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Looting against USA police racism

(Monday blog)

Protesting looting against USA police racism

I fully understand the anger of many Americans over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. And I understand why many protests have become violent. Though I suspect that many of the protests are actually organised by the usual antifa lefty Trump-haters terrified that senile old Joe Biden is going to be crushed by Trump in the November presidential election.

But there is one aspect of the protests that the British mainstream media tend not to mention – the many Americans who are protesting looting against USA police racism.

To protest loot against USA police racism you need to do the following:

Step 1 – Get a large baseball bat

Step 2 – Drive down to your local shopping mall

Step 3 – Use baseball bat to smash the windows of any shop containing stuff you want

Step 4 – Jump through the broken shop windows and take what you want

Step 5 – Drive home with your car full of new widescreen TVs, iPhones and lots of other stuff

Step 6 – Enjoy your new widescreen TV, iPhones and other stuff knowing that you ‘did your bit’ in the fight against USA police racism

Here’s a rather jolly and short (2 minutes) video of Americans protesting looting against USA police racism. One of the looters even has her “Black Lives Matter” placard proving that she and her chums are looting for justice:

6 comments to Looting against USA police racism

  • Bad Brian.

    Well, as they say ” Looting takes the waiting out of wanting”

    I suggest that this video should be shown to Magid Nawaz who was on LBC radio yesterday explaining that it was all middle class white people, with three speed microwave ovens, who were doing all the rioting and looting. Lucky things!

    He then explained that it’s the white people who are really responsible for the riots because they killed all the black leaders leaving a vacuum of leadership in “da black community widout any moral combas. Uh Huh !”

    He then cited Ghandi as an example of the leadership that was killed by whites despite the fact that Ghandi, who seriously disliked negro’s, was a Hindu, who was killed by an Indian Muslim and that was back in 1947 I think. So, because Ghandi was shot 73 years ago, Ellroy thinks its OK to help himself to a blow up plastic paddling pool ” Mungst udder stuff, an all, yo’unnerstan”

    We then got told about Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, who were both killed in the 1960’s which is like 60 years ago, so how can us white folk expect our black brethren to behave in view of that !?

    He did not mention any of the black leaders such as Idi Amin, Mugabe, or any of the dudes in charge during the civil wars of Rawanda, Angola, The Congo, or Chacka Zulu’s march South which exterminated about 2 million non Zulu blacks before Michael Cain sent him off with a flea in his ear in the movie called, er, “Zulu”.

    There was no mention of the great leader and now sainted “Dead Terrorist” Nelson Mandela or of his delightful wife who used to take great joy in placing burning tyre’s around her political opponents necks. Now that’s what I call leadership !

    Also no mention of our favourite dead Palestinian Yasser Havafart who’s wife, when he died , had to hand back, over $100 million of aid money that he had stolen from his own, impoverished people.

    Magid did get in a dig about the countless atrocities that are taking place against the Muslim community all over the world but never mentioned Rochdale or Rotherham or anywhere else that the nasty whites are “opressin’ dem poor Muzzies”

    If’n a white dude had’a been spoutin’ such bile on da radio, he’d a been fired by now an da police at his door. Uh Huh !

  • Hardcastle

    Looting is a totally selfish,anti social and criminal activity,which does the reputation of no one any good.I the perpetrators in this video think they are helping to combat racism,they are deluded.Blacks,apparently I am allowed to call them that,have had massive positive affirmative action over the past years,often at the expense of the white population.This has obviously not been good enough for those unable to show the ability or drive to make the most of their opportunities.Whatever their race they need to feel the full force of justice.Equality for all before the law.In the past looters were shot,soon sorted the problem.But I suppose now,there will be hand wringing enquiries about why these people are doing this.It will be our fault,naturally.Why is it primarily ethnic minorities who seem predisposed to looting? If they have grievance,just demonstrate peacefully or am I being simple minded?

  • loppoman

    Bad Brian – excellent post.
    I hope Mike Graham will have something to say about this.

  • A Thorpe

    Thomas Sowell, a black American, has talked about how the lives of black Americans has deteriorated. There is higher unemployment and lower education standards now compared to the early part of the 20th Century. He also talks about problems on the breakdown of family life with an increasing number of single parent families. But In his view it is all due to the expansion of the welfare state. He also criticises community leaders, who he says don’t want to solve problems because it would mean they were not needed. He’s written many books and there are YouTube videos that are worth watching. We can all learn from his wisdom.

    What we see in this video is not related to the killing of a black man by the police and it is not race related. It is a sign of deep rooted problems that politicians ignore probably because they have no solutions.

  • William Boreham

    The American police in action.
    The chap is unarmed for Christ’s sake.
    I did national service in the Military Police and often unarmed myself, arrested many violent squaddies who didn’t want to be arrested and never had to resort to those laughable procedures. Talk about over the top!

  • PeterW

    Doesn’t one just love the Liberal left

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