May 2024

US Democrats claim Covid-19 came from Europe

(Thursday blog)

Today’s blog will be short.

The video below is so shockingly deceitful, it really doesn’t need much commentary.

As you all know, when President Trump called the Coronavirus “the Chinese virus” there were howls of outrage from the US and UK mainstream media calling Trump a “racist” and “xenophobe” and accusing him of spreading “hatred” and of maligning the Chinese community.

We all know that the virus did come from China, in spite of Chinese propaganda claiming it actually came from America. But strangely, the word “China” seldom seems to be mentioned in the mainstream media when reporting on the Chinese Covid-19 plague. The only time “China” is mentioned is when the media wants to lambast the Trump  administration’s reaction to Covid-19 by comparing it to the supposedly much more effective Chinese response.

Moreover, you all know that anything Trump says will automatically be attacked and contradicted by the lying, self-serving Democrats. Perhaps we should thank New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, for revealing the depths Democrats will go to in order to attack Trump. In the short (less than one minute) video below, Cuomo claims that the Covid-19 virus is a “European virus”.

Though maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at this latest Democrat lie. After all, the Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is practically a full-time employee of the Chinese Communist Party. Shortly after an official trip to China, on which Joe Biden was accompanied by his son, former drug addict Hunter Biden, a company connected with Hunter Biden was reportedly given over $1 billion by companies and banks linked to the Chinese Communist Party to buy up real estate and high-tech companies in the US. So Creepy Joe, the hair-sniffing, hands-on (or hands-up?) candidate probably has a lot of favours he owes to the Chinese. Should Biden be elected there will probably be rejoicing in Beijing as a Biden administration will do whatever its Chinese bosses order. And should Biden be replaced as candidate by Cuomo due to Biden’s worsening dementia, we can expect abject grovelling to China’s every command.

Anyway here’s honest Andrew Cuomo helping out his Chinese overlords by claiming the Covid-19 virus came from Europe. I hope this doesn’t make you choke on your corn flakes:

6 comments to US Democrats claim Covid-19 came from Europe

  • A Thorpe

    As time goes on will people wake up to the lies by the media and politicians, the policy mistakes made politicians and the utterly useless NHS?

  • Ed P

    I wonder if the Chinese have already decided on President Cuomo? It’s obvious Biden is not mentally capable – he’ll be replaced before or at their conference.
    (And anyone who thinks they will not or cannot influence the election has not really been keeping up.)

  • Hardcastle

    The co ordinated lies and disinformation are so obvious to those willing to read and think as individuals.What is disheartening are the numbers of intelligent people who rely on a narrow range of sources for their information,such as the BBC.Surely anyone with a brain can detect the embarrassing level of bias by now and at least begin to question.This virus has brought out the traitors into the daylight for all to see,they are that confident that they have the majority under control and ready for the great reset.

  • PA

    I wonder how Mr Lying Mayor might react should we decide to start calling it the New York Cuomo virus?

  • Dr Vernon Coleman’s fourth video about the coronavirus is now on YouTube. It is called Coronavirus 4: The Hidden Agendas Behind Government Lies and Deceits.

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