February 2023
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Two themes today – Covid-19 and the ‘Crazy/Hot Matrix’

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

First some more fun Covid-19 stories:

Shiite-hole Iran makes great effort to improve the human gene pool

More great news from the worthless Shiite-hole country Iran. As I explained in my previous blog, the slightly scientifically-challenged Ayatollahs have declared that the Covid-19 didn’t come from China at all. In fact it was developed by scientists in the Great Satan, the USA, as a biological weapon and unleashed on Iran by the evil US dictator Donald Trump. Moreover, the mad mullahs have rejected the West’s approach to trying to contain the virus – isolating and treating infected people. Instead the crazed clerics have advised people to visit holy shrines and pray there as many holy shrines have supposed ‘healing powers’.

Anyway, apparently when Iranians visit some of these holy shrines with ‘healing powers’ it is common for them to kiss the walls and then to touch the walls and then their faces to transfer the holy healing powers from the shrine to themselves.

Western medical experts might believe that this is possibly the best way to spread the virus.

Let’s thank Iran for its fine efforts to improve the human gene pool.

Can farting destroy the Covid-19 virus?

Here’s a lovely picture of Iranians gathering for a mass fart:

Maybe Iranian ‘scientists’ have discovered that if thousands of men all fart at the same time, the pungent emissions from so many people’s bowels can destroy the Covid-19 virus?

Maybe those wonderful, world-leading Iranian ‘scientists’ have found out how we can eliminate Covid-19?

Busted in a brothel

And here’s a heart-warming Covid-19 story from Spain

The authorities in Valencia found that a woman working at the “La Selva Negra” brothel had tested positive for coronavirus. The findings forced authorities to quarantine the premises and the 86 customers that were inside.Of all the places to be quarantined, a brothel in Valencia, Spain, might not be the worst. You’ve got booze and you’ve got entertainment.

The employee, who is now in the hospital, had “slept with several clients that same night, according to a translated blog post on the story.

In addition to the customers, the club’s owners, waitresses, security and cleaning crew were also quarantined. When added to the total of 86 customers, it makes 119 people under quarantine. They have been asked to “keep calm” and to just “live a normal life” inside the premises.

And for all those guys who told their wives they were going golfing with their mates and instead went to the brothel, the quarantine may be worse than getting the coronavirus – they may have some explaining to do to their wives/girlfriends about why their golf round took 14 days.

The ‘Hot/Crazy Matrix’

Talking of wives and girlfriends, I found this shortish (7 minutes) video guide on dating.

Some readers may find it a bit slowish but it’s probably worth watching to the end:


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