July 2024

Here’s one black life that didn’t matter to “Black Lives Matter”

(Thursday blog)

Black retired cop shot by looters – Black Lives Matter couldn’t give a toss

I don’t know how many readers will be familiar with the circumstances of David Dorn’s death. David Dorn, aged 77, was a retired police captain in St Louis:

Following his retirement after 38 years on the force, he had been involved in local policing and community work. His wife, Ann Marie Dorn still works with the police.

David Dorn was shot dead Tuesday by looters who had broken into his friend’s pawn shop. He was found dead on the sidewalk in front of Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry in the early hours following unrest that followed a protest violent riot supposedly over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis:

For the brave protesters cowardly looters a bit of second-hand jewelry and a few second-hand TVs stolen from a pawn shop were more important than the life of a decent black American citizen like David Dorn. That’s why he was shot dead – so the brave protestors scumbag looters could steal mostly worthless rubbish from a pawn shop.

As far as I know, the BBC and C4 News and the Black LIves Matter protestors won’t be mentioning the death of David Dorn. For the BBC and C4 News and the Back Lives Matter scum David Dorn’s life was one black life that didn’t matter at all.

The British broadcasters certainly won’t mention President Trump’s praise for black American retired policeman David Dorn as that doesn’t fit the BBC’s and C4 News’s narrative of Trump being a racist:

Aaahh, I got some stuff!!!!

The BBC and C4 News have been endlessly spinning the story of the George Floyd protests as being about noble, selfless, peaceful citizens standing up to racist police brutality. And every report from the US has been aimed at attacking Trump and trying to blame him for Floyd’s death and the violence that followed.

But here’s a longish report on the supposed ‘protests’ – many just violent looting – from Fox News. You just need to watch the first 6 to 7 minutes to see the reality of the supposed ‘protests’ that the BBC and C4 News won’t show. Then you’ll see why Trump wrote “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”:

Here’s a side to the peaceful protests violent rioting and looting the UK media have been ‘surprisingly’ reticent to mention:

7 comments to Here’s one black life that didn’t matter to “Black Lives Matter”

  • chris

    These protests aren’t spontaneous reactions but a well planned follow-up destabilisation to build on the (also well planned) shut down of the US and UK economies. The globalists want the UK to stay in the transition period so as to milk and destroy it. Following failure to succeed at Russiagate and Impeachment the globalists want to destroy the US economy to prevent Trump’s re-election.

    Now Carrie/Boris are planning a green new deal so as to cement the UK’s decline. We can look forward to travel rationing and winter power cuts.

  • loppoman

    Shocking video.
    Chris, you may well be right.
    Are we heading towards a war?
    BTW – what does “Black Lives Matter” say to me?
    It says that ONLY black lives matter.
    BLM must surely be a racist movement and why is it not banned?

  • Stillreading

    You may be right Chris, but it seems more as if they’re just hoards of idle, leftie, self-indulgent millennials (OK, a few are older but of the spoilt generation nevertheless) who are able to demonstrate in huge number on a working day because they are either being furloughed, at vast expense to the country, or are on other benefits. I doubt the majority have the intelligence or perception to comprehend the sort of global conspiracy to destabilize nations to which you refer. They were just relishing rolling in sentiment and gaining attention. Forget “distancing” – they ignored it yesterday! – withdraw their benefits and set them to work off their energy doing something useful to benefit their fellow citizens of all ethnicities. There’s plenty of fruit and veg waiting to be picked!

  • loppoman

    Further to my previous post:
    Now if they had added the word “Too” to “Black Lives Matter”, they would draw upon my sympathy.
    But, as it is, they’re just a bunch of racists. They are telling me that, as a white person, my life doesn’t matter.

  • A Thorpe

    This is the slow death march of socialism. Revolutionary socialism no longer works and where it has happened it is maintained by force. This is because sensible people know that wealth creation is the way to an improved life. We now have democratic socialism where the majority can vote for chaos and that is what results when governments are elected to give up on law and order. People who respect the law and property rights do not destroy the civilisation we have spent thousands of years creating. Education has been dumbed down, family life has been destroyed, all through the ballot box. More and more welfare has been voted for so there is less ownership of private property in the form of homes and shares in private businesses. Therefore, the masses see nothing wrong in destroying what they do not own.

    We have not felt the long term effect of the destructive virus policies. Job losses are already being announced. The BBC, surprisingly, says millions of children in Africa and Asia will die because of the disruption to vaccination programmes. This is only the beginning. We will find out what austerity really means and life expectancy will fall.

  • Paul Chambers

    Pasolini’s famous remark that 1968 was all about the children of the establishment (the protesters) throwing rocks at the children of the poor (the police).

    I feel its not too dissimilar here given the protesters appear to be mostly students and middle class lefties. They are supporting the state position though so its hard to know what they want other than to virtue signal.

    I agree this is orchestrated and no coincidence these events are happening in the US election year with a president despised by the globalist elite. Hopefully we can pick up with what is left of the economy next year and fail to see how these extreme actions taken by the globalists do anything but cement Trump as a shoe in for another term.

  • William Boreham

    Despite our modern useless ‘woke’ police in London ‘bending the knee’ in self flagellation, I see black lives don’t matter much to fellow blacks. In the midst of all the nationwide looting spree, the Chicago blacks were up the their usual weekend jolly pastime – shooting each other. Seems “Twenty-four people were killed and at least 61 others were wounded by gun violence in Chicago’s most violent weekend of the year so far, which also saw widespread protests, riots and looting throughout the city in the wake of the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.”

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