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Enrichment in action! Police inaction?

(Thursday/Friday blog)

As mostly violent, mostly criminal, mostly unemployable, mostly religion-obsessed Third-World hordes flood into Europe generously ferried across the Mediterranean by virtue-signalling, West-hating progressive libtard lefties and generously ferried across the Channel by UK Border Farce let us give thanks to our politicians for the vibrant enrichment they are already providing to so many Western countries.

Let us give thanks to our politicians for the vibrant enrichment of London:

Apparently it’s illegal to parade in military-style uniforms in the UK. So, where are the police?

Here’s hoping our worthless police have been practising how to ‘take the knee’ as they’ll be doing that an awful lot in the future as our streets turn into lawless slums run by criminal gangs from the world’s most exciting countries.

And let us give thanks to our politicians for the vibrant enrichment of Denmark:

And Joe Biden, if elected, says he will increase Muslim immigration by 700%!

Let us give thanks to our politicians for the vibrant enrichment of Brussels:

Belgium has 333 police officers per 100,000 of population compared to 211 per 100,000 of population in England and Wales. But you wouldn’t think so given the way these enrichers are allowed to have their fun.

Let us give thanks to our politicians for the vibrant enrichment of the Netherlands:

The Netherlands have 295 police officers per 100,000 of population compared to 211 per 100,000 of population in England and Wales. But you wouldn’t think so given the way these enrichers are allowed to have their fun.

13 comments to Enrichment in action! Police inaction?

  • Cliff Hattonc

    There would appear to be no one left in Parliament with even a trace of what constitutes decency and common sense. It truly is as if the entire establishment has taken an insanity-drug.

  • William Boreham

    The American Antifa Manual spells it out and the same strategy applies to us here in Britain:  “Whites, especially white males, have proven to be the greatest evil mankind has ever known. . . . To create a culture of tolerance, white power has to be overthrown. The way to do this is to fill up the country with non-white immigrants and to limit the growth of the white population. “It’s well-known that whites in America are not producing as many offspring as their counterparts. It’s important to make abortion, on demand and without apology, overwhelmingly available in predominantly white communities. We must lower the bar to access birth control in these communities and use media to promulgate the image of childless white people as being sexy, hip and cool.  Once whites are a minority of 30% of the population, they can be cancelled.” It’s so frustrating, what happened to the white race, once the world’s greatest warriors? Imagine what havoc a few SS Panzer Divisions could have achieved against the mass flow of welfare seekers pouring into Europe? And there must be a million of so ex-servicemen like me in this country who only need a speed boat and a heavy machine gun and we could sort out the migrant cross-Channel fiasco in a few days. And if anyone thinks the flood will eventually ease, think again, according to UN population figures, just in the next 30 years another 1.2 billion will be added to the sub-Saharan population of 1.3 billion right now. It’s all quite baffling, we have shut down the world’s economy because of a pandemic that has killed 788,000. Meanwhile another 51,000,000 have been added to the world’s population so far this year, mainly from you know where

  • Stillreading

    But we’re so fortunate aren’t we to have this unparalleled enrichment? Let’s just look at today’s news. The brother of the Manchester bomber, such a craven coward that he refused to appear in Court for his sentencing, has just received 55 years without parole. In another case of enrichment, a serial rapist has just received 37 years minimum. Then we’ve just heard (noon news) that the alleged 16 year old “child” who drowned yesterday when trying to get here with a companion was, in fact a 28 year old man. All exemplary examples of intellectual ability and enterprise. Create a bomb capable of killing 2 dozen people and inflicting life-changing injuries on many more, organising oneself to entice then rape six helpless women, steal a dinghy then two shovels with which to row it to Dover and manage to sink it by puncturing it. Could any readers of this blog attain such heights of achievement? I thought not!

  • A Thorpe

    Is the first sentence taken from Gibbons – “As mostly violent, mostly criminal, mostly unemployable, mostly religion-obsessed Third-World hordes flood into …..”

  • I tried but failed several times to get the following comment in on the Daily mail’s story on the migrant, Abdulfatah Hamdallah, from Sudan, who drowned while crossing the Channel. Other comments were getting through, so comments were still being allowed.

    I would have taught myself to swim in the French sea before I tried a crossing myself, but it did not occur to the dead man. He crossed with another Sudanese man in a stolen dinghy, using spades as paddles. The spades punctured the dingy.

    I wrote: “People should look up the population and expected population figures of the countries from which the migrants in France trying to get into England are coming from. For example, the population of the Sudan is 44 million and is expected to be 81 million by 2050, 20 years from now. If the country can sustain a population increase of that magnitude, surely there is no reason why economic migrants from there should be accepted by the EU and UK now.”

    This is the behaviour of supposedly right-wing Daily Mail.

    Look at the size of Sudan on the globe. It dwarfs the UK and Ireland and looks about half the size of the entire EU. And yet there is no shortage of liberal white zombies urging that these people should be given a legal route into the UK. Most of them are females. In fact, there is a BAME woman doing that right now on Sky News. It seems that it is now a policy of the mainstream media to have at least one BAME person on news reviews. These people are living here but obviously resent the white population and want it diluted as much as possible.

    For that matter, has anyone ever heard the reporters, who interview these migrants, ask them what their educational and work qualifications are? – They never do, obviously because they don’t have any qualifications, but somehow they all have smartphones. Hence the availability of images of them that the media obtains.

  • loppoman

    I used to live in Preston in the early 70’s. It was a lovely market town full of friendly people, choice of doctors, dentists, specialist shops etc. etc. Now the place is littered with moose limbs. Can’t get to see a doctor or dentist or walk safely at night. There was a friendly pub called The Withy Trees in Fulwood which, unfortunately closed 12 months ago. I learn now that it will become a school for islamic women. Progress, eh? No doubt they will learn about engineering, architecture, medicine but the special subjects will be chemistry and baby making. We could stop this “progress” if our young people could see the future beyond the next iphone.

  • leila

    It’s not resentment, it’s hatred.The black police federation new chief is insisting the black mp’s, Dawn whoever, video was racist despite the governing body saying the two police acted entirely lawfully. A black inspector stopped driving erratically but was not deemed drunk and allowed to continue his car journey wants to sue the police department. My grandson whilst at home under lock-in ( NOT lockdown!)was sent the video of Floyd’apprehension and asked to comment on racism!! he is 10. Fortunately his parents refused. So there she is, excellent salary, pension, paid holidays, acceptance by the community,filled with hate. And we all know Floyd was a criminal, over the Fentanyl limit, had methamphetamine in his body AND had smoked a joint.

  • leila

    Was I clear enough? My grandson’s teacher is a young black woman.

  • Stillreading

    Oh yes Leila. The indoctrination starts young. I am all for having intelligent debate on any topic, including subjects of which I may be ignorant or about which I am ready to acknowledge that I may harbour lifelong prejudice. I have no objecton to my views being challenged provided the challenger can provide supporting facts or evidence, but this BLM lot of anarchists are willing neither to listen to alternative views, nor to consider the history of slavery, of which they are abysmally ignorant. I know several young BLM supporters in their late teens or early twenties with whom I have tried to discuss the whole subject of slavery, including that being widely practised at this moment in garment factories in the Far East and in African mines, but debate or rational discusson is impossible. They desire only to shout me down and tell me I am racist. And these are youngsters who have recently or are about to obtain second or even first class Degrees in “proper” subjects – medicine, the Law, the sciences. I can only hope that a few years in the big, bad world, working to support themselves, will bring them to their senses! Unfortunately damage which will probably prove irreversibls is being done in the meantime.

  • Cliff Hatton

    I am convinced, more than ever, that the most desirable position of humanity is to occupy that part of the world naturally apportioned to us. Just look at the state of the world to KNOW that the world was a happier AND MORE DIVERSE place when we mainly stuck to our own territories. A degree of immigration – in all directions – is desirable, but to completely turn the natural order of things upside-down is both unnatural and the ultimate folly. When I visited Tanzania I was thrilled to find myself in a totally different environment surrounded by black people with ‘unusual’ customs and lifestyles. Equally, it would give me great pleasure to play my part in welcoming Tanzanians to my part of the world…to show them how WE do things. I really don’t want the African Experience just up the road – and I’d hate to see Britons become the majority in Tanzania!

  • Typo in my comment. – 2050 minus 2220 is 30 years, not 20 years over which the population of the Sudan is expected to nearly double from 44 million to 81 million.

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