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Is the Gretavirus more deadly than the Coronavirus?

(Wednesday blog)

The Gretavirus superspreader

While the Coronavirus (which was accidentally leaked either from Dr Peng Zhou’s L-4 laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology or its offshoot Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, one of China’s most high-tech installations designed for biological research into the most deadly forms of viruses known to humankind) continues to occupy the headlines, another deadly virus – the Gretavirus – appears (thankfully) to have disappeared from the front pages for the moment.

But the Gretavirus is still spreading faster than the Coronavirus and, in the longer term, the Gretavirus is likely to cause more economic devastation and more deaths than the Coronavirus. For example:

  • According to a 2009 EU mandate, all EU members had to achieve a target of transport fuel being at least 10% biofuel by 2020. When the EU initially mandated a 5% target, the UN’s Rapporteur on Food called this decision a “crime against humanity” because it meant that millions of acres of agricultural land would be switched from food production to biofuel production, there would be massive deforestation to increase agricultural land to provide crops for the biofuel industry, tens of millions of tons of food would be taken out of the food chain to be used for biofuel and this would push up food prices which would hurt the poorest people in the world
  • As energy prices in the West shoot up because of the switch from cheap fossil fuels to expensive and unreliable supposedly ‘green’ energy, the West is de-industrialising, tens of thousands of jobs are being lost and increasing numbers of the poor and the elderly can no longer afford to heat their homes in the winter. Meanwhile China and India are building coal-fired power stations and taking the industrial jobs that the West’s supposedly ‘green’ policies are destroying

Moreover, there may never be a cure for the Gretavirus as those infected are totally immune to reason and scientific facts (more in that in Friday’s blog).

And here she is – the Gretavirus superspreader:

What’s the difference between the Coronavirus and the Gretavirus?

There’s an important difference between the Coronavirus and the Gretavirus. The Coronavirus seems to be most harmful to those who are elderly and hardly seems to affect the young. The Gretavirus, on the other hand, seems to mostly affect the young as older people (with some life experience) can see that Greta ‘doom and disaster’ Thunberg is a psychologically-damaged, scientifically-illiterate, pig-ignorant, self-obsessed, deeply-offensive brat being manipulated by a bunch of anarchist, West-hating, globalist, self-serving fascists.

But not all adults are immune to the Gretavirus. Here’s superspreader Greta with an (IMHO) increasingly senile and deluded British national treasure, Sir David Attenborough, who seems to have become fatally infected by the Gretavirus:

Or maybe this is them. I’m not quite sure:

Some sanity from Tony Heller

North Pole will be ice-free by 2012, I mean 2013, no I mean 2014. Ooops. Maybe by 2015? Or perhaps 2016?

As the Gretavirus continues its deadly spread throughout the mainstream media and the credulous woke young, here’s the wonderful Tony Heller from a couple of weeks ago “setting the record straight on climate” by pointing out yet again what total borrox the whole Climate Emergency alarmism is:

6 comments to Is the Gretavirus more deadly than the Coronavirus?

  • david brown

    It would be in the interests of China to covertly fund Greta to undermine western economic rivals. She and those behind here only ever visit western countries.

    Re the coronavirus body count the China figures have probably been falsified downwards will not work by link you have to type in .
    This is interesting
    Why does Italy rank so high? I read on another website that of the first 79 Italian deaths only 1 was a white person. Italy has a large number of Asians mostly from China working in the Italian designer fashion industry sweat shop factories.

  • david brown

    Who funds Greta ? She only ever visits western countries. China maybe.
    As to the coronavirus body count seems strange that Italy has the second highest body count after China.

  • A Thorpe

    There are common threads between the two. What is Greta’s message – look at the (fake) science. Not that she understands any of it, fake or real. This has been the same message about the coronavirus – “we are using the science”, but we are never told what that is. It concerns me that Imperial College are behind the studies and it is more models rather than evidence. One of their chemistry professors Andrea Sella performed one of the many TV magic tricks used to demonstrate the validity of the climate crisis. He used a magnifying glass to make the trick work but failed to explain which part of the atmosphere acted like a magnifying glass. East Sussex university faked the experiment with a glass tube and a candle demonstrated by Iain Stewart. I wouldn’t trust anything coming out of UK universities today.

    There is also another very strong link between the two. The IPCC and its corrupt chairman Pachauri, and the utterly useless WHO. Both UN institutions and the UN has a stated aim of a world government and all of this corrupt Marxist empire is funded by taxpayers with no accountability to anybody.

    All the published evidence comparing season flu to Covid19 indicates a higher death rate from seasonal flu with figures based on deaths and tested cases. First the climate panic and now a virus panic has been created by the media. The media and politicians are using the virus for political point scoring. Boris is responding and he has the perfect get out of jail card. He promised to listen and that is what he has done and changed policies. If he is right he can bask in the glory but if he is wrong he can say he was listen and meeting his election promise.

    As HL Mencken said “Democracy is theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

  • William Boreham

    I see back in February, the Global Warming Policy Foundation wrote: As predicted, Theresa May’s lame-duck government has gone ahead and signed the £1 trillion suicide note committing the UK to ‘Net Zero’ decarbonisation by 2050. A figure several orders of magnitude even than the £750 billion or so the government spends on health, education, defence, welfare, housing, foreign aid, and so on. It goes on to say: Even if it were not an imaginary problem cooked up for ideological reasons by activist scientists, shyster politicians, green campaigners and crony capitalists — there is no evidence whatsoever that it is within mankind’s ability to control the climate by reducing industrial CO2 output. Furthermore, even if we were to believe the green loons, braindead politicians, and rent-seeking scum suckers from the renewables industry who claim that it is possible, such gestures are only going to make sense if all the world’s major economies follow suit. Countries that choose to ‘decarbonise’ their economies unilaterally will simply be committing suicide by burdening their own producers with unnecessary extra costs. And since China — by far the world’s biggest producer of CO2 – isn’t playing ball, nor is the U.S., nor is India, nor, we learn this week, is Japan –there is no chance on earth that this is going to happen.
    Incidentally, I’m beginning to think the official UK ‘cure’ for the coronavirus catastrophe, (virtually shutting our whole economy down) is becoming worse than letting the damn thing run its course and get it over with.

  • chris

    If you want to know what the quality of life will be for the eco-loons in 2050 read this report. Funded by The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

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