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Can Joe Biden even remember his own name?

(Tuesday blog)

Today I wanted to try to deal with the torrent of lies we get in the UK mainstream media – especially the corrupt BBC and C4 News – about President Donald Trump. There are two main areas of lies – Trump’s reaction to the Chinese Covid-19 plague and Trump’s chances against Democrat Joe Biden in the November presidential election

Torrent of lies 1 – Trump has bungled the USA’s Covid-19 response

The UK media’s narrative is that Trump has bungled the USA’s Covid-19 response resulting in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. With gloating and glee, the BBC and C4 News love reporting how many Covid-19 deaths there are in the US compared to other countries, especially China:

Apparently, the UK mainstream media believe the ludicrously low fatality figures coming from the Chinese Communist Party propaganda department.

Throughout the Chinese Covid-19 plague crisis, the UK mainstream media have lambasted everything Trump has done. When Trump imposed a travel ban from China (long before other countries) the UK media accused him of racism and xenophobia. When the travel ban was extended to Europe and then the UK, there was once again outrage in the UK mainstream media.

Moreover, the UK mainstream media seem to have totally ‘forgotten’ the tsunami of criticism against Trump from the Democrats. When HHS Secretary Alex Azar declared a Public Health Emergency Joe Biden called it “Hysterical Xenophobia” and “Fear Mongering”.

And when Trump started to propose social distancing, the mainstream media and Democrats accused him of over-reacting. One of Trump’s fiercest critics, Bill De Blasio, Democrat Mayor of New York seems to have forgotten that he (De Blasio) originally claimed that the Chinese plague was not particularly contagious and was “no worse than a common cold”.

After Trump in January declared a “humanitarian and security crisis” during a primetime Oval Office address, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer said Trump was working to “manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration.”

Democrat party leader Tom Perez also called it “manufactured.” Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., described it as a “‘crisis’ that doesn’t exist.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted at the time that “we’re not falling” for the “fake crisis”.

But now, as Trump works to try to lift the lockdown, the UK mainstream media seems to have ‘forgotten’ the massive opposition Trump faced from the Democrats and the Democrat-loving UK mainstream media when trying to deal with the Chinese Covid-19 plague.

Torrent of lies 2 – Joe Biden will beat Trump in November

The other narrative we’re getting from the UK mainstream media is that the Democrats are rallying around their hero, Joe Biden, and that all the opinion polls (usually conducted by Democrat-supporting CNN or MSNBC) show Biden is well ahead of Trump to win the November presidential election.

Hmmm. No mention is ever made in the UK mainstream media of Biden’s rapidly worsening mental health. Biden is clearly suffering from dementia – he stumbles over words, forgets what he’s meant to be saying and is often totally incoherent. But we hear nothing about this in any UK mainstream media – they’re all united in their loathing of Trump and their adoration of Biden who has been blessed by Saint Obama.

Here, for your Tuesday morning enlightenment, is the truth of the shocking reality of Biden’s rapidly-advancing mental decline:

4 comments to Can Joe Biden even remember his own name?

  • twi5ted

    Trump seems to have played this well leading from the front and broadcasting daily briefings, which rate well. The Democrats seem to have lost the plot clinging to failed ideologies of identity politics, neocolonialism and globalism. The manufactured scandals around russia, impeachment and now pandemics all blow up in their faces.

    The UK media obsession with fake news is just as bad with babies on floors, ppe, labour union activists presented as innocent front line workers all easily exposed thanks to the internet.

    But this situation is still a massive banana skin in an election year and some may wonder how convenient the timing is. The UK media happily show Cuomo daily briefings, as there is talk of him replacing Biden. So he must be given exposure and help sell the impression he is single handedly leading the US because Trump is nowhere. Cuomo is the new Sturgeon – unlikeable authoritarian lefties who the uk media love but leave the general public cold.

    Trump very canny to leave the reopening decision to the states. We should do the same in the UK and leave it to county councils so voters can see how they perform and stop treating the whole of the UK as a single location.

  • David Craig

    Yup. It looks increasingly like the Dumbocrats will have to drop Sleepy Joe and shove Cuomo in his place. The Dumbocrats have really painted themselves into a corner.

  • stillreading

    Unapologetically off topic, but what an abysmal mess successive Governments have made of our own once proud nation! NHS and carehome staff are still awaiting a delivery of thousands of PPE garments from Turkey, this despite us all having been told during the Gvt. briefing several days ago that it was due to arrive later that evening. I have just heard on R4 mid-day news that thousands of sets of PPE desperately needed by OUR NHS and Carehome workers have been EXPORTED from the UK today.
    Several UK firms have contacted the Gvt. offering to make PPE but have not received as much as an acknowledgement.
    Meanwhile hundreds – probably thousands by now – of people, mainly women, myself included, desperate to “do our bit”, are sewing scrubs at home for clinical NHS workers, since these are now considered desirable if not actually obligatory, together with laundry bags so that the garments can be taken off by the workers before they leave the hospitals, placed into the bags, and taken home by the wearers to be washed by themselves. This presumably is to avoid contact with anyone else.
    Last but not least, because of the lock-down, people are not only working from home, but Skype, Zoom etc. provide the only platforms by which we can all actually SEE our beloved children and grandchildren. Because of the enhanced demand, much of the time calls either do not get through or disappear from the screen, to be replaced by that infuriating message “inadequate bandwidth”. As for the nation’s children, who are now supposed to be working on line from home, what about families with no or very inadequate internet access (many rural communities) and/or only one computer per family? No – you couldn’t make it up could you?
    And the exculpatory lies and excuses continue to pour forth from Government at the daily Briefing.

    (Publicity about a Midlands group of Scrubs makers on BBC news this moment!)

  • Ed P

    Cuomo for President! (Odds of 33:1 at present)

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