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Beware Britain’s ‘beaches of death’

(Friday blog)

Britain’s ‘beaches of death’

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Be careful today! Be very careful! Aaaarrrrggghhhhh!

Today the temperature in some places in Britain may actually be higher than 30 degrees. The BBC news have issued warning after warning about how incredibly dangerous this might be.

There were even the usual photos of supposedly crowded Bournemouth beach:

These were meant to frighten us into hiding in our homes to avoid the serious risk of a horrible death either by the sun and/or the Chinese Covid-19 plague.

There are just a few small problems with the BBC’s latest attempts to terrify us:

  • today’s predicted temperatures for some of us are just what many people want when they take holidays abroad and most people don’t die from heat stroke on their holidays
  • the photos are apparently taken with a special lens (telephoto?) which makes the beach look a lot more crowded than it really is
  • Bournemouth beach is about 10km long and at least 50m wide meaning there are over 500,000m2 of beach – thus there’s plenty of room for lots of people
  • given how British beach-goers always try to sit as far away as possible from other people, very few beach-goers will ever come within 2 metres of other groups
  • with the Chinese Covid-19 plague, a beach is probably the safest place to be as the prevailing wind (or sea breeze) will quickly disperse any virus droplets and the sun’s UV rays will quickly kill the virus
  • the most dangerous place to be at the moment is indoors NOT the beach!

But none of this matters to the propagandising lefties at the BBC. Their job is to try to keep us in a continual state of fear so that it’s easier to control us.

Be not offended

But even if you do dare venture out of your home and avoid Britain’s ‘beaches of death’ you still run some truly frightening risks for yourself and your family. You might, for example, pass a statue of an historical figure you find offensive if you have a useless uni degree in Gender studies or Post-Colonial Guilt because they are a white male and therefore automatically a racist, misogynist white supremacist or because of their role in spreading civilisation and enlightenment to backward Third-Worlders during the growth of the British Empire.

You may even drive down a road named after someone who is an ethnic Brit and not some unknown, fifth-rate African poetess or unknown African supposed freedom-fighter. And that, of course, would be hugely offensive to you as the BBC has repeatedly told you that Britain no longer belongs to white ethnic Brits and we should be ashamed of our history and welcome enthusiastically every rapemigrant who washes up on our shores

You’re safer being brainwashed at home

It’s much better that you say at home and be brainwashed by our diverse and multi-cultural TV. Why? Because on our politically-correct TV:

  • about 15% of all performers are gay, even though (according to the Office for National Statistics) only 2% of the population are actually gay
  • about 25% of performers are BAME, even though BAME people only make up about 14% of the population
  • about 53% of performers are women, even though women only make up around 47% of the working population
  • probably over 30% of the families in adverts are mixed race, even though just over 2% of the population are in mixed-race relationships
But what about Global Warming (aka Climate Change, aka Climate Breakdown)?

There are few certainties in this life. But one is that the usual lefty, progressive, scientifically-challenged, fascist idiots and the BBC will try to use today’s temperatures as definite proof that supposed Man-Made Global Warming or Climate Change or Climate Breakdown or Climate Extinction or whatever it’s called this week will destroy us all unless we stop using any energy and cancel civilisation. After all, in 2006 that great Nobel-Prize-winning, climatologist, multi-millionaire Al Gore, warned us that we only had 10 years left to save the planet.

So here’s the inimitable Tony Heller, once again pointing out what total borrox the whole Climate Change con/cult is:



8 comments to Beware Britain’s ‘beaches of death’

  • A Thorpe

    Brilliant. I think a new career awaits as a standup comedian.

  • Hardcastle

    Just read the above analysis from an engineer who obviously knows what he is talking about.I guess he could be being conservative with his costs also.I am not an engineer but I think I can see through a lot of what is termed,carbon free and renewable.It is all about making money at the expense of you know who.It is pie in the sky thinking and not joined up,like most of the so called planning.Investment analysts cottoned on some time ago that there will be money to be made within the green sector,but that is not particularly new as many of our elite have already enriched themselves through the climate change scam.The so called pandemic has just given them cover to advance their plans on all fronts.

  • loppoman

    Ha,ha – If this work ever happens, I’ll be long gone, thank god.
    The cost will be several £billions and the country has no money, not now nor into the distant future.
    And they won’t be able to borrow either. Who’s going to lend to a bankrupt?

  • A Thorpe

    The comments from William and Hardcastle are interesting. I worked for the CEGB and then National Grid. The CEGB was staffed by engineers who knew what they were doing, but of course all the policy was effectively set by the government. After I joined all the power stations were build to please the miners or attempts to keep the private companies going until they got a real order, which they didn’t. The electricity consumers funded other activities. Privatisation did work for a while and costs did come down. Now the government has more control than ever over prices through energy policies and taxation. This has transferred the handouts from companies that might provide reliable and cheap electricity to the new green companies that build unreliable and expensive generating plant.

    I have lost touch with these companies but my understanding is all the experience has been lost and they now depend on inexperienced engineers running bought in computer programs – rubbish in, rubbish out – and they are no doubt all supporters and believers in green energy. National Grid astonishingly supports building unreliable and costly generating plant.

    When I joined the industry the white collar union was the Electrical Power Engineers Association – a union that understood engineering. When I retired I kept my membership as a retired member. The union eventually became Prospect which now includes the Met Off and “green” organisations. It has become unrecognisable as a union representing engineers and scientists. All it churns out is green propaganda. I have just terminated my membership.

  • “probably over 30% of the families in adverts are mixed race, even though just over 2% of the population are in mixed-race relationships. – I have noticed that mixed-race-family adverts are increasing. They are usually black and white. Therefore, I expect that if you are not of a mixed-race family, you may well soon be able to hire actors that make your family feel sufficiently diverse during social occasions.

    Here is a relevant video about name-changing in the USA:

    OPUS 229 High BS Factor –

  • “probably over 30% of the families in adverts are mixed race, even though just over 2% of the population are in mixed-race relationships.”

    I have noticed that mixed-race adverts are increasing. Most of the ones I have seen are black/white mixes.

    Therefore, I expect that trend-following families who consider that they are not diverse enough will soon be able to hire actors who fill in the gaps at social occasions.

  • A Thorpe

    Brenda, it is the item on vaccines in the video that concerns me most. I have no background in this area but my understanding is that all pathogens result in proteins and chemicals in the blood. The PCR test identifies these but it cannot identify the ones related to a specific disease and so we often read that Covid19 has not been isolated. Until that is done a vaccine cannot be produced. There is so much money involved in getting funding for the work and then of course from selling a vaccine. I don’t think we can trust anybody, and certainly not any government to tell us the truth. There is no vaccine available for any of the known strains of coronavirus, but that might be because there has not been the same pressure to develop one.

    I am also concerned about statements that the flu vaccine is only 40-60% effective. But I have never seen a satisfactory explanation. I think part of it might be that the strains expected are not correctly identified, but I have read suggestions that it is not as effective with elderly and can cause problems. We need the facts. I have only had flu twice in my life and it was about 5 years ago and I had it a few days after being given the flu jab. Two of my neighbours had it at the same time and we had not been in contact. They saw a GP and were told it was impossible to get the flu from the jab. It might just be a coincidence that we picked up the flu before the vaccine had time to work. I had the same the following year but I continued to have the jab and have been OK since. I am suspicious because I had the vaccine before the flu season started, and only the three of us had it in the area. I am even more concerned about a Covid vaccine being rushed out and not being fully tested. As we know our government and PHE cannot be trusted.

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