, of shoving a totally useless bit of fabric around my nose and mouth every time I go into a shop. Guess where they were made? CHINA of course!

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