May 2022
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Flying over misery with a G&T or two

(Wednesday no blog)

I’ve just got back from a 13-hour flight from the Far East (the land of the RFFM to be more precise) and won’t be able to do a proper blog today.

But there’s one thing I always find difficult to fully grasp.

As I’m sitting in my plane seat drinking my third or fourth gin and tonic or the bottle of Duty Free wine I sneaked on-board the plane, below me are hundreds of millions of people living lives of hopelessness and misery and backwardness and ignorance in overcrowded, excrement-covered slums or else being murdered because some lunatics with guns or knives or machetes believe that killing other people is what their god wants them to do.

Crapistan, Shiite-istan, Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, Iraq, Syria etc etc etc.

It’s amazing that we can fly over these places in relative luxury while below us is just total chaos, poverty and death.

But it’s also frustrating to know that, if only people in these hell-holes could be a bit more like us in the West and prioritise forward-looking science, learning and progress over backward-looking religious intolerance, bigotry, hatred and fanaticism, then most of these hundreds of millions could live in relative freedom and prosperity. And they’ve no excuse for their own impoverishment and suffering. They can see how the West has created not perfect in any way but still reasonably well-functioning societies. They just need to follow our example.

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  • William Boreham

    Alternatively, I was thinking the other day, what has our modern secular society (believe in nothing) got in its locker to fight against the relentless march of Islam? Love Island? Trans toilets? Viewing our Muslim community, one is baffled by the fact that so many Muslims come to live in the modern West but retain their antiquated, primitive customs. I mean, why would any normal person want to wear their impractical and unattractive clothing, practise their outdated ways such as praying 5 times a day and complying with the requirements of Ramadan – on it goes and you all know the rest. But then what has our culture and society got to offer those simple minded creatures who actually believe they are on this earth simply to appease and worship some mythical god so they can enter some form of imaginary paradise when they die? Everything else being totally irrelevant. Christianity did once, but the Church of England is now a joke, the Catholic faith full of perverts and the Pope, (just when we need another Urban II) turns out to be a whacko. But of course, the main and most serious result of all this madness is that we in the West have now also become a baby-less society and we are baby-less-ing ourselves into extinction, without any coercion from Islam to help us on our way. Meanwhile right now, we seem to have over 3 million Islamic so-called refugees knocking on our European borders in Greece, most I notice fit young males and mark my words, most of them will get in as we lack the will (unlike the Israelis) to shoot dead a few thousand to discourage them and send them back to Syria. As the West has lost the resolve to resist invasion anymore, if only we still had a few good old Waffen SS Panzer Divisions to defend Europe in this time of crisis, they’d have sorted the Greek border situation in a matter of hours.

  • A Thorpe

    Be careful what you say. In the Middle Ages Europe was inferior and could be again. The “forward-looking science” you refer to says that we are changing the climate and the UK is presently leading the return to the dark ages. America is not far behind – this morning I saw an item saying that Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2050. Iran might soon look the least crazy.

  • david brown

    Malcolm Muggeridge author broadcaster Christian convert wrote “mass immigration part of the great liberal death wish.”

  • Ed P

    The majority of people want a quiet Western life (once they know about its existence). But they’re oppressed by military or police dictatorships, so entrenched that overthrow is nigh on impossible.
    Iran under the Shah was Westernised, then the Nutter-tollahs took over and to speak against the regime today is to disappear. Same with many other shit-holes around the globe.
    The present viral issue might give some hope of change – it’s likely, despite denials, that most of the Iranian bosses have been infected – all old men – so hopefully there will be total disarray and an opportunity for regime change soon.

  • Tomsk

    And then you arrive at Heathrow and get the tube into London and see the similarities as you purchase your stab vest.

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