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Latest news from the Religion of Peacefullness

(Friday blog)

With all the news about the Chinese Covid-19 plague and the confected fury of the Labour-loving, Brexit-loathing media (yes, IMHO that’s you Emily Maitliss) over a 30-mile car journey taken by the PM’s key advisor, you might all be wondering what our friends from the Religion of Wonderfullness and Peacefullness have been up to over just the last few days.

A couple of blogs ago, I brought you the latest score from the Ramadanadingdong mass murderthon. And here are a few other leading stories from the last few days of love and peacefulness:

Aasia Bibi’s brother-in-law slaughtered

You’ll probably all remember Aasia Bibi – the Pakistani Christian woman who spent years in prison awaiting execution for supposed blasphemy:

On Monday this week Younus, the brother-in-law of Asia Bibi, was killed in Sheikhupura city of Punjab province in Pakistan on Monday. Younus had gone to his farms on May 24 and did not return home at night. His body with throat slit was traced in the farm the following morning.

I don’t suppose the BBC and C4 News will be reporting that.

Gay man beaten up by migrants in Belgium

The Belgian police are asking for the public’s assistance in tracking down three migrants who tricked, beat up, and robbed a gay man in AntwerpThree men who the police describe as “young men of foreign origin” saw the gay man, 24, on the Nationalestraat; he was wearing make-up. They followed him home, attacked him, beat him up, robbed him and ran away laughing.

I don’t suppose the BBC and C4 News will be reporting that.

Woman in Iran sentenced to blinding

An Iranian woman convicted of blinding a man in an acid attack was sentenced to blinding, local media reported on Tuesday. The 30-year-old woman in the city of Mashhad threw acid in the face of a 33-year-old man she had been involved with, according to the state-run Rokna news agency. The man was blinded in both eyes following the attack.

The woman was seeking revenge, according to Rokna. During interrogations, the woman said that she had ended her marriage and had given custody of her child to her ex-husband in order to be with the man who would become the victim of the acid attack. The Islamic Republic views blinding as an effective deterrent against acid attacks, but rights groups, including Amnesty International, condemn it as barbaric.

I don’t suppose the BBC and C4 News will be reporting that.

Iran – 13-year-old girl beheaded by her father

A 13-year-old Iranian girl was beheaded in her sleep by her father on Thursday in a so-called “honor killing”:

The incident occurred in the city of Talesh in the northern province of Gilan. The victim, Romina Ashrafi, had run away from home following her father’s opposition to her marrying a man she had “fallen in love with,” according to local media. The man Ashrafi wanted to be with is reportedly 35 years old, according to local Iranian media outlets.

I don’t suppose the BBC and C4 News will be reporting that.

Don’t go to the Greek Islands any more

As Greece opens up its islands to tourists, there’s a worse menace than the Chinese Covid-19 plague awaiting visitors. Many Greek islands are now over-run by gangs of Middle-Eastern migrants – most of them young men and most armed with knives and other weapons.

The murder of a Syrian man in Chlorakas in Paphos is the most violent in a growing number of incidents that is spreading fear among residents and has forced the community leader to appeal for state help over groups of young, armed, single migrant men. Police patrols have increased, and the community board is also paying for three private security guards to monitor the area in the wake of the murder of 20-year-old Jamal Alhadzi who was killed in Chlorakas after being stabbed multiple times.

A total of 11 suspects, all Syrian, face murder charges over Alhadzi’s death, apparently over matters of ‘honour’.

I don’t suppose the BBC and C4 News will be reporting that.

Syrian rapists in Germany get derisory prison sentences

Meanwhile three Syrian men who raped a 14-year-old German girl were given prison sentences of around three years each. So, just like many ‘Asian’ rapists in the UK, these men will be out on the streets again in a few months and be able to harrass and molest the girls they originally raped.

I don’t suppose the BBC and C4 News will be reporting that.

And more and more and more

I could go on. There are so many more stories of enrichment and enlightenment being brought to our world by our favourite religion. So let’s all give thanks to Priti Patel for providing a free ferry service from France to the UK to bring many more members of the world’s favouritest religion on comfort and safety to our shores:

3 comments to Latest news from the Religion of Peacefullness

  • A Thorpe

    It looks like we now have a choice of a quick, violent death from the religion of peace or a slow, miserable death from Boris and his gang of happy clappers.

  • Ukjokernation

    Alex Brummer and Francesca Washtell and the other jokers in the Financial fiction section of the Daily Mail joker fake news rag have misleading news.
    Nissan are to keep their plant open in Sunderland producing 347000 cars last year. They can produce them and go bankrupt ,who will buy them? They don’t ask the obvious questions .How does it feel to mislead and lie to your own people on a daily basis for 30 prices of Silver ,Alex and Francesca oh I know just following orders..

  • NocdivocGoolag

    If you want to impoverish the masses, especially the middle class… 1. Crash stocks 2. Shutdown economy, slash jobs 3. Give everyone free money that’s not inflation indexed 4. Hyperinflate away savings and UBI 5. Pull the plug and create the Greatest Depression

    cCreate the disaster, then offer up the saviour solution ? digital money implanted into everyone so if you don’t obey they can just ‘shut you down ” , madmax is a coming.

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