March 2023
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Trump stomping all over Biden? Or Biden stomping all over Trump?

(weekend blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness)

I thought we could all relax this weekend by enjoying a few of Trump’s and Biden’s most recent campaign ads.

Trump kicking Biden?

Here’s one possibly questioning whether Old Joe is really up to the job of being president:

And here’s another wondering about Sleepy Joe’s basement teleprompter:

Here’s one highlighting the Democrats’ support for the ‘peaceful’ BLM protests:

Biden giving hope?

You have to run to keep up with a human dynamo like Joe Biden:

Biden blames Trump for Democrat supporters rioting in Democrat-run cities:

Biden slams Trump for mishandling the Chinese plague (even though Biden originally attacked Trump for trying to create a fake crisis and even though the US is a federal system in which each state is responsible for its own health policies)


3 comments to Trump stomping all over Biden? Or Biden stomping all over Trump?

  • A Thorpe

    How has America arrived at the point where it has nobody better than these two to run as President?

  • david brown

    A Thorpe – those two ?
    Trump has kept America out of wars . Acted to stop the export of US manufacturing to Asia. Cut immigration. Reformed pharmacy prices. Reformed unfair prison rules affecting blacks.
    Many American Evangelical Christians and traditional Catholics voted for him because they believe God had chosen Trump to stop Americas destruction.

  • A Thorpe

    Trump is an isolationist and it never works. He has kept America out of wars, but hardly difficult considering what America and Europe have done in the past. He has only stopped manufacturing going to Asia by supporting US industry with taxes. This results in America paying more for certain goods, such as steel, and they will become less many areas as a result. I will give him credit for supporting fracking and making the US self-sufficient in energy. He boasts about the economy, but it was recovering anyway. He is hopeless when not making prepared speeches, but he does believe in freedom and the Constitution. I would vote for him if I lived there, but only to keep Biden out. God help us if he is the best America has to offer but the same applies here as well with Boris.

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