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African Americans – some very inconvenient truths for BLM

Wednesday/Thursday blog

I’d like to start today’s blog with a chart I used a few days ago. It shows the percentage of African-American children born into single-parent households. I don’t use the word ‘family’ because having just a single parent isn’t really (in my humble prejudiced, prehistoric opinion) a ‘family’:

I used this chart to suggest that the problems African-Americans were having had less to do with racism by us evil Whities and more to do with a breakdown of the traditional family in African-American communities, in particular the damage done to children in households where there is no father.

The reason I’m repeating this chart is that I found out yesterday that the same view has been put forward by none other than the great Saint Obama himself – the man who got a Nobel Prize for…. well who knows what.

Anyway, Nobel Prize-winning Saint Obama once dared suggest that African-American children born into one-parent households were:

  • 5 times more likely to be poor
  • 9 times more likely to drop out of school
  • 20 times more likely to end up in jail

than African-American children born into two-parent families.

I attach below a link to a conservative African-American radio host and documentary film-maker. In the first three minutes he lists a series of facts that those bleating about Black Lives Matter and supposed racism might find more than inconvenient. One of these facts is that around half of all murders in the USA are committed by just 3% of the population. That 3% of the population are young African-American men.

And just one more point before I go.

Apparently there have been a number of studies of Blacks’ social and economic success in the USA. One result was that Black West Indians, in particular Jamaicans, were much more likely to have professional jobs and move into the middle class than African Americans. This is probably because many West Indians moved to the USA to escape the poverty, misery, violence, drug-taking and other social problems in the West Indies and to make better lives for themselves in the USA. So the failure of so many African Americans may have more to do with their attitudes and culture rather than Whities’ racism?

And while I mention Saint Obama, I thought it worth suggesting that supposed racist President Donald Trump probably did more to help Black Lives Matter, when he signed a police reform act yesterday, than Saint Obama ever did in his eight years as president. I’m not sure the BBC even mentioned Trump’s police reform act in their main news programmes. Though this is mentioned on the BBC website where it is lambasted as being meaningless by all the Democrats the BBC asked for comments. The BBC (as usual?) did not ask any Republicans for comments.

Anyway, here are some very inconvenient facts about African Americans in the first three minutes of this video:

11 comments to African Americans – some very inconvenient truths for BLM

  • Hardcastle

    The fact that those involved in BLM never listen or refuse to listen to intelligent black people like Larry Elder tell you all you need to know about their real intentions and it has nothing to do with the preservation of black lives or ours for that matter.The ones we need to target are all those white enablers who are comfortably ensconced within all the institutions,who are ironically financially supported by the majority of workers who do not share their political ideology.What they do not seem to realise,history suggests that they will be the first to be liquidated when their glorious revolution is complete.I do not believe in hate,but by God I hate these traitors with a vengence.It will take serious physical resistance to remove them and voting is not going to cut it.For many,it is still too difficult to accept our salvation lies with the ex militaries,ex police and the football alliance.You need big hard men in these circumstances,you cannot talk nicely to these people.Are enough people realistic enough to grasp the reality of the situation,I do not know,but a small group of determined men can overcome a group of effete cowards hiding in their privileged signatures with ease and a lot of people would support them.The internet has exposed the corruption endemic within politics,the public institutions and the MSM,their cover is blown.Where you can you can withdraw your financial support for the corrupt bodies,be they public or private,that is a start for all of us.I have cancelled my TV Licence,membership of the National Trust,no longer contribute to any national charity apart from the Services support and Salvation Army.At my are it is all I can do.

  • A Thorpe

    I watched a Larry Elder video recently where he was rejecting the “African American” label, claiming he is a black American and has no connection with Africa. It isn’t used the same way with other immigrants to the USA. Both Larry and Thomas Sowell, also a black American, both claim that the problems are due to family breakdown caused by welfare programmes that were intended to reduce poverty and they have done the opposite. Welfare has resulted in family breakdown and it is the same in every other country and not only related to black families. Sowell points out that that black families had higher employment and better eduction before the welfare programmes were introduced. I think Larry described it as being married to the state. It is made worse by Obama and Blair forcing young people into longer education which they do not want and gain nothing from. They disrupt education for those that do and if they go to university they end up in debt, more so in America.

    Single parent families have become more acceptable because other lifestyles have been more acceptable and this probably started with gay rights. Welfare programmes and rights combined have created this problem and they are all driven by socialists with the objective of disrupting established society. We have also seen more disruption from the socially driven environmental movement which has given us the fake human caused climate change policies with huge damage to western economies. Now we have the addition of even greater economic damage caused by the unnecessary virus lockdown.

  • loppoman

    I share your feelings Hardcastle and radical solutions. We are the majority but, really, we have no say. You’re right, voting won’t cut it. It can make decent folk into racists.
    On a lighter note:
    Monaco – Playground of the Rich
    Been watching this documentary on the Beeb about how all the money folk in Monaco pass their time.
    In fact, I’m surprised they actually show it. It surely does not suit the BBC agenda as I counted only one BAME person in that mass of white, privileged rich – a huge diversity void, there to be filled by BLM.
    In fact, the boys at Calais could also do better heading south rather than risking their lives at sea. I’m sure they could introduce their skills and culture to Monaco for which the residents there would be eternally grateful.
    But, don’t spread it about, keep it to yourselves, don’t want the prince Albert to panic.
    The same prince Albert who goes to the UN in his private jet and there preaches on how to save the planet. At home, he’s got a fleet of helicopters, fast cars (all green of course – not) and private army to keep him safe.
    In this day and age, how does Monaco get away with it? I think I know. Follow the money. They know how to run a country and keep the troublemakers out.

  • loppoman

    From history (not yet fully destroyed):
    Give the white man a pile of bricks and he will build a city.
    Give the b**** man a city and he will reduce it to bricks.

  • David Craig

    I’m afraid I had to remove one reader’s comment as I suspect Plod would consider it ‘waaaccciiissstttt’.

  • FredTheShred

    Shill at the Daily Mail Joker paper Victoria Biscoff says
    Can is now a dirty word.
    There goes your biggest Freedom control of Your Own Money,
    Do you trust the banksters ??

  • FredTheShred

    Another joker from the Daily Mail joksters Holly Thomas say over 50s will have to work longer.Ha they won’t have a job when there is 50% Unemployment .You can’t shut the country down when the economy and financial system were already failing and expect it to recover.
    As PTBarnum said there’s one born every minute,you trust those that got you into this mess to fix it.
    Its a power grab the BOE and the FED are said to be Nationalising industries, no they are not All Central Banks are Privately owned.They print money our of thin air and by everything,you do it and you go to jail as a counterfeiter.Why do you let them do it??
    One born every minute. Ha

  • A Thorpe

    The comments about Monaco are interesting and it is certainly a playground of the rich, but is there something we can learn from this. The Royal family has created a set of rules which they strictly enforce. There is no income tax but 20% VAT and this idea motivates working, saving and investing knowing that earnings will not be taken by the state. Essentially rules are what every stable society needs and in our case the rules are made by an elected parliament. As the theme of this blog and the video above shows the rules that result in a stable society are being slowly destroyed by democratically elected governments. Jordan Peterson addressed some of these issues in his lecture on 12 conservative principles and he stresses the rules we have are not perfect but they have developed over time and it makes no sense to rip them up and thing we can start again with something better. There are several versions of this on YouTube, one 12 minutes and the full lecture of 2 hours.

  • DefundtheBBCandOxford

    In Rhodesia there was no Apartheid except for the main Sports Stadium that was BLACKS only.Oxford won’t tell you that or the truth,they never did nor will they ever.
    When Rhodesia was invaded by the Communists the RDF the Rhodesian Defence Force comprised two thirds of volunteer Blacks.The Blacks knew that when Zimbabwe came they would suffer mightily and they have. Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa , now it is the Basket case of Africa under the Communists as the UK will be the Basket Case of the Western World very soon.
    The Communists such as Winnie Mandela brought the Black Necklace to other Black South Africans ,place a tyre round there necks and set them on fire.
    All have suffered greatly but Oxford won’t tell you that,
    Defund and scrap Oxford Now.And while your at it scrap the BBC the British Bullshit Corporation.

  • loppoman

    Yes, there’s lots of history Oxford, BBC, CH4, msm etc. etc. won’t tell you. RobertMugabe, Idi Amin, the guy running SA are just some that come to mind without delving in too deep.
    I didn’t watch it but heard on the radio of the disgraceful display of extreme virtue signalling at the football last night. I wonder how many players actually agree with this nonsense and those that don’t still need to participate in order to preserve their careers. Another example of mob rule.

  • leila

    Best advice given to Black America Finish high school, get a job, get married, have a small affordable family, stay married, keep your job.

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