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Has Trump been one of the most successful US presidents ever?

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Croydon is multi-culturally enriched?

Given the amount of time it has taken our rulers to release any details of the Croydon police murderer, I think we can safely assume that the person has a multi-culturally enriching background. Though curiously we were quickly told the suspect was “autistic”. I guess our rulers are preparing us for the usual “mental health problems” and “nothing to do with Izlum” excuses.

Once again, just like the policeman stabbed to death at the Houses of Parliament, we see a truly valuable human being sacrificed on the altar of ‘diversity’ and ‘multi-culturalism’. I wonder if Lewis Hamilton and his woke chums will be taking the knee to show solidarity with the murdered policeman at their next car race?

Meanwhile, we find out that the Paris attacker (who used a large knife or meat cleaver to hack away at some innocent passers-by) was born in Pakistan. It seems that both Croydon and Paris have once again been enriched by the usual violent, backwards, worthless Third-World garbage.

Was Saint Obama one of the worst US presidents ever?

Can anyone remember what President Saint Obama actually achieved during his eight years in office? Bin Laden was killed which removed one crazed, violent, stone-age, bearded maniac from the planet leaving only about a billion more of them:

And Obama did something helping millions more get healthcare. And he got the Nobel Peace Prize for ….um….. well ….. I don’t really know. And he left the US more racially-divided than when he took office. And he pocketed a fortune allowing him and the fragrant Michelle to buy a $14m beachfront property. Though it’s odd he should buy a beachfront property after having told the rest of us that we were all responsible for Man-Made Global Warming that would melt the Arctic sea ice and flood coastal areas.

But apart from that, what did Saint Obama actually achieve?

Is Trump one of the best US presidents ever?

If you believed any UK mainstream media, you’d think everything Trump has said and done has been a disaster. I agree that Trump’s personal style leaves a lot to be desired. He’s lacks the oily, self-serving sophistication of professional lounge lizards like Obama and Cameron. But here’s an 18-page list of all the things Trump has achieved in the last 3+ years:

You may not agree with all of them. But what is astounding is that he did all this while being constantly insulted and belittled and pilloried by all the world’s mainstream media and while being harrassed by the Democrats’ and media’s made-up Russia collusion impeachment scam.

Mental health break

And to cheer us up in these miserable, plague-ridden times, here’s a very short video of a dog and dolphin meeting for the first time:

3 comments to Has Trump been one of the most successful US presidents ever?

  • Mark

    I thought exactly the same about the incident in Croydon. It’s easy to spot the pattern now and the ruling class should be ashamed about they have released on us.

  • A Thorpe

    Rather than the background of the Croydon killer I would like to know where the gun came from and how somebody in handcuffs could kill a policeman and shoot himself.

    I’m with Thomas Sowell on Obama and Trump. When asked for one word of advice he would give to Obama, he said “resign”. When asked about Trump he said something like he is the worst president since the last one. The one thing you can say about Trump is that he is good as boasting about his achievements. Some detailed fact checking is needed on the list before it can be accepted. I’m sure Obama could produce a similar list.

    On healthcare, I believe Obama’s policy was a disaster and has made healthcare in the US unaffordable for many. My understanding is that he effectively nationalised a competitive insurance system which is now provided by the state and the cost of insurance has increased. This results in more people not having insurance and using the Emergency Rooms for the health care, putting up the cost to the state and creating resentment amongst those paying the insurance.

    The one issue not covered in Trumps achievements is the increase in debt. He has brought jobs back to the US but at a higher cost than importing cheaper goods. This makes the US uncompetitive and it will not work in the long run. I suspect much of the improvement in the economy was inherited and we will only see the impact of Trumps efforts in the next 4 years. There is always a delay. The one good thing he has done is make America self sufficient in energy because he has supported fracking. It is also obvious that he supports the Constitution and freedom, but he has been a very divisive president and has not controlled the rioting.

  • David Craig

    You accuse Trump of “not controlling the rioting”. The USA has a federal system in which state governors are responsible for law and order. Trump can only send in the National Guard when asked to by a state governor or city mayor. In the few cases where he was invited to send in the National Guard, the rioting stopped immediately. But in most cases Democrat governors and mayors refused Trump’s support and even encouraged (Seattle and Portland) the rioters.

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