February 2024
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“The Wuhan Song” – my latest YouTube video

(Friday blog)

Well, my latest video “THE WUHAN SONG” was a complete waste of my time.

I asked readers “Please, please send the link out to your contacts and your network so we can increase the number of people who see it”.

The result? Many fewer people watched the video than read the blog.

I guess many readers couldn’t be bothered to even watch the video and probably 90% or more couldn’t be bothered to help out.

What a world we live in:

6 comments to “The Wuhan Song” – my latest YouTube video

  • Mark Toolan

    That brought a smile to my face!

  • chris

    Meanwhile, in California random testing has been undertaken which shows that roughly 4.1% of LA County already has the CV virus. Barbara Ferrer, the local public health director said that in early April when testing was done, 410000 inhabitants (10M live there) had the virus. The actual death rate was 617. Our UK gov is scaring us with percentage death rates based on those with serious symptoms. Normal flu death rates are based on random testing of the population to assess the percentage. According to the LA County figures the death rate from CV is 0.15. Annual flu has a death rate of between 0.10 and 0.20. Hardly different!
    I wonder if this explains why UK gove has decided not to release the ‘scientific advice’ it has based its decisions on. The fact is UK gov has relied on those ‘so called’ scientists who have links (paid research) to the big pharmaceutical companies and see big profits in vaccines. It has ignored the scientists who say herd immunity is the only way to tackle this. If we had there would be no fear of a second wave and the vulnerable could have been released after a shorter period than they will now endure.

  • david brown

    UN now reports that millions are at risk of starvation due to the impact of coronavirus on the global economy.
    After its all over China will be able to use its currency reserves to buy up the assets of bankrupt nations.

  • Colin Roxburgh

    Excellent, made me laugh. Shared to my Fb friends.

  • A Thorpe

    But here we have a spokesperson for the Prime Minister saying about the government policy: “The key to this is not having a second peak. Having a second peak would be bad not only on health grounds but also bad for business and the economy.”

    I’d like to know what the PM thinks the effect of his policies so far have done.

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