July 2024

Do black lives matter – to other blacks?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

As the violent supposed ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests continue throughout the USA and in some other countries, nobody is asking the question “Do black lives matter – to other blacks?”

Africa – black lives clearly don’t matter to other blacks

Let’s start with Africa. There are a lot of black people there. About 78% of Africa’s 1,300,000,000 population are black. That’s around 1,000,000,000 black people. It’s difficult to find out how many of these one billion blacks are killed by other blacks each year – most of the organisations providing figures are aid NGOs like the (IMHO) utterly corrupt UNICEF or charities who have a vested interest in exaggerating the numbers to grab ever more of our (usually white people’s) money.

However, we can start to get an idea of how many African blacks are killed each year by other blacks. Judged in terms of productive land and mineral resources, Africa may well be the world’s richest continent. Nevertheless about 42% of Africa’s blacks – that’s around 420 million people – live in absolute poverty. That’s less than $1.90 a day. Of the remaining 58% all but about 5% are relatively poor.

Reasonable estimates are that around 15,000 black Africans die of poverty-related causes – malnutrition, polluted water, malaria and other easily preventable diseases – each day. Hence some charities use claims like ‘An African child dies every 10 seconds from poverty’ or ‘A child dies every minute from malaria’:

This gives around 100,000 poverty-related deaths per week – over 5 million a year – in what should be the world’s richest continent.

These 6 deaths a minute – 15,000 deaths a day – are blacks being killed by the greed, corruption and stupidity of other blacks. Yet strangely, the rioters supposedly protesting over “Black Lives Matter” don’t seem terribly interested in the mass daily slaughter of black Africans by other black Africans.

Clearly to blacks, to the Antifa lefties and to the mainstream media, black African lives don’t matter at all

USA – black lives clearly don’t matter to other blacks

I looked at the FBI figures for 2013 to 2017. Of the around 2,500 whites murdered each year, over 85% were murdered by other whites and just over 10% killed by blacks. In 2018, where the homicide victim was black, the suspected killer was also a black American 88% of the time. And this is not an exceptional situation. From 1976 to 2005, 94% of black victims were killed by other African Americans.

In the USA murder is usually intra-racial, not inter-racial.

Yet strangely, the rioters supposedly protesting over “Black Lives Matter” don’t seem terribly interested in the mass daily slaughter of black Americans by other black Americans.

Clearly to blacks, to the Antifa lefties and to the mainstream media, black American lives don’t matter at all.

These protests aren’t about supposed racism. They’re just the usual lefty, Antifa mob – eagerly supported by the Trump-loathing mainstream media – screaming in hatred because they’re afraid Trump is going to win the November presidential election against the increasingly senile and mentally-challenged Joe ‘China’ Biden:

Hence the violent Washington protests around the White House as if it was Trump himself who personally killed George Floyd.

I rest my case.

8 comments to Do black lives matter – to other blacks?

  • chris

    Whatever’s next?

  • loppoman

    Well said David.
    But as you say, the agitators don’t want to know the facts. Their agenda is not related. Dangerous people.

  • Stillreading

    Well said indeed. But when did the left wing media ever let facts get in the way of a good story?

  • William Boreham

    What does this video remind you of?
    Only difference is that poor Tony Timpa was white, so no riots and looting to commemorate his death.

  • A Thorpe

    Every campaign slogan aims for the moral high ground to prevent debate, so well done for raising it. The campaigners should be grateful they still live in a free country where this is allowed. Imagine a “White lives matter” campaign in Mugabe’s Africa. Community leaders would be out of a job if they did not keep stirring up trouble. As I pointed out yesterday all the measures showed that black Americans were doing better 100 years ago than they are today. That is the failure of equality and welfare which all minorities believe will benefit them. They need to use the ballot box to get change. Recently, they only did better under Kennedy and Reagan because of low taxes and a growing economy. They went backwards under Obama. Perhaps those who don’t find the USA a good place to live should consider relocation to a better country.

    To add to the madness, today is “Music industry blackout Tuesday”.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    BLM demonstrates in London.

    I, and I would imagine many others, look at the photos of the young men and women who have been killed on the streets of London during the last two years of the capital’s murder pandemic.

    And I look at the photos of their convicted murderers.

    And I ask myself – Where were the London BLM protests about the deaths of all these young black people, stabbed or shot to death by other young black people? Where were the outraged denunciations by leftist politicians and entertainers? Where was the agonised soul-searching about what is wrong with black society?

    Or is it perhaps that, to BLM and all those of their persuasion, black lives don’t actually matter at all when they’re murdered by other black people? Because the murder can’t be described as ‘Racist’? And that it’s ok for black people to be murdered in their dozens, except when the perpetrator is white? And that when a black person is murdered by another black person, somehow the grief of the victim’s family’s is less than if they were murdered by a white person?

  • loppoman

    Great summation Jeffrey.
    It is absolutely true. The evidence is/has been there to uphold the facts.
    It’s not really about the loss of black lives. It’s about wanting to change/destroy society that we have known and enjoyed for many decades.

  • Stillreading

    ” It’s about wanting to change/destroy society that we have known and enjoyed for many decades.”
    And aren’t they succeeding loppoman!! We are well on our way to becoming a Third World country!

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