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Are you ready for the great ‘Climate Change’ lockdowns?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting on the Times and Sunday Times websites for political incorrectness about BLM and immigration and climate and Third-world corruption and our favouritest religion)

The great ‘Climate Change’ lockdowns?

Once again, I have to thank Sky News Australia for revealing a story that the UK media have mostly ‘overlooked’ about how our UK rulers despise us and plan to increase their power over us.

It appears that about two weeks ago there was an online conference of speakers from various countries. At this conference, our very own Lindsay Hoyle (sorry, I meant “Sir Lindsay Hoyle” as, of course, all people like him are inevitably Sirs or Lords or have loads of gongs and well-paid, well-pensioned jobs for life) proposed that the type of restrictions used to tackle the Chinese Covid-19 plague could command public support if used to fight supposed ‘Climate Change’.

World-respected climatologist Sir Lindsay told the online gathering of equally scientifically-enlightened counterparts from some of the world’s most powerful countries that the pandemic shows people are prepared to accept limitations on their lifestyles – if they recognise it is for the greater good.

Chairman Hoyle said he was surprised by the willingness of millions of people to wear masks and accept new rules, and said the urgent response the world has shown to deal with Covid-19 should now be harnessed to address climate change.

Speaking online at the G7 Speakers’ Meeting, Mr Hoyle (who, as far as I know, has absolutely no scientific education beyond secondary school) said: “If one lesson from the pandemic is that taking serious action in a timely manner is key – then shouldn’t this also be true in terms of climate change? With Covid, what surprised many of us in the UK was how engaged most of the population became once the seriousness of the situation was made clear.

“People were prepared to accept limitations on personal choice and lifestyle – for the good of their own family and friends. No-one could ever imagine that we would be wearing masks so readily and that we would all be so compliant. Perhaps we ought not to underestimate the ability of people and communities to work together for the common good, if there is united and clear leadership.”

The conference at which Sir Lindsay ‘Greta’ Hoyle made his remarks was hosted by one of the most powerful figures in US politics – crazy, Trump-loathing Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

The (IMHO) scientifically-challenged Sir Lindsay said: “The tragedy is that unlike the pandemic, the climate crisis is not simply an external threat, but one in which we have had a clear hand. In other words, it seems that we have brought this on ourselves. While this is again sobering, surely, it is in our hands to rescue it, if we have got the will to do it?”

Perhaps Professor Hoyle forgot that the Wuhan plague was man-made and accidentally released from a Chinese research lab whereas supposed Man-Made Climate Change is just a mad cult encouraged by gravy-train-riding, grant-hungry, West-hating academics and believed by the ignorant and the deranged?

Of course, our greatest living scientist Professor Lindsay Hoyle’s remarks are not government policy. At least not yet. But they do at least reveal how some of our rulers are starting to think. Having seen how easy it has been to trample on our freedoms with the Wuhan flu scare, they’re now wondering about using similar tactics to crush us into submission using other supposed ‘threats to our lives’.

As the great George Orwell warned: “nobody ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it”

Rationing meat and fuel?

So, what can we expect? I believe it’s already illegal to build new houses with efficient gas central heating. Supposedly ‘green’ taxes on our energy have made UK industry uncompetitive causing the closure of hundreds of companies and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. We’ve demolished perfectly workable power stations. Others have been converted from using locally-mined coal to using wood pellets shipped in from 6,000 miles away. And, of course, by 2030 or even earlier it will be illegal to buy petrol-driven cars.

But what else will our rulers do? Meat rationing to save the planet from methane cow farts? Curfews confining us to our homes between 6pm and 5am? Limitations on how far anyone can drive each week? And ‘third-generation smart meters in our homes which will switch off our electricity if some pen-pushing bureaucrat thinks we’re ‘selfishly’ using too much power?

The possibilities are almost endless. And we’ll be crushed into submission because our rulers and obedient media will tell us we’re “saving the planet”. Plus, of course, all these restrictions will be enforced by massive fines and even imprisonment for anyone daring to flout our rulers’ ever-increasing restrictions on our lives and livelihoods.

And we’ll be harangued into snitching to the authorities if we believe our neighbours are using too much electricity.

How George Orwell must be laughing as his prophecies all come true.

Will we be fooled again?

You might have thought that our bungling, incompetent, self-serving, power-grabbing elites have caused enough damage to our economies and lives with their failed Chinese flu lockdowns.

If people like Professor Lindsay Hoyle get their way, you ain’t seen nothing yet:

11 comments to Are you ready for the great ‘Climate Change’ lockdowns?

  • Stillreading

    None of this should be any surprise to us. It’s already happening. Those who purchased diesel cars in the past, having been told they were better for the environment and gave increased mileage for lower cost per ltr of fuel, now find themselves forced either to pay extortionate charges (aka fines) to enter ever more towns and cities or to exchange their vehicles, in a falling market, for petrol models. Soon these will be effectively outlawed too. Even the sale of new hybrids is to be banned. Only the very well off can afford to ourchase electric vehicles and millions of folk living in densely occupied areas with no off road parking will have no designated, personal, charging facility anyway so the hoi-poloi like me and my millions of fellow plebs will find our social and leisure activities ever more limited. Meanwhile, of course, the above mentioned politician and his ilk will continue to jet around the world at our expense, consuming cordon-bleu meals, the best wines and devising further measures to corral and control us. I’ve been a monarchist all my life and continue to be. Our Monarch is superb. I’ve always been fairly tolerant too of Charlie Boy and his organic farming and his conversations with the flowers – until I heard the other day on R4 of the disastrous effect his purchase of a property in Romania is having on the local environment, owing to the thousands of reporters, paparrazzi and general rubber-neckers who roll up to get a glimpse of the Royal Person. The peaceful village is being ruined and locals priced out of their area. And of course, one assumes, does one not, that he and his lady wife are not teleported, science fiction style, to their Romanian Retreat? One travels by air, does one not, either first-class in a commercial flight, or one borrows Mama’s Royal Flight? As usual, the hypocrisy of those who wield power over us, either actually or symbolically by tradition, is breath-taking.

  • Hardcastle

    I never trusted Hoyle,his father was a nasty piece of work far left socialist and his son has a smiling face which has enabled him to work his way into a position of influence.It did not take him long to reveal his true colours did it,now he feels he is relatively untouchable as Speaker.I come from Chorley and know the Hoyles,do not be fooled.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I am not at all surprised.

    In central London, ‘Genghis’ Khan’s literally insane new road scheme in Euston road has reduced car, van and truck traffic to a virtual standstill by reducing a previously three-lane road to just one lane in both carriageways, while doubling the width of the bus lane and installing a ‘pop-up’ cycle lane which, even in summer, is of course totally devoid of cyclists. There is now even a pop-up cycle lane in the Euston road underpass, reducing this to one lane – naturally, completely un-used.

    However, the unspeakable Hoyle may well be right. Because the populace have not attempted to do anything about the above insanity; just gritted their teeth and got on with it. Why? Almost certainly because of the absence of any alternative.

    In the unlikely event of the candidate from the so-called ‘Conservative’ party winning the next London Mayoral election, everybody is quite well aware that there will be no change at all with regard to the imposition of the Gretard agenda on unfortunate Londoners. Despite Londoners’ opinions about this agenda being forcefully (and physically) expressed when ‘Extinction Rebellion’ thugs attempted to hijack Canning Town tube station in October last year.

    The LibLabCon globalist Uniparty has turned democracy into an utter farce in this country. What actual difference has electing the hapless windbag Johnson and his crew, as opposed to Corbyn and his Trotskyites, made as far as this unfortunate nation is concerned?

    We are still, effectively, in the EU, and subject to the laws and regulations imposed from Brussels, so no change there, and I doubt that there will actually ever be any.
    But even worse, we now have additional, draconian regulations imposed on us by executive decree – regulations drawn up without the slightest parliamentary over-sight by un-elected scientists – themselves in total thrall to their computer models. It’s a socialist wet dream.

    Our only hope, it seems, is that those Uniparty politicians who are using Orwell’s ‘1984’ as a blue-print will organise the evolving dictatorship as incompetently as they have managed to organise everything else they have put their hands to.

  • Hardcastle

    It will take physical violence by big tough disciplined men to turn this around because voting,if they even allow it,does not cut it.The system is rigged,so the agenda continues whatever the’result’.There is no soft option ,easy solution,we either fight or go under.

  • A Thorpe

    Linseed Oil reveals where we are heading and thanks once again to Sky News Australia for reporting it. Meanwhile Covid restriction are entering a more farcical stage where apparently it now becomes more infectious at 10pm. I would have been annoyed last night to have had my Fig and pistachio feuilleté snatched away from me and being told to leave The Ivy in the Lanes. But what time is it safe to go out again? Will the climate restrictions vary with the time of day, perhaps no going out when the sun shines just in case we work out that it is the sun causing temperature increases.

    We do indeed have a Uniparty in the UK. A good description of it. It is the politicians against the people and we are the ones electing our masters.

  • Stillreading

    How horribly accurate or prescient are all the above comments! Yet NONE of the self-styled “millenials”- at least to the extent that my and friends’ grandchildren, all of whom have been or are going through Higher Education, are indicators – seem aware of what awaits them, so indoctrinated have they been by the predominance of left-wing ideology in education. Being largely mathematically illiterate, these Gretards are of course incapable of impartially evaluating statistics for flaws or deliberate misrepresentation. Today we hear that the National Trust is muscling in to support the obnoxious BLM brigade by publicly listing all the properties under its aegis which were constructed from compensation obtained by the abolition of slavery. The NT has been endeavouring to turn examples of our national architectural and cultural heritage into gigantic theme parks for several years now. Will this now increasingly discredited institution shortly be tearing down statues or even entire buildings?

  • Loppoman

    Uniparty – what an apt description!!
    @Hardcastle – strong men is bang on.
    Have we ever had a military coup in this country?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Yes Loppoman, we have had a military coup in this country. It was led by Oliver Cromwell.

    It was not however a happy experience, being conceived primarily for the benefit of religious fanatics in the Army leadership. And it managed to bankrupt the nation in short order.

  • Hardcastle

    Yes Jeffrey,but I do not feel there is a pleasant,easy solution to the predicament we find ourselves in.The Civil War came about because of a corrupt Parliament totally unrepresentative of the people.Yes it was horrific but it was one step towards the representative democracy we had until recently.It looks like we are in that kind of territory again.Will a Cromwell emerge?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Unlikely, I fear, from amongst the ranks of our now universally ‘Common Purpose’ – trained Military and civilian Service leaders, whose main priority appears to be not the defence of this country or its citizens; rather the imposition of a Cultural Marxist ‘Gender-neutral’ vocabulary on their Service personnel.

    I note, however, that the British Army regiments which comprise the Guards Division have refused to go along with this nonsense. Perhaps a saviour could arise from the senior ranks of this still extremely efficient unit?

  • A Thorpe

    Thomas Sowell has said “ If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism”. I haven’t seen the context and his reasoning. It is not something I would like to see and I wonder if it is possible in the UK because the government took all our weapons away from us years ago. America is different but the armed forces are still better armed. In the UK only a military coup seems possible and they don’t work out well. However, it seems to me that a majority of the population agree with the government policies and attitudes to other issues.

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