June 2024

Chinese money buys corrupt puppets at Amnesty International and the WHO

(Monday blog)

Never give any of your money to Amnesty International

Gradually we’re discovering that the dirty, corrupt, lying disease-ridden Chinese pretty much own most of the international organisations which we might have thought were independent of any country’s rulers.

Here’s a tweet from Amnesty International at the end of last week:

I cannot be 100% sure this is genuine. But I’ve traced it back to what seems to be Amnesty USA’s Twitter account. Moreover, given how so many supposedly charitable organisations have been taken over by West-hating, globalist, Soros-funded scumbags, I’m tempted to think the Amnesty tweet is genuine

If it is genuine, I don’t even need to comment on what a disgrace Amnesty International’s grovelling subservience to the Chinese Communist Party is to the hundreds of thousands who will be killed by the Chinese Wuhan plague nor to the tens of millions who will be impoverished by the Chinese Wuhan plague.

Not everyone was impressed by the cowardly Amnesty International’s sycophantic licking of Chinese anuses:

Or there was this:

Never, repeat never give any money to China’s glove puppet – Amnesty International – ever again.

Why is the UK giving so much money to the China stooges at the WHO?

Almost daily the UK media – especially the BBC and C4 News – gloatingly report that the USA has more Covid-19 deaths than China. Moreover, the UK Government continues to quote corrupt, Sinophiliac World Health Organisation (WHO) figures and advice and carries on throwing our money at WHO bureaucrats:

Yup, according to this chart, the bankrupt, heavily-indebted UK is the second largest contributor to the worthless WHO. But other sources suggest completely different figures:

I think the difference between the two charts is that less than a quarter of the WHO’s budget comes from what are called “assessed contributions” and the rest comes from voluntary contributions from member countries. So the first chart is probably the most accurate as it includes both assessed and voluntary contributions.

But while the UK grovels to the supposed ‘experts’ at the WHO, who have got everything wrong about the Chinese Covid-19 plague, in Australia questions are beginning to be asked about why Western countries are still giving hundreds of millions to the utterly corrupt, utterly useless, China-loving WHO which seems to have become part of the Chinese Communist party’s propaganda department:

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