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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Adolf Eichmann and Nazi, slave-owning mass-murderers

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Thanks to a reader for alerting me to this story

Lewis Hamilton bravely speaks out against slavery

British motor-racing champion Lewis Hamilton has been outspoken in his support for Black Lives Matter and for the removal of any racist symbols: “I challenge government officials worldwide to make these changes and implement the peaceful removal of these racist symbols”.

Commenting on the vandalism against a statue of a slave trader and philanthropist in Bristol, Lewis Hamilton has also demanded that there should be a “memorial for all those he sold, all those that lost their lives!”

Here’s Lewis Hamilton wearing his Mercedes cap:

I believe Lewis Hamilton is paid over £50m a year (including bonuses) by Mercedes and has amassed a fortune of over £200m thanks largely to German company Mercedes.

So let’s take a moment to look at the slightly dodgy or even racist, slave-owning and slave-murdering past of Hamilton’s main current paymaster – German car-maker Mercedes.

Mercedes/Daimler-Benz’s appalling history of slavery and mass murder

Here’s a quote from the official Mercedes/Daimler-Benz website:

As staff numbers were still too low, Daimler-Benz also used forced labourers. These prisoners of war, abducted civilians and detainees from concentration camps were housed close to the plants….Workers from eastern Europe and prisoners of war were interned in barrack camps with poor, prison-like conditions. Concentration-camp detainees were monitored by the SS under inhumane conditions. They were “loaned out” to companies in exchange for money. In 1944, almost half of Daimler Benz’s 63,610 Daimler Benz employees were civilian forced labourers, prisoners of war or concentration-camp detainees.

Daimler-Benz, owners of Mercedes, actually supported the Nazis prior to Hitler’s rise, taking out full-page advertisements in the Nazis’ newspaper, the Volkischer Beobachter, and utilizing slave labor to supply military material to the Nazis:

When in 1945 it became clear that their involvement would be exposed by Allied intervention, Daimler-Benz reportedly even attempted to have all of its slave workers rounded up and gassed to prevent them from talking.

What do you think about that, Mr Hamilton?

Worse still, long after the war Mercedes/Daimler-Benz seemed to have continued to be strong supporters of Nazi mass-murderers. For example, when one of the main organisers of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann, escaped from Europe to Argentina with the enthusiastic help of the German Catholic Church, he soon got a job with a Mercedes factory in Argentina where he rose to become a Head of Department. He probably would have been promoted further if he hadn’t been kidnapped by a squad from Israel’s Mossad in 1960. The Israelis drugged him, bundled him on to an El Al plane dressed as a flight attendant and took him back to Israel where he was tried and hanged for crimes against humanity.

Mass murderer Eichmann’s successful career with Mercedes in Argentina until his 1960 kidnap sort of undermines Mercedes/Daimler-Benz’s bleating after the war that they didn’t really support the Nazis, slave labour and the Holocaust.

If ever there was a company linked to slavery, racism and mass murder, Mercedes pretty much fits the bill.

What do you think about that, Mr Hamilton?

Is Lewis Hamilton’s other boss a slave-owner and slave murderer too?

In 2011 the German fashion firm Hugo Boss apologised for its maltreatment of forced workers during World War II when it supplied the Nazis with uniforms. It issued the apology to coincide with the publication of a new history of the company during the Hitler years, which it commissioned itself. The book commissioned by the company (laughably IMHO) claims that the company used only around 100 French and Polish slaves and claims that the company made great efforts to ensure their workers were well-fed and well looked after. But given that over ten million Germans would have worn military uniforms during the Nazi years and given that Hugo Boss was a major supplier of uniforms, especially to the SS, one could surmise that Hugo Boss actually exploited many thousands of slave labourers, many of whom were probably starved, beaten or tortured to death or else killed on death marches or just for fun.

I think this picture may be Hugo Boss meeting his hero – Adolf Hitler:

Hugo Boss apologists claim that the company was forced to cooperate with the Nazis in order to survive. But company founder Hugo Boss, was a loyal Nazi who actually joined the Nazi Party in 1931, two years before Adolf Hitler came to power, receiving the membership number 508 889, and a sponsoring member (“Förderndes Mitglied”) of the Schutzstaffel (SS). He also joined the German Labour Front in 1936, the Reich Air Protection Association in 1939, and the National Socialist People’s Welfare in 1941. He was also a member of the Reichskriegerbund and the Reichsbund for physical exercises. As one commentator wrote: “It is clear that Hugo F Boss did not only join the party because it led to contracts for uniform production, but also because he was a follower of National Socialism”.

Until the firm Hugo Boss withdrew from sponsoring the Mercedes Formula 1 racing team in 2018, Lewis Hamilton was a brand representative for slave-owning and slave-murdering Hugo Boss:

What do you say Mr Lewis Hamilton?

Until four weeks ago, Monaco-based Lewis Hamilton’s massive enrichment from two companies that owned, exploited and murdered tens of thousands of slaves wouldn’t have been a problem. After all, many British people now buy cars and other products from former enemies and slave-murderers Germany and Japan. But surely, if Mr Hamilton is going to demand that institutions cut all links to people who owned slaves about 300 years ago and that all symbols of that slavery be removed, then he should not promote and should not take tens of millions from companies that owned and murdered slaves only about 80 years ago?

I’m sure that Mr Lewis Hamilton is an honourable man.

Therefore I expect Lewis Hamilton to:

  • immediately cut all links with slave-owning, slave-murdering, fascist-supporting Mercedes
  • apologise for ever having promoted and worked for slave-owning and slave-murdering Mercedes and Hugo Boss
  • promise to never again wear any item with the Mercedes logo as it is what Lewis Hamilton himself would call “a racist symbol” in addition to being a symbol of slavery and mass murder
  • promise to never again buy or wear any item of clothing produced by the slave-owning, slave-murdering Hugo Boss company
  • personally pay for a monument to the victims enslaved and murdered by Mercedes and Hugo Boss – companies which hugely profited from slavery and which have paid so much money to Lewis Hamilton
  • donate all the money he has taken from slave-owning and slave-murdering, fascist-supporting Mercedes and Hugo Boss to anti-slavery charities.

What do you say, Mr Hamilton?

(by the way, I have contacted many mainstream media newspapers and journalists with this story and none of them will touch it. I wonder why they are so reluctant? Is it because only black lives matter?)

16 comments to Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Adolf Eichmann and Nazi, slave-owning mass-murderers

  • Wonky Moral Compass

    Is Hamilton still Monaco-based? For climate, scenery and gambling reasons, of course.

  • A Thorpe

    He should know that there are several memorials, including one at the UN. There is also a campaign for one in London but there isn’t the funding for it. Perhaps he can put his money where is mouth is.

  • chris

    We are being turned against each other as a matter of policy. Listen to this loyal ex soldier.

  • David Craig

    I tried to look at your Facebook link but believe this isn’t possible unless I join Facebook and thus give Facebook access to all me emails and contacts addresses – something I will never do.

  • loppoman

    David, the link works.
    When it asks you to create an account, just click “not now”.

  • Hardcastle

    So Boris has classified all those veterans who turned up as far right thugs has he.The man,and that is being charitable,would run a mile,all be it slowly
    ,if he ever saw a field of conflict.In one day he has dishonoured Winston Churchill and ex servicemen who were only representing those decent law abiding citizens who want our culture saving from rampaging,ignorant and hypocritical,cowardly imbeciles.The Met are a disgrace to the uniform and their so called leadership,weak incompetent.The Mayor of London is a blatant racist and no friend of this country,born here or not.I used to laugh at the media and government banging on about the threat from the far right that hardly exists.The pathetic “show trial ” of those rather sad young people,who have actually hurt no one was obviously staged as a warning to us all. However,I now know who these dangerous far right people are,they are you and me.We the working,law abiding tax paying people.Boris has virtually told us so.I never trusted him and he has soon proved to be a shallow,weak and cowardly politician with no guts to stand against people who hate you.Pandering to the mob,the bullies,the BBC and most of the media will get you nowhere,just lack of respect all round.Your cover is well and truly blown.The decent people of this country of all races and creeds,deserve better than this.Does he want civil war? Well unless he is prepared to face down those who hate us,whatever their race,he might get one.He will be hiding though,no Churchill he.

  • Hardcastle

    I have just watched a video on Facebook recorded by one of the Vets who was at the Cenotaph yesterday.He was very emotional and incandescent regarding the police action.All kitted out in riot gear,mob handed and dishonest in what they had indicated would be the situation.This was a fit up.I believe everything this ex service man had to say about yesterday.The garbage spewed out by our media is not to be believed,does anyone after the last four years plus of blatant distortion of the truth and propaganda bombardment.

  • leila

    I was deeply affected by this veteran’s testimony. Denial of toilet facilities, with holding of water and faced by the riot squad compared to puny cops kneeling and running from the violent mob tells a story which should goad us into action. The government is the architect in creating a country not worth living in, presumably to ensure a NWO Marxist state emerges. But as it is, as Douglas Murray tells us our only home. Very dangerous times.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Lewis Hamilton would have been unlikely to be where he is if an old, white guy named Ron Dennis, head of the McLaren racing team, hadn’t financed Hamilton’s racing career from age thirteen. No head of an F1 team had ever previously sponsored the career of a young driver virtually from scratch.
    Motor racing is a hugely expensive sport even in the lower formulae, and sponsorship of drivers means absolutely everything on each step of the ladder to a seat in F1. Sufficient millions of sponsorship money can secure someone an F1 seat even if they’re only a mediocre driver by F1 standards; conversely the lack of same will stop a racer’s career in its tracks somewhere on that ladder no matter how talented they are, and most aspiring young drivers have to spend an enormous amount of time trying to sell themselves to potential sponsors,
    Hamilton is a very talented racing driver, but Ron Dennis’s sponsorship gave him a, literally, uniquely privileged fast track direct to a McLaren F1 seat that other drivers equally talented would have sold their grandmothers for.


    The Banksters will be laughing NOW.

    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “I frequently hear of jobs going unfilled because a large number of applicants have difficulty passing basic requirements like drug tests or simply demonstrating the requisite work ethic,” said Dennis Lockhart, a former Citibank executive who ran the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank. “One contact in the staffing industry told us that during their pretesting process, a majority—actually, 60 percent of applicants—failed to answer ‘0’ to the question of how many days a week it’s acceptable to miss work.”

    The room of central bankers then broke into laughter.”

  • ItsAllOverNowItReallyIs

    Richard Littlejohn of The Daily Mail today says if they can mob Primark to go shopping they can WORK.

    If you pay the sheeple sick pay when they aren’t sick, they will Skive and go shopping even if they won’t have a job to go back to.

  • Stillreading

    Agree absolutely with the above. The scenes in the shops yesterday were deplorable – jostling each other, fighting over stuff in a sports gear shop. Just shows what their priorities are. Couldn’t help observing, too, that those in closest contact to each other came almost exclusively from the BAME community. It is very evident that a significant number at least of the currently furloughed or unemployed are anything but worried about current or future incomes. Are these the same people (all those I observed spending freely were of child-bearing age) as are wanting free school meals for their children throughout the school holiday period, because they cannot afford to feed the children they chose to bring into the world?

  • george

    “[T]he useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists. Forget about these political prostitutes. Aim higher. […] They serve a purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in the United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation. When their job is completed, they are not needed any more. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power—obviously they get offended—they think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. They will be lined up against the wall and shot.” 
    ― Yuri Bezmenov

  • Ed P

    Here’s a new nickname for Hamilton: Slavedriver

    I hope it sticks!

  • Stephen Round

    There is only one race the human race and anyone who panders to the idea ofseparate races is a racist. As for slavery the first west Indian slaves where white people from this Island who had supported the Stuart Monarchy during the Britsh Civil War…

    During the First and Second World Wars our non commissioned soldiers who had been captured during the conflict were put to work.
    They worked in logging camps factories coal mines and of course the infamous Burma Railways along with Siamese Burmese Chinese and Malaysian civilians collectively they were no different from slaves.

    Throughout history It was accepted that being put to work by your captors meant they stood a good chance of surviving wars and eventually living another life.

    The Arabs took far more slaves from Africa than the europeans did I wonder where are their descendents – it looks like the slaves the Arabs took for themselves didn’t survive! …

  • WDJ

    Good article, ruined by the last paragraph. 🙁

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