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Hey Lewis Hamilton – wanna free 600,000 black slaves?

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I have watched in admiration and awe as Britain’s greatest historian and F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, has bravely spoken out against slavery and the oppression of Blacks and encouraged other F1 historians/drivers to take the knee in submission to Black Lives Matter:

I have previously blogged about how Mr Hamilton seems happy to take over £50m a year from Nazi-supporting, slave-owning, slave-murdering company – Mercedes:

But, of course, Mercedes’s slaves were white and often Jewish. So I guess their lives don’t matter to all those taking the knee to Black Lives Matter.

But then I started wondering about black slaves – in particular Blacks who are held in slavery today. There are plenty of black slaves in Libya. Apparently the cost of a black slave in a Libyan slave market can be up to $400 (click on link below)

But there are also loads of black slaves in other African countries. Mauritania has 155,600 black slaves, one of the Congo sh*t-holes has 762,000 black slaves, there are 52,200 in the Central African Republic, 133,000 slaves in Niger etc etc:

From what I could gather, the cost of a slave in these countries is somewhere around $90 to $100.

So, I put my thinking cap on. I know that F1 driver Lewis Hamilton cares deeply about black lives and slavery. And he gets paid over $60m a year by Mercedes which formerly owned and murdered many thousands of slaves. So, if Lewis Hamilton really wanted to make a difference, instead of just courageously talking about black lives and slavery, he could pop a mere one year’s earnings into a special bank account – after all, he’s already got an estimated $285m fortune to keep himself amused – go down to Africa and buy the freedom of up to 600,000 black slaves at about $100 each:

That’s a pretty good idea, don’t you think?

And, Mr Hamilton, if you could get a few of your well-paid F1 driver mates, who also took the knee in support of Black Lives Matter, to chip in a bit of their cash, then together you could probably afford to buy the freedom of up to one million black African slaves.

Now that really is a good idea.

I look forward to the BLM-supporting F1 drivers contacting me to thank me for my great idea and to confirm that they’ll be clubbing together to buy the freedom of one million or more black African slaves because they all agree that slavery is naughty and that Black Lives Matter.


11 comments to Hey Lewis Hamilton – wanna free 600,000 black slaves?

  • Stillreading

    Wonderful blog! The hypocrisy is overwhelming and the only possible excuse is that Hamilton and others of his ilk are so abysmally ignorant that they have no idea of what is happening right now in much of the world. I’ve just watched the first of 3 programmes about the Battle of Britain and cannot help but make comparisons between the gallant young men, some still in their teens, who flew and fought and died to preserve the values and freedom of our nation, and today’s self-indulgent, self-obsessed, uneducated, woke, feeble youngsters, whose adulthood seems to be delayed until at least their mid-twenties. I and my contemporaries were children during the War, but were old enough to understand much of what was happening. My uncle baled out of his Spitfire and fortunately survived. He was in his early twenties. With very few exceptions, my generation left school and started work at sixteen. We were considered adults and expected to behave as such. It seems that seventy years of steadily-increasing Western prosperity and the consequent acquisition of material goods has resulted in a catastrophic reduction of moral fibre and mental resilience in a large proportion of the population. Not to mention that much under-valued quality, common sense.

  • A Thorpe

    I think you miss an important point when you discuss the Libyan slave markets. Gaddafi made slavery illegal in Libya and who brought him down and allowed slavery to return – Obama and Hilary. Nothing more needs to be said.

    Stillreading makes an excellent point. My family were employed in manufacturing during the war and so I have little connection with the armed forces, but I am fortunate to have the views of the young men and women who fought for our freedom. I am surprised at their dignity and that they do not have any hatred of their enemies. it is because fighting for our freedom was their objective. We cannot give their achievements away as easily as we seem to be doing.

    Today I saw a quote from Thomas Sowell – “If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilisation, the be prepared to accept barbarism.” That describes where we are today the young do not have the desire for freedom as they did in 1939.

  • leila

    Don’t forget the appalling Cameron who leapt into the Libyan overthrow of Gaddafi who had created the richest country in Africa with oil subsided free health, education and infrastructure. I thought how like Hitler he looked with his fringe flopping over his face, ranting at gatherings post Gaddafi shouting about ‘democracy’ Another of our war criminals free to walk our streets.

  • David Craig

    Regarding the destruction of Libya. If my memory serves me correctly, it was Cameron and Sarkozy who wanted to attack Libya, while the US (Obama and Hillary) were reluctant to cause chaos there.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The overthrow and murder of Gaddafi must have been a ‘Quid Pro Quo’ for British and French support over the invasion of Iraq. An invasion that left that unfortunate country to the tender mercies of Al Qaeda and Islamic State.

  • Geoffrey Bastin

    I can never understand why people like Lewis Hamilton ever want to get mixed up in politics. Sure they can have their opinions but because of their public exposure they would be well advised to keep quiet.
    Now he has shown his ignorance not only of the subject but worst still his support for BLM which tells us loads about his emptiness.
    I remember when an interviewer tried to drag Tom Hanks into politics he calmly said that was not for him as he was only a story teller. What a pity Hamilton fails to understand he is only a fast car driver and a grossly overpaid one at that.

  • Ed P

    Perhaps this excellent idea should be forwarded to Mr Gates, whose Foundation force-vaccinates African children experimentally (and has damaged the health of many). Instead, with his wealth, he could free ALL slaves – after all, his little software company is from Seattle, so he probably supports BLM & CHAV/CHOP.

  • Kunta Kinte

    This could actually be a sound business opportunity.

    If all the slaves were freed then there would have to be a vacuum created and hence a market for new slaves at premium prices ?

    The obvious source of new slaves must be these BLM supporters currently marauding through the streets of London who could be legally enslaved with trumped up sentencing and punishment for behaving like naughty b**** people and destroying statues of the Maid of Orleans dressed in 15th century armour, in the mistaken belief that she was a Confederate general.

    Let’s be honest, do we really need trailer trash like that wandering the streets and setting fire to looted shops and making our brave police people take the knee, ” The cheeky monkeys !” ?

    So if the BLM trash were rounded up, charged and tried on mass in a kangaroo court, they could be sentenced to slavery, and we could clear the streets of them, save a fortune in benefits, housing, NHS,the cost of policing them and prisons, and educating their yoooff.

    What’s not to like ?.
    We could sell them to customers in Africa who appear to be still very comfortable with the concept of slavery which includes the middle east and the Chinese whom we could swap for $2 tee shirts and MAGA hats.
    If life for these BLM types in the UK is so bad, perhaps slavery would be a welcome alternative and for us white folks, it would be a great opportunity to rid ourselves of them and our police could get on with pretending to do their job handing out fines to folk who want to sit in a park, without having to be called upon to face these scary, unreasonable, psychotic, dangerous BLM folk that need a cuff around the ear !

    The only downside is that we would have to train thousands of white people how to appear in adverts selling crap , on every TV channel in the UK, oh, and read the news on the BBC.

  • Anthony Warren

    Send this to Lewis Hamilton, his Agent, F1 and Mercedes and the BBC.
    Make sure each receive and read it.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Sponsorship for a young racing driver is overwhelmingly important on the path to F1, and drivers without billionaire daddies have to spend all their time, when they’re not driving, selling themselves to potential sponsors.

    Lewis Hamilton’s racing career was paid for from the age of thirteen by Ron Dennis, the (white) then boss of the McLaren F1 team, virtually guaranteeing Hamilton an F1 drive at McLaren. A literally unique privilege – no F1 team or team boss had ever done this for a young driver before.

    So if Lewis really wants to see more ‘diversity’ in F1, why doesn’t he similarly sponsor a young BAME driver?
    Indeed, Hamilton has earned more than enough money from F1 to set up his own racing team in one of the ‘feeder’ formulae, F3 or F2, to also promote BAME engineers, mechanics, and team managers. He would surely not be short of sponsorship either.

    How about it, Lewis? Put your (enormous sums of) money where your mouth is.
    Or, perish the thought, is it in reality all about Virtue Signalling?

  • Thank you for pointing out the blatant hypocrisy that seems to envelope all of the “entertainment” world in 2020. Hamilton is the perfect example of black privilege having been fully sponsored by wealthy interests all the way from his early days of karting up to his current F-1 ride with mercedes. He has never seen, much less experienced anything resembling oppression because of the color of his skin.. quite the opposite, actually. This current crop of so called ‘stars” haven’t got a clue as to what is really going on. If and when the truth reveals itself to them and if they have a conscience left, there will be much to atone for – a price that no one can pay.

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