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What is the point of our useless, woke, cowardly, politicised police?

(Friday/weekend blog)

Run rabbit run?

I’d like to start this blog with a comment made by a reader a couple of days ago:

It was fascinating yesterday to watch the youtube videos of hapless Plod being chased down Whitehall by hordes of primitives, astonished and terrified to discover that all the face-painting, all the fingernail-painting, all the ethnic dancing lessons at Notting Hill didn’t protect them in the slightest from the savagery of thugs who not only hate the police and all they (allegedly) represent, but also despise Plod for their pathetic attempts to suck up to them.

And the entire concept of such useless, helpless Uni-graduate uniformed children being capable of the least kind of ‘brutality’ is so risible as to be utterly unworthy of consideration. Unfortunately. rioters don’t have the slightest fear of the cops – they know only too well that they can get away with anything, without any consequences.

When the inevitable happens (and there are now a LOT of very angry citizens out there), then both useless Plod and equally useless politicians from all three clown parties would do well to keep themselves at a safe distance. Because we’re pretty angry with those tossers as well, for the things that they’ve connived at.

Diversity or effectiveness?

Britain has one of the world’s leading police forces – the Metropolitan Police. They lead the world in that great new god we must all now worship – Diversity.

The head of the Met police is the wonderful Cressida ‘Dickless’ Dick:

Cressida Dickless is a true symbol of diversity being both a woman and a lesbian. And one of her prime ambitions is to have half of all police officers female. That will be useful next time there’s widespread left-wing, fascist rioting and looting.

The Met’s Assistant Police Commissioner is Neil Basu. He’s from a BAME background:

Yipee! More diversity!

Isn’t it wonderful how diverse the Met police’s leadership is?

Is all terrorism really right-wing, Mr Basu?

Neil Basu is quite outspoken about his views on policing, so let’s spend a couple of minutes on the wit and wisdom of Assistant Commissioner Basu.

In 2019, Basu wrote an open letter about the role of the media and the Internet in influencing terrorism. In this letter, Basu (who was the UK’s counter terrorism lead) mentioned just two terrorist attacks – the mosque shootings in New Zealand and the attack on Finsbury Park mosque in London. About the latter Basu wrote “The criminal responsible for the Finsbury Park attack in 2017 is a case in point, driven to an act of terror by far right messaging he found mostly on mainstream media, not even having to plumb the depths of social media or the dark web to find the material that ultimately radicalised him”.

Both these attacks were carried out by white right-wing extremists against our friends from our favouritest religion. But in writing about terrorism, the great Basu saw no need to mention the London underground bombings, the Manchester Arena slaughter, the London Bridge attacks, the police officer murdered by a Muslim outside the Houses of Parliament, the Bow Market attack or any other terrorist attack carried out by our religion of wonderfulness friends.

I  think this more than slight omission shows where Commander Basu’s sympathies lie?

Basu – taking the knee or taking the piss?

And now, following the latest London riots in which over 20 police officers were injured, Mr Basu has once again expressed his perceptive views. He said “Taking a knee was and is a powerful symbol of challenge and hope, and I was moved to see some of our officers do so”:

Of course, I’m not an experienced, politically-correct police boss like the impressive Commander Basu. But in my limited view, ‘taking the knee’ in front of a rioting mob is a sign of submission and subservience. The world would be quite a different place today if British troops ‘took the knee’ every time they were attacked by the Germans between 1939 and 1945.

I don’t know if Basu is a genius or a liar or a fool. Though I have my suspicions about Mr Basu’s competence or rather total lack of competence. But that’s just my personal opinion. I’m sure there are many people who consider Mr Basu a policing mastermind with his new tactics which seem to consist of police first taking the knee when faced with violent, left-wing, fascist rioters and then running away in terror when the rioters don’t hold the police’s hands and all sing Kumbaya together.

Moreover, this week we saw results of our diverse police’s cowering in surrender to criminals when the police hid away in safety as a statue in Bristol was being vandalised and when two policepersons got beaten up by a small group of thugs in London who filmed themselves laughing and shouting as they hit and kicked the Plods.

How did Dickless get her job?

As for Dickless Dick, I obviously have no idea whether Cressida Dickless is really the most effective policeperson in Britain, the policeperson who has nabbed the most criminals and solved the most complex cases. Though (if I remember correctly) she was the officer responsible for the shooting of an innocent Brazilian electrician whom the police mistook for a Middle Eastern terrorist.

Or perhaps Cressida climbed to her mighty position by sitting in meetings about diversity and inclusiveness and political correctness and all that useless crap?

Here (with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan) is a song I wrote and put on YouTube celebrating the career of Britain’ top cop. In the video I try to sum up the utter farce of Britain’s ever so diverse and utterly useless policepersons. Enjoy:

23 comments to What is the point of our useless, woke, cowardly, politicised police?

  • Cliff Hatton

    In my short life I’ve seen a highly civilized nation full of pride and post-war optimism reduced to a cowardly, corrupt, multi-cultural laughing stock. Not even the wildest dream could have conjured-up fantasies of police officers begging for foregiveness before a baying mob of foreigners or a vision of our border forces actively WELCOMING illegal immigrants from culturally alien countries. Yet here we are in Clown World…and it’s for real.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Anil Kanti (‘Neil’) Basu isn’t a police officer.

    He’s a politician in a uniform.

    And the world knows exactly what to expect from politicians who habitually wear uniforms, bearing in mind the history of the last two centuries.

  • A Thorpe

    The two comments above say it all.

  • ItsAllOverNowitreallyis

    Its not a lockdown its a


    Get to work if you can find any…

  • Geoff

    More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed. White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after blacks were freed in the United States.

    Thomas Sowell

  • Stillreading

    All the above comments are horribly spot on. More demos to come this weekend apparently. The idiotic concept of ” social distancing”, which is destroying our economy and raising a generation of illiterates and innumerates, will be disregarded completely, while the police look the other way. More damage will undoubtedly be inflicted on public buildings and monuments. Meanwhile, what are these hordes of ignorant or violent thugs living on? Oh, I know. Student loans (which will never be repaid since they will never earn sufficient to reach the threshold for repayment), State benefits or furlough payments. All at the expense of those of us who are still paying income tax, Council tax and VAT on domestic fuel. Stop all the payments, bang up the violent and destructive and set the rest to work clearing up the mess they’ve already made and will add to this weekend if they want the Nation they are so set on abusing to continue to support them.

  • David Craig

    I have changed ‘hoards’ to ‘hordes’.

  • Geoff

    The Untold Story Of White Slavery ( Ottoman Turks, Arab And Barbary Muslim Slave Trade)

  • loppoman

    All comments spot on but how to reverse this road to destruction?
    Unfortunately, the democratic process won’t work. It’s too long to wait 5 years in the (vain) hope that the system can be changed. Do we have that long? Do we have the right people? I doubt it.
    I foresee some conflict arising pretty soon with some blood spilled, unfortunately. Some sense might return once minds are focused.
    But long term, a full scale “clearing of the swamp” is needed.

  • ThinkForYourself

    Who were the Blaggards?

    The formidable Black Guard was comprised of slave warriors acquired from sub-Saharan Africa. Considered loyal, as they no longer had any tribal affiliation, the Black Guard were Ismail’s personal guards and servants.

    Isamil was given the epithet “the Bloodthirsty” for his legendary cruelty. To intimidate rivals, he once ordered that the walls of Meknès be adorned with 10,000 heads of slain enemies.

  • Geoff

    Under the Federal Reserve Act panics are scientifically created. The present panic is the first scientifically controlled one, worked out as we figure a mathematical equation. Charles A Lindbergh

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-Benz’s multiple World Champion F1 driver and now notable celebrity anti-racist campaigner is, I read, officially dressed by fashion company Hugo Boss. indeed, he is listed by them as a ‘Partner’, and takes an enthusiastic part in their sales promotions.

    From Wiki – ”In 1931, Hugo Boss became a member of the Nazi Party, receiving the membership number 508 889, and a sponsoring member (“Förderndes Mitglied”) of the Schutzstaffel (SS). He also joined the German Labour Front in 1936, the Reich Air Protection Association in 1939, and the National Socialist People’s Welfare in 1941. He was also a member of the Reichskriegerbund and the Reichsbund for physical exercises. After joining these organizations, his sales increased from 38,260 RM ($26,993 U.S. dollars in 1932) to over 3,300,000 RM in 1941.
    Though he claimed in a 1934–35 advertisement that he had been a “supplier for National Socialist uniforms since 1924″, it is probable that he did not begin to supply them until 1928 at the earliest. This is the year he became a Reichszeugmeisterei-licensed supplier of uniforms to the Sturmabteilung (SA), Schutzstaffel, Hitler Youth, National Socialist Motor Corps, and other party organizations.
    By the third quarter of 1932, the all-black SS uniform was designed by SS members Karl Diebitsch (artist) and Walter Heck (graphic designer). The Hugo Boss company was one of the companies that produced these black uniforms for the SS. By 1938, the firm was focused on producing Wehrmacht uniforms and later also uniforms for the Waffen-SS.”

    And I also read that the car company from which Mr Hamilton is perfectly happy to accept tens of millions of dollars per annum, Mercedes-Benz, admitted in 1987 that it employed over 40,000 slave labourers during WW2.

    Nice one, Lewis.

  • Hardcastle

    Promotion to the higher tiers of all public bodies has been carefully controlled for at least 30 years hence the pathetic,weak,corrupt and laughably incompetent like Dick and Basut.Anyone displaying individuality,an ability to question or challenge,regardless of their competence on the job,was sidelined,told they were being negative or unhelpful.Hence,we are lead,or not,by people who are inadequate and unable to perform the role for which they are generously paid.Their position is entirely due to toeing the party line,never rocking the boat,in some cases affirmative action and a total interest in personal advancement at the cost of integrity,honesty and a sense of loyalty to the nation that nurtured them.During my working life I have met many of them and they are detested by the hard working and competent infantry.They are everywhere and I hope they meet their Waterloo and good luck to any Patriots out there who are able and willing to resist.Voting has got us nowhere,it isaye lads aye and Tommmy Atkins time.Reality is coming home to roost as many on here have been pointing out for some time.It will,it cannot be pretty,but will be necessary if this nation of ours is to survive.

  • A Thorpe

    loppoman asks the question that seems unanswerable – how do we stop the destruction and decline? I think it is inevitable. Hayek wrote The Road to Serfdom, but I think it should have been “Democracy leads to Socialism which is the road to Serfdom”. There does not seem to be any way out of this. Democracy gives power to the majority, but it does not mean they are right; it just gives them power over the minority. This power now seems to be in the hands of the wealth consumers who expect to take money from the wealth producers. There is no way back once the mob realises this and rights, equality, social justice, diversity etc are the means they use to convince themselves that they are right.

    What we need is liberty from the state and rights under the rule of law with limitations on the power of the state. I believe this is what the American constitution did but this is slowly being eroded. Here, all our rights have been taken away and are given back to us by the state, making people believe they have to be grateful to the state.

    Two quotes from Hayek stand out:
    “Emergencies have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded”
    “We must face the fact the the preservation of individual freedom is incompatible with a full satisfaction of our views of distributive justice”

    It is no wonder that Margaret Thatcher is said to have carried a copy of his book in her handbag.

  • Below is a link to a video in which more or less the same perspectives are discussed by an intelligent conservative black American, who objects to being called an African American, which he says has been adopted as a description of black Americans in order to marginalise them, not to increase their inclusiveness.

    Black Lives Matter, Racism – A Conservative Perspective –

    “Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Larry Elder (conservative radio host) about the Black Lives Matter movement, systemic racism, and more.”

  • cogent1

    What is the point, you ask! Well, what state would society be in today if people were truly free to express their opinions on controversial matters like immigration,the drug culture, reckless abortion, political correctness, grotesque media bias and trial by media, censorship by ‘social media’, misandrist feminism, brainwashing in schools, lack of national pride,glorification of worthless celebrities, etc, etc?
    Thank God the police are ever vigilant at their keyboards to suppress and prosecute any suspicion of non-conformist expression posted online. So don’t expect them to have time to get out and keep order on the streets by bringing looters, vandals and hooligans to justice. Be reasonable!

  • William Boreham

    Blacks in the USA should get down on their knees and thank God for slavery Muhammad Ali was famous and confident enough not to give the usual PC reply when he was in Zaire to fight George Foreman and they asked him what he thought of Africa? “I’m glad my grandpappy got on that boat!”
    (Sub-Saharan per-capita income averages around $700 per annum – for American blacks, it’s more than 25 times that that. Average life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa is 46 years; American blacks average an extra quarter-century, )

    Incidentally, anyone who has read Frederick Law Olmstead’s “The Cotton Kingdom: A Traveller’s Observations on Cotton and Slavery in the American Slaves States.” (1860) and has also read German philosopher Friedrich Engel’s “The condition of the Working Class in England” (1845) would come to the conclusion that one would be a bloody sight better off being a slave in the southern states of the USA, than be a member of the poor godforsaken English working class at that same period.

  • Geoff

    That Young Commies and Trotskites think they have a tough unjust life.While they are pampered and sulking the real world suffers from the effects of Lockdown and destruction of their economies ,do you think this will not happen here once our Welfare state collapses with no one working , 50 % or more job losses coming now in the next 12 months? Our industries gone ..

  • Trevorg

    Corporate America Pledges $1.7 Billion to Black Lives Matter.

    Hit them in the pocket…

    Bank of America,
    Bad robot prod.
    Riot Games
    United Health

  • Harold

    Amazon Issues Statement Backing Protests As Their Drivers Are Being Attacked In The Streets.

  • CognitiveDissonance

    Cynthia Ritchie, an American who ws living in #Pakistan fr 10 yrs & boasted abt safe & secure Pak 2 yrs back has nw busted that she was r@ped by Pakistani ministers for 9 years.

  • Harryhull

    Will the BBC British Bullshit Corporation tell the truth and report this, nah the BBC Never told us the truth.Without the internet we wouldnt know..

  • A Thorpe

    An article has just appeared on Sky News with the views of a black female chief inspector saying it hurts her that she belongs to an organisation that would [kill] one of her community. She is talking about the black community. Her job is to protect us all, but she cannot see that, and it gets reported as a valid view.

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