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Wouldn’t it be tragic if Israeli scientists discover a Covid-19 vaccine?

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Busy, busy people?

So far the number of people viewing my latest video (link below) is pathetically small. I guess most of my readers are far too busy doing vitally important things and so don’t have a spare moment to spread the link to my latest Youtube video using FaceBook and Twitter and suchlike social media?

It must be great to be so busy doing vitally important things.

In future I’d better keep my blogs as short as possible because my readers are so incredibly busy that they simply can’t possibly spare even a few seconds to help increase the number of people viewing my latest video.

Let’s hope Israeli scientists aren’t first to find a vaccine

One thing that really keeps me awake at night is the thought that clever Israeli scientists might be first to develop a vaccine for the Chinese Covid-19 plague.

Why does this worry me? Because if the vaccine was developed by Israelis, then it’s clear that the slightly scientifically-challenged imams and mullahs and clerics and other bearded crazies from our favourite religion would claim that the vaccine was an evil plot by the hated (by them) Jews to kill members of our favourite religion.

In fact, here’s a typical bearded crazy preaching why the Coronavirus is actually good for the world because it has shut down pubs and whorehouses and is killing infidels and Shiites:

If Israeli scientists were first to develop an effective vaccine, then we would end up in a situation whereby everyone else in the world got vaccinated except for members of our utterly favouritest religion who would shun the Israelis’ ‘devil vaccine’ and rely on Allah for protection instead.

Wouldn’t that be like totally tragic? Of course it would!

Ramadanadingdong infections are the government’s fault

Speaking of our most favouritest religion, I’ve just seen a report on BBC Breakfast about how Britain’s millions of Religion of Peace followers will be celebrating Ramadanadingdong. The BBC presenter interviewed several members of Britain’s Religion of Peacefulness community and all claimed that, if members of their community got together to celebrate Ramadanathingimmyjig and infected each other with the Chinese Covid-19 plague, then it would be the British government’s fault for not communicating the need for social distancing. It would NOT be the fault of the Religion of Peacefulness’s followers for ignoring official social distancing advice.

I agree with the BBC that it would be the government’s fault. I’m sure you do too!

Stay home – Crash the Economy – Bankrupt Britain

Anyway, until next week, stay safe and remember the government’s advice:

Stay Home – Crash the Economy – Bankrupt Britain

And here’s my latest video for anyone who hasn’t seen it:

5 comments to Wouldn’t it be tragic if Israeli scientists discover a Covid-19 vaccine?

  • A Thorpe

    They should be celebrating that we are following their example and starting to wear face coverings.

    I like your slogan. Use it for a new song for Boris to use at his first appearance. Perhaps “Staying at home” set to the Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive.

  • Hardcastle

    Are our non conservative government suddenly realised that the shutdown is worse than the virus? I detect a sudden change of emphasis but is too late as usual.The economic repercussions of the lockdown plus the money printing are going to unleash a world that the majority of the population are unprepared for,either physically or emotionally.A significant economic re set is coming,whether this was the whole point of the scaremongering or sheer incompetence,it is difficult to judge.All the previous assumptions and entitlements are out of the window for the majority.What will be interesting will be the response of the population.Have they been cowed into acceptance or will they rebel? Interesting and dangerous times lie ahead and in the near future.The can can not be kicked down the road for ever and I think we could be there.Brexit is almost an irrelevance now!

  • Stillreading

    I agree Hardcastle. Anyone who believes that once restrictions have been lifted life will return to what it previously was is living in cloud cuckoo land. I reckon we shall all suffer a severe reduction in the standard of living, plus and ongoing personal surveillance. Everything we do will be monitored and/or sanctioned. I watch with utter despair the daily ministerial obfuscations, half-truths, exculpatory lies and disastrous ditherings and wonder how on earth such a crew of incompetents ever came to be in charge of our once great nation. Meanwhile the national debt grows to incomprehensible proportions, businesses face terminal decline and thousands of the nation’s women are taking matters into our own hands to produce on domestic sewing machines the washable clothing desperately needed by hospital clinical staff, the money to purchase the essential fabric having been raised by charitable donation. It doesn’t greatly boost national morale to learn that while the Health Secretary was lying to us about the alleged 8,000 items of PPE “on their way” from Turkey, subsequently discovered to be not 8,000 but 4,000 and by no means “on their way” when he spoke, UK manufacturers were busily EXPORTING identical items! Oh, and let’s not forget the thousands of immigrants continuing to arrive every day at Heathrow, being asked, like good little children, to tell the big strong immigrant official if they have a temperature or a sore throat then, if they lie their heads off and say they feel fine, being set loose amongst the otherwise incarcerated UK population. No! You couldn’t make it up, could you?

  • chris

    from zerohedge 27 February 2020. Wonderful gift of foresight perhaps, or perhaps, something more sinister.

  • A Thorpe

    There has to be somebody who knows what is going on and why. Are they perhaps too afraid to speak out and if so it means somebody is directing events with a specific purpose, and purpose can only be a world government. Can we all be so blind that we cannot work it out? Or is it really just scaremongering and incompetence as suggested above, and perhaps a world that has become too complex for us to manage that is now descending into chaos?

    The warnings have been there for years with human caused climate change. There is no doubt that that this is a scientific fraud on a scale never seen before. All it needs is either some basic school physics or rational thinking to see that it is a fraud, but a majority are taken in by it. The virus is real but scientists do not agree about its fatality rate and astonishingly none of the governments except Sweden have considered the impact of their policies on the economy. This time people are not questioning the policy because they are afraid of dying, when the risk is low. You can see the fear in faces when people meet on narrow pavements. Humans have always lived with risk, now we are too afraid to do anything and unbelievably seem to think everything can return to normal.

    We have controlled the environment to our benefit to get where we are but has our collective knowledge become too advanced for our general level of intelligence so that it has now become our downfall and we are afraid of ourselves. It looks more likely than a world mastermind at work. There is certainly no world leader, or group of them, capable of bringing us to our senses.

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